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Greek Punk, Part 3

Apanta Bapanta says this one was a tough one to decode, and I see what he means, Im going to try to
simply copy/paste some of his words where I can, also with commetary from myself if needed.....please, check out this RARE stuff he and I are working hard to bring you on a semi-regular basis.....REALLY interesting and SUPER rare.....Apanta asked me in the email if I follow the World Cup, typical Yank, "Football" to me is the Ohio State Buckeyes and Minnesota Vikings.....but Im sure SOME of you good folks are World Cup fans and I offer my "comments" section if you wish to discuss/debate the World Cup with him.....remember, ANYTHING GOES here!


The first link, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/51661841/file.html, is for  band called Adiexodos, translated to English, Dead End....the first six songs in the file are from a demo tape, from 1992 entitled "Anti Estabishment".....the songs, according to my ace translater, are labeled incorrectly, in English, the correct sequence appears to be:

01 Anti-Establishment/02 Policemen/03 Dead End/04 Juvenile Prisons/05 New Life/06 Loneliness

The rest of the file is a different band, Adiexodo, without the "s" on the end, which also translates to Dead End.....the rest of the file contains music from their album ".38", according to Apanta, it is not the complete release.....

01 Hate/02 Family/03 Alternative Solution/04 Duplicity Systems/05 Politcal Party Sheepfold/06 Check Elements/07 Byzantine/08 38 Millimeters


Link #2, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/4112581/file.html is band whose name in English roughly
translates to Highly Opposed....they formed in Athens in 1989. This file contains two albums, a live demo tape with the translated track list: 01 Mirror/02 The Next Day/03 Beyond Limits/04 All For the Future/05 Defeat/06 Stories For Little Children/07 Right to Life/08 Culture

The remainder of the RAR file is a handful of studio tracks.....01 Disasters/02 EKAM/03 Intro/04 Triumph of Death/05 Dead Emotion/06 Trained Psychopaths/07 Without Name/08 Descendants of Alexander the Great


Next up,  http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/39315535/file.html we have a band called Ania, they were from Karditsa, 1992.....this is seemingly a homemade disc entitled "The Knowledge of Destruction", song titles translate as: 01 Morbid Survivor/02 Screams of War/03 Last Rage/04 Refusal to Go To The Army/05 The Knowledge of Destruction/06 Not Dune Murders/07 Idiot World/08 This Evening


Our fourth link for today, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/59234305/file.html from Athens1992 is a band named The Apolitistoi, English translation, Uncivilized.......Apanta found a screed from the band that i like, so here it is:

"The Apolitistoi is a musical-social complex through automatically want to express their views on the war between society and the state conducted daily.....The Apolitistoi has not signed with any record company, big or small, no play in shops, small, or not playing at concerts, not just to play but always a social issue. ...and generally have to DO IT YOURSELF behaviour is against those who ravaged our past and want to ruin our future rulers everywhere."

That's what I say, I think.....

01 Genocide/02 The School/03 Fascist Pigs/04 Grave Digger or Sexton/05 Nazi Die/06 Doomed Earth/07 Cowards/08 Dying Life/09 United Nations


OK, one more.....http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/13872870/file.html  we have Arankia which
translates to "Lambs"or "Little Lambs" in English....Apanta says they are less "punk" in thier approach than the others. Formed in Athens 1984, this is their 1993 release, "In the Mouth of the Wolf", with a translated track listing of 01Sky Diver/02 The End Is Coming/03 The Fall/04 Nobody Can/05 Your Bad Self/06 Betrayal/07 Im losing My Patience/08 You Live to Die /and 09 a bonus track from a compilation album "Everybody Are Ghosts", and Apanta has
located a video which should be interesting:

http://www.readnews.gr/newsvideoKMfKinaU1K0 arnakia-oloi-einai-fantasmata.html  (you may have to type the whole thing in, see how it works.


I hope you are enjoying the Greek stuff, it's a lot of work for us both but fun and worthwhile.....there is more to come, please comment and PLEASE thank my Greek go-to guy Apanta Bapanta!

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