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Some Random Led Zeppelin Rarities, Part 1

OK, Led Zeppelin.....never done a thing with them on this site, but I sure as hell did enjoy their shit
while growing up, and my 16 year old son loves them as well, so, yeah....."mainstream", if you want, but, some of the most popular posts I have ever done were the lengthy "rarities"  concerning The Beatles, The Stones, and The Who....and I have a hunch that  lot of people will be wanting some of these Zeppelin outtakes/boots and stuff, some of it is not of the highest quality (we'll try to sort that out), Zeppelin is one of the all-time leaders in the category of awful sounding bootlegs (because so many horrid audience recordings exist)......if you hate Zep (many do), sorry, but I think they were a great band, myself, and the proof, to me, is evidenced by the fact that my son REALLY likes their stuff (he plays some guitar and does a few Zeppelin tunes), branding it with a bit of an "eternal" quality......you guys MY age need to come to terms with the fact that damn near FORTY YEARS have passed since they were at thier peak (!).....saw them once, in Indianapolis in the mid 70's, they certainly were great on THAT day, on of the most powerful live acts I have experienced.

Today we will deal with some of the studio rarities, the next couple of days we will take on some of the live shows I have.....I know, the live shows CAN wear a little thin, what with the never-endng versions of "Dazed and Confused" and ""Whole Lotta Love" and (OH GOD NO!) "Moby Dick", but they do have their moments too, as a lot of their lesser-favored material could work as excellent live numbers, as we shall see tomorrow/Monday, but for now, let us stay in the studio.....this stuff can be spotty, as well, but again, it has its moments.

Well, let' start with "Physical Rarities", it is fairly common but has a lot of interesting alternate takes on a number of tracks both well known (an early acoustic "Stairway to Heaven", an alternate version of "Custard Pie") and unknown ("Willow Tree", "Walter's Walk")....recommended, it's a good set.

"Led Zeppelin III Outtakes" is exactly what it says and be forewarned, there are  a TON of them, (41 tracks on one disc).......lots of takes on a couple of my faves, "That's the Way" and of course "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp".....it is a little sloppy, fans will find it to die for.

You'd need to be a huge fan, also, to sit through all three discs of "The Alternate Physical Grafitti",
but as I always really enjoyed that album (it's hard to beleive that it was absolutely savaged my music critics upon it's release, I doubt you could fine one critic now who would ADMIT trashing it, but look it up, it's true), lot of off here, a wierd vocal mix "Trampled Underfoot" and some rambling instrumental versions of some others, it is nothing if not extensive, you may want to grab it, and reprogram it down to a single disc, it could be done easilly.

"Coded: The Limited Trance Remixes" is yet another one of "those", an album full of electronic manipulating of a bunch of their stuff, rendered sometimes unrecognizeable under various remix techniques....either you like this kinda thing or you don't, I kind of DO, so here it is....

A friend of mine (Greg) a huge Zeppelin fan created his own "Led Zeppelin Live and Rare Tracks", it is an amature effort all the way, bunch of random live tracks for which I have no annotation, but also the B-side "Hey Hey What Can I Do", as well as accoustic versions of "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Dog" (!)

"Ultra Rare Trax Volume 1" contains another batch of demos and alternate takes, if "Stairway to Heaven" gets it done for ya, there are several versions here.....allegedly there is a "Volume 2", but I don't think I've ever seen/heard one, so if it exists, you know.........

I am going to throw a brief live set on here, I  DO NOT know (or care that much) the date/locale, it is OLD, as all the songs on it come from "Led Zeppelin I" it's a good, energetic set and contains a live version of "Dazed and Confused" that actually clocks in at less than an hour. I enjoy listening to it probably more than any of the "full length" boots which will be coming your way the next couple days...

I know that Zeppelin is a polarizing band....some elevate them to God-like status, some detest them to
the point of absuridty....as usual, Uncle BigScott62 opts for a middle of the road approach, they did make some DAMN good records, but, like ANY other band, are not above being made fun of when the opportunity presents itself.....if you either worship OR despise Zeppelin, well, I really don't care....this is just another dive into the "variety" pit, ya know if ya don't like it something else will be coming your way soon!

Links be there in a little while. Word UP! (always wanted to say that......anyone have a fucking clue as to whatever it MEANS?)

