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The best (International) Noise Conspiracy post, ever

I know, I know, I said I'd get some brain clearing riff-o-rama up on Monday after a weird weekend of Le Tigre and Peaches, but after all those Peaches tracks I had to go be alone for a while.......anyways, hope ya like ths post, from Sweden's (International) Noise Conspiracy.....pretty damn good garage/punk band, for as good as they were, almost shckingly unknown. Consisting of singer Dennis Lyxzen, guitarist Lars Stromberg, bassist Inge Johansen, and drummer Ludwig Dahlberg, they started out in the late 1990's, with the album, "The First Conspiracy"......continuing an unintentional trend, we haveyet anothe band that leans heavily on leftist politics for it's identity.......so it goes....."The First Conspiracy" is  collection of singles, mostly short, punkish-leftist blasts such as "Abolish Work" (Well, I'm all about THAT.....), and "T.I.M.E.B.O.M.B."....imaginea slightly less angry Swedish Rage Against the Machine, and maybe you'd about have it.

Now, then, the second LP, "Survival Sickness" is MUCH better, featuring the stunning title track and other killer tunes such as "Smash It Up" and "The Reproduction of Death"...this is a REALLY good album, never really took off here in the US, don't know how it did abroad, but I know of VERY few people that are into this album.......it is woth the effort.

"A New Morning, Changing Weather" is quite good as well, not quite "Survival Sickness", but pretty good in its own rite, bolstered by "Bigger Cages, Longer Chains",  and "Capitalism Stole My VIrginity"......pretty good stuff.  The next album "Armed Love",is something less than spectcular, and I don't seem to even have 2008's "The Cross Of My Calling" (sorry), if any ofyou fine people have it, hook me up and I'll post it as well.......

Thanks to a Pirate Bay torrent, though, I have a TON of EP's from these guys and I'm putting them ALL up for ya......a few live discs, sounds like they were a pretty fair live band as well......so here they be.

Sorry, I didn't get around to this till Tuesday, but be honest, you're still poundiongyour meat to Peaches anyway, it'd take you a day to recover......The (International) Noise Conspiracy are never going othe Rock N Roll Hal of Fame (like, who cares?), but they did make some underappreciated leftist punk rock that you can enjoy here, and I bet they don't cry to Zippyshare about the use of their tunes......fans of the Clash, Rancid, maybe even Crass should check this out.

I'm usre some of you guys are gonna KILL me if I don't lighten up and unleash some good old drugged-up stoner rock jams, so I assure you that the next post will be loud and stupid and stoned out.....I know, a long time to go without yer fix of that stuff!

THE FIRST CONSPIRACY-01 The First Conspiracy/02 Abolish Work/03 A New Language/04 Do U Know My Name/05 T.I.M.E.B.O.M.B./06 The Sin Crusade/07 The Blast Off/08 Young Pretenders Army/09 I Swear If U Do/10 Airports/11 Intorduction to the....../12 Black Mask

SURVIVAL SICKNESS-01 I Wanna Know About You/02 The Subversive Sound/03 Smash It Up/04 (I've Got) Survival Sickness/05 The Reproduction of Death/06 Imposter Costume/07 Intermission/08 Only Lovers Left Alive/09 Do I Have to Spell It Out?/10 Will It Ever Be Quiet?/11 Enslavement Blues/12 Ready Steady Go

A NEW MORNING, CHANGING WEATHER-01 A Northwest Passage/02 Up For Sale/03 Bigger Cages. Longer Chains/04 Breakout 2001/05 A Body Treatise/06 Born Into a Mess/07 New Empire BLues/08 Capitalism Stole My Virginity/09 Last Century Promise/10 Dead Language Of Love/11 A New Morning, Changing Weather

ARMED LOVE-01 A Small Demand/02 The Way I Feel About You/03 Let's Make History/04 The Dream is Over/05 All In All/06 Black Mask/07 Communist Moon/08 This Side of Heaven/09 Like a Landslide/10 Armed Love

BIGGER CAGES LONGER CHAINS EP-01Bigger Cages, Longer Chains/02 Beautiful All Alone/03 Baby Doll/04 Waiting For Salvation/05 A Textbook Example/06 When Words Are Not Working

LIVE EP-01 Black Mask/02 Smash It Up/03 A Small Demand/04 Capitalism Stole My VIrginity/05 The Way I Feel About You

LIVE AT OSLO JAZZ FESTIVAL-01 New Empire Blues/02 Bigger Cages Longer Chains/03 Born Into a Mess/04 Smash It Up/05 Survival Sickness/06 Capitalism Stole My Virginity/07 A Body Treatise/08 Bodyheat/09 Will It Ever Be Quiet?/10 Ever Feel Cheated

YOUR CHOICE LIVE SERIES-01 A Northwest Passage/02 Bigger Cages Longer Chains/03 Up For Sale/04 Smash It Up/TV Eye/05 Born Into a Mess/06 Capitalism Stole My Virginity/07 WIll It Ever Be Quiet/08 A New Morning, Changing Weather

OK, these guys put out a TON of EP's with a lot of overlap with their full lengths....the way this torrent was constructed, the creator ELIMINATED the overlap on the EP's......what we have left is an EP worth of cool non-album tracks, which I will present to you as "NON ALBUM TRACKS" (by the way, I agree with and appreciate that type of torrent construction, although I doubt MOST would)

NON ALBUM TRACKS-01 Inner City Rejects/02 Sleeping Pills/03 The Transmission/04 Simulcra Overload/05 Ever Felt Cheated/06 United By Haircuts/07 Weighing War On Coma/08 Written on the Bourgeois Body/09 My Star/10 Free Me

Lotta links here guys, hopefully I can get em up for ya tonight but I kinda doubt it honestly.....we'll see how it goes, and if they aren't up tonight check tomorrow.....really like to hear your thoughts on what I consider a fairly underappreciated band, whomixed some pretty fair music with some pretty dedicated leftist politics......(remember as I said before, I am neither especiall "left" leaning nor "right" leaning, I prefer a logical, common sense approach to most issues, HOWEVER from my blog, one would think I was a HARD CORE leftist, due to my posting tendencies. Why? As I've said before, I think it is clear, the LEFT has FAR FAR FAR better musical chops.......that be the name of THAT tune!

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