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Wesley WIllis

The Wesley Willis Fiasco, SpookyDisharmoniousConflictHellrideSo, Nirvana thing was not as popular as I had hoped.......I hope YOU personally enjoyed it, and really, I'm GLAD I decided not to dedicate the entire month to the band, as my trademarked variety would have been compromised.....because the point here has alwasy been that Nirvana CAN BE on the same level of enjoyability as No Need For a Name or The Bannana Erectors, depending upon the listener and the listener's frame of mind.....I LOVE to share out Nirvana or Rollin Stones rarities, but I ALSO love shaking up with something maybe a couple of you never heard before.

Which brings us to Wesley Willis, a sort of project of Jello Biafra (Similar to the Frank Zappa/Wild Man Fischer relationship of years earlier)......Willis is a diagnosed chronic schizophrenic who "writes" and "sings" various songs on various topics.....if you have never heard him before, you may not enjoy this at all (GOOD chance of that), but you will not be able to compare it to anything else.

Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits Volume 2Willis claimed that there are three demons that resided within him, I am not going to go into full detail here, NOT making fun of the man......but the "demons" caused him to record about a zillion albums, best known the Wesley Willis Fiasco albums which were farily straight up punk, with Biafra's assistance......his life story would require a book, maybe there is one, there was a chapter about him (along with Wild Man Fischer and some others in the book "Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll to which I have alluded many times.)

wesley willisAnyway, a lot of Willis' songs are "tributes"other musicians......let's take, for example, the "great""Nirvana".....it goes something like this "Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaana, you is so bad you can kick a horses ass, Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaaana....".....or the creative "Alanis Morrisette", the lyrics being something like "A-Lan-Is Morrsett, A-Lan-Is-Morrsett, you is so bad you can kick a horse's ass".....soemthing like that......he also is known for a series of tunes such as "Lick a Camel's" ass and "Suck My Dog's Dick"......NOT for you to play for your grandmother, please. For some reason when "Huh?" Magazine put out it's monthly various artists CD, Willis turned up on them quite often, this is where I got my first exposure to him.....I MIGHT root through all those and put those tracks on here too (I also recall he covered "Jailbreak" on the Thin Lizzy tribte as well......

... AN INTRODUCTION TO WESLEY WILLIS (dedicated to SLAWN) » wesley willisI have a couple of his albums here, and I think that there is a tape or two on the Bay I don't have.....I try, as I say over and again, to put up VARIETY on this site, and Wesley WIllis gives us that to an absolute  T.......WIllis passed away in 2003.

This first one, I got off the Bay, the originator says he bought a burned CD from Wesley himself for $3.00 before a show.....gotta be "rare" as these things ...

Wesley Willis, sorely missedWESLEY WILLIS-01 Easy E Tried to Kill Me (with Pimp Daddy Welfare)/02 I Smoke Weed/03 Illinois State Police/04 Jesus is the Fuckin Answer/05 Suck a Cheetah's Dick/06 Suck My Rotweiller's Ass

I have an album on my shelf from his "Fiasco" period, which is an attempt, I guess, at hard-core punk rock...the album is entitled "Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride"......you HAVE NOT, for better or for worse, heard anything like this before......

SPOOKYDISHARMONIOUSCONFLICTHELLRIDE-01 Get on the Bus/02 I'm Doing It Well On the Side of the Rea/03 Pop That Pussy/04 Casper the Homosexual FrienGhost/05 I Can't Drive/0He's Doing Time In Jail/07 The Bar Is Closed/08 Jesus is the Answer/09 Blood Guts and Fire Trucks/10 She Loves Me Truly/11 Drink That Whiskey/12 Steve Albini/13 Steve Albini Reprise/14 I'm SOrry That I Got So Fat
There were also three (!) "Greatest hits"albums, I know I used to them all but now I have only   "Volume 2" and "Volume 3", I'm sure these will suffice......comments, please, as I continue to span recorded history for not only the "best", but the simply "out there"? It ALL has it's place, right? ....Not ALL of the "classics" are here, but "Suck a Polar Bear's Dick", and "Suck a Pit Bull's Dick certainly do give us at least a general idea
And since we are in a Nirvana kind of mood, I tracked down his "Nirvana""tribute", you'll want to hear it as well, it's just a singel track, taken, as I said before, a "HUH?" Magazine compilation
Wesley Willis 
VOLUME 2-01 The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up/02 They Threw me Out of Church/03 Oil Express/04 Fuck You/05 Birdman Kicked My Ass/06 Make Sure I'm Out Screwing Up/07 I'm Running My Inkpen/08 Caryn Shaffer/09 Cut the Mullet/10 Jello Biafra/11 Suck a Caribou's Ass/12 Stop the Violence/13 Feel the Power of Rock N Roll/14 The Frogs/15 Aime/16 Girls On Film/17 Lotion/18 I Broke Out Your Windshield/19 Arnold Schwarzeneggar/20 Mr Scarface/21 Al Capone/22 Harmony Joy Busride
VOLUME 3-01 Verbal Assault/02 The Viper Room/03 Im Going On a World Tour/04 If/05 Your Way Right Away/06 Make My Joyplane Crash and Burn/07 I Whipped Spiderman's Ass/08 Suck a Pitbull's Dick/09 Oprah Winfrey/10 Love God (#)/11 I'm the Daddy of Rock N Roll/12 My Keyboard Got Damaged/13 Wrigly Field/14 Chuckie/15 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/16 My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks/17 Beware of Dog/18 Gingerbread Knocked Me Out/19 Do It/20 Suck a Polar Bear's Dick/21 The Horse Bit Me/22 Carla Winterbottom/23 Catalina/24 Benny The Bull/25 It's the End of the Western.

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