PHYSICAL RARITIES-01 Jenning's Farm Blue/02 Poor Tom/03 Walter's Walk/04 Trampled Underfoot/05 Custard Pie/06 Black Dog/07 Since I've Been Loving You/08 No  Quarter/09 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/10 Stairway to Heaven/11 Swan Song/12 Ozone Baby/13 Wearing and Tearing/14 Something Else/15 Immigrant Song/16 Moby Dick/17 Out on the Tiles/18 Willow Tree/19 Baby Come Back Home

LED ZEPPELIN III OUTTAKES-01 Friends: Take 1/02 Immigrant Song/03 Out on the Tiles/04 Bron-Yr-Aur: Jimmy and Miss Crimson/05 Poor Tom: Take one/06 Poor Tom: Take two/07 Hey Hey What Can I Do/08 Instrumental/09 Instrumental/10 Poor Tom: Take Three/11 Instrumental/12 Instrumantal/13 That's the Way Take one/14 That's the Way Take two/15 That's the Way Take Three/16 That's the Way Take Four/17 Thats the Way Take Five/18 Friends Take Two/19 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Two/20 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Three/21 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Four/22 Instrumental/23 Instrumental/24 Since I've Been Loving You (Vocal Track)/25 I Wanna Be Her Man/26 Instrumental Take 1/27 Instrumental Take 2/28 Instrumental Take 3/29 Instrumental Take 4/30 Down By the Seaside/31 Down By the Seaside/32 Instrumental Take 5/33 Instrumental Take 6/34 Instrumental Take 7/35 Instrumental Take 8/36 Instrumental Take 9/37 Instrumental Take 10/38 Instrumental Take 11/39 Instrumental Take 12/40 Instrumental Take 13/41 Instrumental Take 14

THE ALTERNATE PHYSICAL GRAFITTI DISC 1-01 The Wanton Song/02 The Wanton Song/03
Take Me Home/04 In the Morning/05 Trampled Underfoot/06 In the Morning/07 Sick Again/08 The Rover/09 Untitled Instrumental/10 In My Time of Dying


THE ALTERNATE PHYSICAL GRAFITTI DISC 3-01 Swan Song/02 Swan Song/03 Ten Years Gone/04 The Wanton Song/05 Trampled Underfoot/06 Kashmir/07 Custard Pie/08 In the Light/09 Swan Song

CODED: THE LIMITED TRANCE REMIXES-01 The Immigrant Song/02 In the Light/03 Nobody's But Mine/04 Misty Mountain Hop/05 No Quarter/06 Stairway to Heaven/07 Black Dog/08 Spirit of the City/09 Crackback

GREG'S LED ZEPPELIN LIVE/RARE TRACKS-01 Hey Hey What Can I Do/02 The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair/03 Black Dog (Acoustic)/0 Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic)/05 GOing To California/06 Stairway To Heaven/07 No Quarter/08 Over the Hills and Far Away/09 Ten Years Gone/10 Dancing Days/11 Black Dog/12 Battle of Evermore/13 Tangerine

UNKNOWN LIVE SET-01 Communication Breakdown/02 Dazed and Confused/03 Baby I'm Gonna Leave You/04 How Many More Times

ULTRA RARE TRAX VOLUME 1-01 Stairway To Heaven Demo 1/02 Stairway To Heaven Demo 2/03 Acoustic Demo #1/04 Acoustic Demo #2/05 Black Dog/06 No Quarter/07 Stairway to Heaven Demo 3/08 Untitled Insrumental/09 Stairway to Heaven #4/10 Stairway to Heaven #5/11 I Wanna Be Her Man/12 Acoustic Demo #3/13 Acoustic Demo #4/14 Acoustic Demo #5/15 Acoustic Demo #6/16 Acoustic Demo #7

Quite a bit of stuff here, give me a lil while to get the discs upped and posted.....I have a metric shit
tonne of live Zep shows, no way I am posting ALL of them (MAN some of those "Dazed and Confused" epics can be just brutal), but I think I have enough GOOD live material for a couple of days.....remember, Zeppelin never really even  HAD a good, "official' live album until the three-disc "How the West Was Won" appeared, I think in 1998 or so.....obviously "The Song Remains the Same" doesn't quite feed the pitbull......so, tomorrow we will begin investigating a few of their live shows......hope ya like em, if ya don't THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD RATHER I POST!

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