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Daisy Chainsaw

Weird English alt-post band from the early 1990's, there are a pair of decent albums here that I've
always enjoyed that I'm going to share with you today......a brief bio check reveals an EP or two that I don't have and have not heard, asking my friends on the opposite side of the pond if they can fill in any of the gaps.

1992's debut "Eleventeen" features the antics of vocalist Katie Jane Garside, a wild one (consult You-Tube videos) who was quite the showwoman, perhaps somewhat in the mold of the legenday Wendy O, also the guitar noise of Crispin Gray...."Eleventeen" is something of an unknown semiclassic, twelve shell-shocks like "I Feel Insane", "Dog With Shaper Teeth", "Lovely Ugly Brutal World" and lots more, for my money an underapprected album of the era of the anything-goes early 1990's.

Garside left aftr this album, to be replaced by Belinda Lieth, competent, but, as so often the case, just not quite right....Leith apears on the second album, "ForThey Know Not What They Do" (1994),  a perfectly competent effort but by no means "Eleventeen".....by no means is it a "bad" album, but it tremendously misse Garside's hystrionics, and falls a bit short......

Garside and Grey would later turn up in Queen Adreena, whom I profiled on here so long ago I don't even recall when (good album: Queen Adreena "Drink Me").....I doubt the links are still active, so where were you when I posted it?

Anyway, "Eleventeen" is pretty damn good, the follow up is so-so, and if you have any of the early singles/EP's, you know the drill.

Six days till the Big Man retires........

ELEVENTEEN-01 I Feel Insane/02 You Be My Friend/03 Dog With Sharper Teeth/04 Hope Your Dreams Come True/05 Natural Man/06 Love Your Money/07 Lovely Ugly Brutal World/08 Use Me Use Me/09 Future Free/10 Pink Flower/11 Waiting For the Wolves/12 Everything Is Weird

FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO-01 The Future Free/02 Belittled and Beaten Down/03 Sleeping With Heaven/04 Love Me Forever/05 Candy Floss/6 Life Tomorrow/07Zebra Head/08 Unit Shifter/9 Diamond of the Desert/10 Mosquito/11 Greatest God's Divine/12 Voice For a Generation/13 Looking For an Angel

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