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Random Led Zeppelin Rarities Part 2

Ok, today on with the live stuff....and I know I have been having some internet connection issues,
making the Part 1 uploads go a bit slower than I'd like, but hey.....I THOUGHT this post would be popular, and by cracky, it certainly has been! Ya know yer uncle aims to please, I am a a goddamn chameleon, unpredictable as the wind!

SO, Zeppelin live.....yes, I saw them once, when I was a teen, they were REALLY good live, but some of their boots are kind of hard to listen to frankly.....the drum solos, the hour-long versions of "Dazed and Confused" and "Whole Lotta Love"......well, entertaining if you were THERE, but nearly unlistenable on record, to be honest......BUT to their credit, the boots usually DO include their moments as well, so let us delve into a batch of them here, with some more to come tomorrow.....

The oldest I have here are from 1969, the Fillmore West...I have a pair of shows, one undated and two discs, one a single disc and dated 4/27/69.....I am going to chance it and put both up, they MIGHT be the same show, I don't have time to check right now, but whatever..both open with "Train Kept a-Rollin'", both contain a lot of stuff off the first album, which was for my money their highlight....odd thing, they had a number of great tunes that they seem to almost never have performed live......"The Ocean" and  "The Crunge", notably.....I don't know that these and others EVER show up on any boots, just intersting to note...perhaps they just didn't work well live, seems like at least "The Ocean" anyay.....

From 1970 we have a single disc show from Royal Albert Hall....notable for the opener, "Somethin' Else" and the closer, "C'mon Everybody".....also a smoked up "Communication Breakdown" which always slammed it hard when performed live.

The 2 disc 1971 "Blueberry Hill" set is fairly common, pretty good though, catching the band, I guess at their "peak".....a good selection of stuff from albums I, II, and III, including a fairly blazing "Immigrant Song" ...

A bit more obscure, I think, is the 1973 Southampton University set, of which the third disc is
"rehearsals", with some obscure material such as "Love Me" and "King Creole".....the show itself is pretty good, too,with lots of "Houses of the Holy" era stuff.

We'll wrap up today with a double set from Liverpool, 1/14/73, which, I guess I lied, DOES contain "The Ocean", also "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" which I love and am always happy to hear....as I'm sure I've told you before, my teenage friends SAMAX from Lima Ohio do a version of it that I HONESTLY think cuts Zeppelin's big time, and Max, if you would PLEASE send me some (more)  MP-3's the world would KNOW that!

More live Zeppelin stuff tomorrow as we wrap this up......I just never know.....it looks like this may be one of the more popular things we've ever done here......which is KIND OF strange, I think, but again, I just NEVER KNOW.....and if you guys are happy, then I have done my job i suppose!

FILLMORE WEST 4/27/69-01 Train Kept a-Rollin/02 I Can't Quit You Baby/03 As Long As I Have You/04 You Shook Me/05 How Many More Times/06 Communication Breakdown

FILLMORE WEST 1969 DISC 1-01 Train Kept a-Rollin/02 Communication Breakdown/03 I Can't Quit You Baby (Part 1)/04 I Can't Quit You Baby (Part 2)/The Lemon Song/05 Blues Medley/06 Baby I'm Gonna Leave You/07 You Shook Me (Part 1)

FILLMORE WEST 1969 DISC 2-01 You Shook Me (Part 2)/02 I've Been Loving You So Long/03 Medley/04 How Many More Times?/05 Drum Solo/06 Dazed and Confused/07 Guitar Solo/08 White Summer

ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1970-01 Somethin' Else/02 Bring It On Home/04 How Many More Times/05 Whole Lotta Love/06 Communication Breakdown/07 C'Mon Everybody

LIVERPOOL 1/14/73 DISC 1-01 Over the Hills and Far Away/02 Black Dog/03 Misty Mountain Hop/04 Since I've Been Lovng You/05 Dancing Days/06 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/07 The Song Remains the Same/08 The Rain Song

LIVERPOOL 1/14/73 DISC 2-01 Dazed and Confused/02 Stairway to Heaven/03 Whole Lotta Love
(Medley)/04 The Ocean

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 1-01 Rock and Roll/02 Over the Hills and Far Away/03 Black Dog/04 Misty Mountain Hop/05 Since I've Been Loving You/06 Dancing Days/07 The Song Remains the Same/08 The Rain Song/09 Dazed and Confused

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 2-01 Stairway to Heaven/02 Heartbreaker/03 Thank You/04 Communication Breakdown

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 3 (REHEARSALS)-01 Drum/Mellotron Tuning/02 Love Me/03 Frankfurst Special/04 King Creole/05 Love Me....BONUS TRACKS 1/18/73 BRADFORD-06 Whole Lotta Lovev/07 The Immigrant Song

BLUEBERRY HLL 1971 DISC 1-01 The Immigrant Song/02 Heartbreaker/03 Dazed and Confused/04 Bring It On Home To You/05 That's the Way/06 Since I've Been Loving You

BLUEBERRY HILL 1971 DISC 2-01 Black Mountain Side/03 What Is and What Should Never Be/04 Moby Dick/05 Whole Lotta Love (Medley)/06 Communication Breakdown/Good Times bad Times/For What It's Worth/07 Out on the Tiles/Blueberry Hill

 may or may not get all the links up tonight, I know I am a little behind.....but all you Zep-heads will wait I am sure...wrapping this up tomorrow with another stack of boots! Until then, be well.....retirng 6/27, have I mentioned that?

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