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A Sunday non-musical bonus, BUT.....

I know you hosers are freaking over the bonuses, and I'm glad but for heaven's sake don't forget the
MUSIC which is why we be here to begin with my pal Charlie and I put a LOT of work into what I thought was a really good Subways post, LOTS of good and rare stuff, and hardly a sniff.....the Greek Punk (today) are a LOT of work for Apanta Bapanta and myself, we think it's some damn good, rare, and interesting shit, PLEASE give the music a try, I WANT TO TAKE CHANCES HERE, and try to provide something DIFFERENT, at least on occasion....the bonuses will stop, at some point, but the music won't.....just saying, there is some hard to find music we provide here, please take advantage.....

OK, today's bonus is simply BAD FUCKING ASS, I DEFY you to argue.....as I begin my final week of being a working stiff, I am going to unleash some bomb-ass shit, I assure you....Today, a comic collection, but SO much more...the entire collection of "The Big Book Of......".......this is no fucking joke, bloke. These are TOO fucking great if you are unfamiliar.....there are SEVENTEEN of them altogether, some of my faves are "The Big Book of Urban Legends", "The Big Book of Weirdos", "The Big Book of Conspiracies".....and SO MUCH MORE......IF you could FIND them in a book store IF, they'd probably run you 20 bucks per......but you CAN'T, and here they ALL are as perhaps the most awesome of gifts I
have ever bestowedpon blogdom......you want this, yes, ALL of it, but as I said before, PLEASE don't forget why we're here to begin with, the fucking MUSIC, so continue to listen....continue to share ANYTHING you want to share......sharing is great, your Mom told you so, and she was 100% right.......You will love these book, I GUARENTEE, so stick around and see what is up for the next week.....an exciting week for me, personally (5 days to work), but plan on sharing the celebration with the people I love in the blog universe!

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