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Return of legend that IS Dave Sez!

Dave Sez has been a frequent contributor here, TONS of good stuff that you may hve happened by here may very well have been his handywork......today he wishese to contribute a fine Eric Clapton set from 1994, sounds good to me, and I will turn the description of the music over to him, take it away, Dave Sez:

Eric Clapton - From The Cradle tour rehearsals
Sony Studios, NYC, 28th September 1994
A+ studio mp3 @ 320, full artwork and text included
A couple of weeks after the release of the From The Cradle album on 13th September 1994, Clapton gathered his band at a New York studio to rehearse for their upcoming tour. These top-quality full run-throughs are at least equal to the official album, being again recorded as a single studio take then beautifully mixed down for the band to rehearse to.
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Dave Bronze – bass
Andy Fairweather-Low – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Roddy Lorimer – trumpet
Tim Sanders – tenor saxophone
Simon Clarke – baritone saxophone
Jerry Portnoy – harmonica
Andy Newmark – drums
01 - Hootchie Coochie Man*
02 - Tore Down*
03 - Sinner's Prayer*
04 - Motherless Child*
05 - Malted Milk
06 - Born Under A Bad Sign
07 - Someday After A While*
08 - It Hurts Me Too*
09 - 44
10 - Five Long Years*
11 - Crossroads
12 - Ain't Nobody's Business
Bonuses: "Saturday Night Live" session, 24th September 1994
13 - Tore Down*
14 - Five Long Years*
* = on From The Cradle album.
Thanks to http://vivalesbootlegs.blogspot.com!
Research and text by Dave Sez, 2014 - almost twentieth anniversary!


So, there ya go, some rare Clapton which sounds great to me, ALL thanks go to Dave Sez, I'm just the middle man.......but PLEASE, if you have any stuff like this PLEASE share, share, share!!!!! That is the name of this game.

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