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Back With a Vengenace, Dave Sez presents more TELEVISION!

No such thing as "too much" Television,
one of my all time favorite bands....the post- "Adventure"
stuff is not always great, but IS ALWAYS interesting, and here the legend that is Dave Sez offers up another reunion/post 1990 effort which you can't help but love. The text in his words:

Title: Rose Of My Heart
Dates: September 6, 1992
Venue: Sunplaza-Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Total Playing Time: 72.36
Lineage: (No Label) No. 20905-2 Boot 1CD > Wav > FLAC
Excellent Audience Recording
01. Crescendo
02. Venus
03. In World
04. Glory
05. Call Mr. Lee
06. Prove It
07. This Tune
08. The Rocket
09. See No Evil
10. 1880 Or So
11. Marquee Moon

Band Lineup
Tom Verlaine: Guitar, Vocals
Richard Lloyd: Guitar
Fred Smith: Bass
Billy Ficca: Drums
In 1992 Television reunited to record a self-titled album and did a world tour.

Hey, if it's another version of "Venus" and especially "Marquee Moon", at least I AM
THERE.....Television one of the ten or so bands that I wish to hear EVERYTHING they ever recorded......As this is the "real" lineup, and not, say, just Tom Verlaine and a bunch of session men, this is the REAL MCCOY, thet "real" Television, who were simply one of the great rock bands of all time and deserve our utmost respect. For that matter, so does the never-tiring Dave Sez who selflessly, CONSTANTLY shares his rare, hard to find, and very cool file collection......If EVERYONE out there would do so (and a lot of you do, don't assume I am bitching), we would have what I envision as the perfect blog.......oh well......countdown to retirement, 18 days.....OOPS going to Cincinnati Reds game Thursday, make it 17......OOPS going NEXT Thursday as well, so make it 16......Have I even pointed out that I am retiring? Yes? Well, I'm POINTING IT OUT AGAIN. Deal with it.

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