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The Subways

A friend asked if I had any Subways, I knew I had enjoyed "Young For Eternity" when it came out,
really couldn't remember much else about them......after checking that is because "Young For Eternity" is the extent of my knowledge.....so, I returned to said freind and cited my relative lack of knowledge, and lucky me, he has a mountain of their stuff that he loaned to me for use on the blog....lotsa singles/EP's, stuff, you'll see soon, I have been listnening to some of it, and some of it is in fact quite good.

The Subways were guitarist/singer Billy Lunn/bassist/vocalist Charlotte Cooper, and drummer Josh Morgan....."Young For Eternity" was a fine album, an excellent piece of British alt/post-grunge, loaded with shoulda-been hits ("Holiday" is my fave but there are a LOT of fine tracks here.)

So, after a couple years they presented us with "All Or Nothing", which, amazingly, I don't think I've ever heard a note of until this week. I missed out the first time it's a good one as well....these guys (and gal) had quite a knack for pop-rock gems, "Shake! Shake" and "Strawberry Blonde" stand out, but this is a good, solid album that I simply missed out on.......

So, naturally, I ALSO missed on "Money and Celebrity" (2010) to which I was also indoctrinated this week......really, while I think it lacks the energy of the earlier stuff, there is still quality here ("It's a Party", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".........really, three albums, all of which are worth owning.

My friend also has a mountain of other stuff, singles, and EP's and other stuff which we'll try to sort out below.....the band had enough materil, easilly, for another good album......so, sorry Subways, I missed out on some good stuff, but a belated thanks to you!

YOUNG FOR ETERNITY-01 I Want to Hear What You Have Got To Say/02 Holiday/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Mary/05 Young For Eternity/06 Lines of Light/07 Oh Yeah/08 City Pavement/09 No Goodbyes/10 With You/11 She Sun/12 Somewhere/13 At 1 AM

ALL OR NOTHING-01 Girls & Boys/02 Kalifornia/03 Alright/04 Shake! Shake!/05 Move To Newlyn/06 All Or Nothing/07 I Won't Let You/08 Turnround/09 Obsession/10 Strawberry Blonde/11 Always Tomorrow/12 Lostboy/13 Streetfighter (Japanese Bonus Track)/14 Burst (Japanese Bonus Track)/15 Love and Death(Australian Bonus Track/16 This is the Club For People Who Hate People (Australian Bonus Track)/17 Clock (Australian Bonus Track)/18 The Only Ones (Australian Bonus Track)

MONEY AND CELEBRITY-01 It's a Party/02 We Don't Need Money To Have a Good Time/03 Celebrity/04 I Wanna Dance With You/05 Popdeath/06 Like I Love You/07 Money/08 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/09 Down Our Street/10 Rumour/11 Friday/12 Leave My Side/13 Massive Adventures (Bonus Demo Track)

MONEY AND CELEBRITY DEMOS-01 It's a Party (demo)/02 We Don't Need Money to Have a Good Time (demo)/03 Popdeath (demo)/04 Like I Love You (demo)/05 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Demo),/06 Down Our Street (demo)/07 Rumour (demo)/08 Friday (demo)/09 Leave My Side (Demo)/10 Heartbreaker (demo

Here are the singles he sent me,there are a BUNCH, normally I would maybe try to make a "comp" out of them, but I think citing my unfmiliarity with the band I am going to post the singles just as he sent them to me, so you can pick and choose what you want/need :
                                THE SINGLES
01. 1 AM (7" Version)/I Want to Hear What You Have Got/You Got Me
02  No Goodbyes (Radio Edit)/Road to Nowhere
03  No Goodbyes (7" Version)/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
04  No Goodbyes  (UK Promo)
05. Oh Yeah/Take Me Away
06. Oh Yeah (7" Version)/I Am Young
07. Rock N Roll Queen /Automatic
08. Rock N Roll Queen (7" Version)/under the Sun
09  Rock N Roll Queen (DVD Edition)/Another Sense/I Wanna Hear What You Have To Say
          (Zane Lowe Session)
10 With You/A Plain Above
11 With You (7" version)/Staring at the Sun
12 With You (DVD Editon)/I Lost You To The City
13 Alright/Clock
14 Alright (7" Version) Girls & Boys (Live)
15 Girls & Boys
16 I Won't Let You Down/Burst
17 I Won't Let You Down(7"version)/Shake! Shake! (Live)
18 I Won't LetYou Down (UK Promo)
19 Shake Shake

OK, KIND OF an unusual way to do this, I asked my friend and he said this be the best way to do it.....the download links correspond with the numbers above (ie "Single 01)....this way you can pick and choose.

OK, You think THAT is all? My friend Charlie is  a MAJOR-Subways fan, and he opened the floodgates....they have several EP's, Im sure there will be some cross-over with the singles and albums.....

THE PLATYPUS EP (2000)-01 Sonic Blue/02 Spontneous/03 Helga/04 Not a Servant

I LOST YOU TO THE CITY EP (2002)-01 I Lost You To The City/02 The Ballad of the Priority Patient/03 Do You Dig Me Baby

SUMMERTIME EP (2003)-01 Summertime/02 God Bless/03 1920

MILK EP (2004)-01 Milk

ROCK N ROLL QUEEN EP (2004)-Rock N Roll Queen

NO HEART, NO SOUL EP (2005)-01 Young For Eternity/02 We Get Around/03 No Heart No Soul

LIVE AND ACOUSTIC FROM MADEBERG EP (2007)-01 Oh Yeah/02 Mary/03 No Goodbyes/04 With You/05 I Want To Hear What You Have to Say/06 Rock N Roll Queen/07 At 1 AM

ITUNES LIVE BERLIN FESTIVAL EP (2008)-01 Unsplit tracks, sorry, don't have time

UNPUGGED EP-01 Be Mine/02 My Love (Live)/03 Hurricane (Live)

BILLY LUNN ACCOUSTIC ADENTURES EP-01 MakeIt Wit Chu/02 In For the Kill/03 Supermassive Black Hole/04 Buddy Holly

LIVE ABBEY ROAD EP (2008)-01 I Won't LetYou Down/02 Oh Yeah/03 Strawberry Blonde/04 Girls and Boys (From the Brown Couch Sessions)

LIVE AT AREA 4 FESTIVAL (2008) Again, unsplit tracks, I'd love it ne of you guys would split them for us!

LIVE AT WULHEIDEBERLIN (2008), Also unsplit tracks

ROCK AM RING 2009-01 Intro/02 Kalifornia/03 Young For Eternity/04 Oh yeah/05 Alight/06 Mary/07 Shake Shake/08 I Won't Let You Down/09 I Want to Hear What You Have to Say/10 Turnaround/11 Girls and Boys/12 Rock N Roll Queen

Charlie also sends me a disc of "B Sides", I'd a thought the singles above would have covered them, but these are MORE unfmiliar tunes (to me):

B-SIDES-01 You Got Me (Range)/02 I Think Im In Love/03 Ivy's Hands/04 Oh Yeah/05 With You/06 City Pavement/07 Be Mine/08 She Gotta Ride/09 Star/10 Under the Sun/11 Coloured Stripes/12 Another Sense

OK, A LOTTA LOTTA  here from a band I was just minimally down with......thanks to my friend
Charlie for supplying me with SO MUCH stuff, haven't heard it all yet, but what I have heard I REALLY do like.....I will be checking out ALL the rest of these goodies over the weekend, hope you do to, and again, thanks Charlie, a BIG TIME Subways fan!

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