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A NEW semi-regular feature, let's see how it works....

Here is the story.....I have a huge file of maybe 100 (or more) albums of Greek punk albums, singles,
EP's, and etc.....problem being I cannot read a word of Greek, and have been looking for a volunteer to help me translate the band names/album names/song titles and whatever......thanks to my new great friend of the blog, APANTA BAPANTA, I will be sending him a few discs at a time and letting him translate them for us.....for his trouble he is free, of course, to keep the discs if he wishes, and has also requested a couple thing from my collection that I will be happy to send him......MORE THAN USUSAL, I want to know if this will be a popular feature.....I love non-English rock, as you know, some do not, but above all I strive for this blog to be total blend of ALL things rock n roll, from all eras, and from all corners of the world.......I hope you like these, what I have listened to so far is pretty cool, if you DON'T LIKE THEM, please tell us so as well, and the feature may be discontinued or scaled back......if you find it cool, though, let us know that too PLEASE so we can determine the frequency of the posts (I'm thinking once every 2 weeks or so right now).....so a little different, links are in the TEXT, not the comments, for a variety of uninteresting reasons (involving copying from APANATA's email).......also, as with any outside contributor, (although he did not supply the music), if you enjoy these PLEASE offer thanks up to APANTA BAPANTA for his wonderful help in translating these for the non-Greek speakers of the world......on with the show, let's see what we have today.....


OK, the first band is called ANTI.....I am assuming that is also the name of the album......the English translations of the title tracks on this album are:

1. Educator Frenzy
2. Ungrateful Children
3. Pandemonium
4. Faceless Gossip
5. Authoritarian Impulses

Here is the Zippylink for this album


As a bonus here are a few YouTube clips you can watch if you want.....


Next up we have (I didn't get a literal translation for this band name, something like (in US font):
ANTIPAEH......got a few albums. first is a 1991 LP, title unsure something like Evavtia, here is the track list:

01 Reaction/02 Seek World/03 Nightmare/04 Introduction 300/05 Elas (an acronym of the Greek police when properly translated)/06 No One For Me/07 New Hope/08 Sanitarium/09 Dirty War

Zippylink: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/82752155/file.html

Same band provides us with an EP from 1989 translated to "Blood On the Streets":

01 Blood On the Streets/02 Gods of Fear

zippylink: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/5936154/file.html

A 1996 EP from the same band, entitled "E"

01 E/02 Rats

zippylink: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/61743162/file.html

and finally a 1990 LP Entitled "Condition Risk"....

01 Pork/02 Dirty War/03 Count Down/04 Born Dead/05 Behind the Horizon/06 This Is Greece/07 Feast of Death/08 Gods of Fear/09 Risk Situation/10 Without Future/11 18-20/12 Free Tv/13 Genocide/14 You Know Where You Live

zippylink: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/3242117/file.html

A good amount of stuff from this band, and what I have sampled, I like.....please check these out, both of us put a good amount of work into them.


This one, enough information wasn't provided for him to provide the band name, let's just call them
"Generic Greek Band #1", I'm sure it will come up again......also unsure of the album title, but here is the track list:

01 Isolation/02 I'm Leaving in greek slang ego tin kano (?)/03 Color Tv-Black and White Life/04 Vacuum/05 New World Order/06 Everywhere and Nowhere/07 I Want to Live/08 Our Last Tear/09 Subordinative


OK, guys, I want a FULL REPORT on this.....should it become a semi-regular feature? or is it a failed experiment.....as I said a LOT of work went into this on both sides of the ocean, so PLEASE let us know.....personally, I think it's a cool thing and am looking forward to do it, but if noone else agrees, that would be a lot like talking to myself (not that I wouldn't do that either).

Oh, by the way, I have NO cover art whatsoever, or pictures of these bands, or really even any way to type their Greek names into Google to find a pic.....so likely no one will mind if I dress up this special feature with some smoking hot Greek babes, any one of which can sauce MY gyro anytime/place, starting with one of my faves, the delicious Debbie Mattenopolous........PLEASE report back on this post, me and my new blog friend (hell, and Debbie M, too) are anxious to know how it's recieved (I'll wake Debbie up and tell her).

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