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Nirvana Part 3

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects (4 CDs Box Set) (2009)Continuing with the Nirvana stuff, at least for today and tomorrow, still just have SO much more.....some more rarities collections today, we'll put up some more live shows tomorrow, after that, well, we'll see, I have some fairly comical, for the most part, tribute albums I may just have to dig out to cap this off eventually......there is just SO much stuff.....

Let's begin today with the four-disc "Chosen Rejects" collection.....Disc 1 consists of "Home Demos", someone asked if I had any Fecal Matter (shut up), and a good portion of this disc is comprised of Fecal Matter recordings.....,also some other 4-track demo tapes, not always the greatest in sound quality, but nonetheless interesting. Disc 2 is a load of "Studio Sessions", lots of rare demos, rough mixes, and the like, running the gammit from 1988 through 1993. Disc 3 is made up of "Radio Broadcasts", some of the earlier-posted KAOS tape appears here, but also a lot of stuff that I don't think makes the other comps...Disc 4 is a mishmash of "Live Rarities", most of which may or may not come from complete shows that I have elsewhere but do not care about even close to enough to cross-reference.....this is a fine collection and pretty hard to locate, recommended to fans of the band.

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects [4 Cds 320 kbps][2 Links]
We also have the "Complete Radio Sessions", the dates of the performances are given, not the sources, I do know that the version of "Lithium" with the "Rape Me" tease intro is from the 1992 MTV Awards  and is, I understand pretty rare in uncut form. Dates do appear with the track lists, I'm sure a bit of reasearch (by this, I mean YOUR research, not mine) would turn up the sources....I simply don't want to do that much work, sorry.

The title of the "In Utero Demos" should fill you in on what it's about, the "In Utero" album unmixed, basically, complete with the B-sides of the singles from the album. I find it fairly intersting, myself. Similarly, "The Nevermind Sessions" include some studio work from THAT album, highlighted by an acoustic "Sappy'....

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects [4 Cds 320 kbps][2 Links]Wishing to watch the NCAA championship so likely this post won't get up  until Tuesday, I'll wrap it up with the oddball "In Extremis Nirvana Remixed".....MOST of the time I don't much care for this stuff, but sometimes there is a surprise or two (I'll never forget the badass "Techno Mix of BOC's "Astronomy", have I ever posted THAT piece of kickass?).

OK, back with some more live shows tomorrow, as great as they mostly are, they (face it) do have their similarities, reminds me of one guy I know who PURCHASED all of those Pearl Jam "official" bootlegs, these here Nirvana shows, uhh, somebody GAVE them to me! Even so, they are for the most part great, and hardcore Nirvana freaks will likely be pissed that I didn't post the whole 300 or so live shows that I DO have.....Thursday I will probably put up those goofy, aforementioned "tributes", I guess, as you may have noticed I am kind of prone to changing my mind after saying I'm going to do something......a true man of mystery, I am, either that or I forget what I say after I say it....but as of now, the next two days will probably wrap up the Nirvanafest.....still, if there is something PARTICULAR you are looking for, a specific show or something, now be the time to inquire.......

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects (4 CDs Box Set) (2009)CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 1-01 Montage of Heck (short) (4 track tape collage 1988)/02 Sound of Dentage/03 Bambi Slaughter/04 Laminated Effect/05 Insurance/06 Class of '86/07 Blathers Log/08 Downer (Tracks 2-8 Fecal Matter Demos, 12/85)/09 Escalator to Hell (4-Track Experiment 1988)/10 Sappy/11 Creation/12 Black & White Blues (tracks 10-12 4-track demos, 1988)/13 Intro/Old Age/Low Rider (4 Track Demo 1992)/14 Montage of Heck (long) (4-track tape collage 1988)/15 Gypsies Tramps and Thieves (Band Practice 1987)

Nirvana – The Complete Radio Sessions (1995, 320 kbps)CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 2-01 Spank Thru (1/23/88)/02 Paper Cuts (1/23/88)/03 Mr Moustache 6/11/88/04 Blew (6/11/88)/05 Sifting (6/11/88)/06 Aint It a Shame (8/20/89)/07 Even In His Youth (9/89)/08 Lithium (4/90)/09 Breed (4/90)/10 Sappy (4/90)/11 Aneurysm (1/1/91)/12 Oh the Guilt (1/1/91)/13 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (1/1/91)/14 On a Plain (1/1/91)/15 All Apologies (1/1/91)/16 Token Eastern Song (1/1/91)/17 Something In the Way (5/91)/18 Drain You (5/91)/19 Stay Away (5/91)/20 Scentless Apprentice (1/19/93)/21 Onward nto Countless Battles (1/19/93)/22 Very Ape 1/19/93

Nirvana - In Utero Demos (2001)CHOSENREJECTS DISC 3-01 Floyd the Barber/02 Mexican Seafood/03 Hairspray Queen(tracks 1-3 KAOS 4/87)/04Dive (11/1/89 VPRO)/05 About a Girl/06 Love Buzz/07 Polly/08 Spank Thru (tracks 4-8 BBC FM 10/26/89)/09 Drain You (BBC FM 9/3/91)/10 Something In the Way (BBC FM 11/9/91)/11 Where Did You Sleep Last Night (11/25/91 VPRO)/12 Here She Comes Now (11/25/91 VPRO)/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit (1/11/92 SNL)/14 School (1/10/92 MTV)/15 Mollys Lips (1/10/92 MTV)/16 Lithium (9/9/92 MTV VMA'S)/17 Heart Shaped Box (9/25/93 SNL)/18 Rape Me (2/4/94 CANAL+) 19 Pennyroyal Tea (2/4/94 CANAL+)/20 Serve the Servants (2/23/94 TUNNEL)/21 Dumb (2/23/94 TUNNEL)/22 Territorial Pissings (1/11/92 SNL)

CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 4-01 If You Must/02 Pen Cap Chew/03 Big Cheese (tracks 1-3 Tacoma 3/19/88)/04 Run Rabbit Run (Olympia 10/30/88)/05 Sifting (12/28/88 Seattle)/06 Token Eastern Song (10/8/89 Omaha)/07 Son of a Gun (10/23/90 Birmingham)/08 Oh the Guilt/09 Mr Moustache/10 Verse Chorus Verse/11 Stain (tracks 8/11 11/25/90 Seattle)/12 Rape Me (11/19/91 Rome)/13 Curmudgeon (10/23/91 Tempe)/14 Talk To Me (11/17/91 Mezzago)/15 Where Did You Sleep Last Night (2/7/92 Sydney)/16 Swap Meet/17 Scoff (tracks 16-17 6/92 Roskilde)/18 Beeswax (10/30/92 Buenos Aires)/19 You Know You're Right (Chicago 10/23/93)/20 The Man Who Sold the World (1/8/94 Seattle)/21 Erectum/Moby Dick (3/19/88 Tacoma)

Bootleg Bonanza: Nirvana - Nevermind SessionsCOMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS Disc 1-01 Love Buzz/02 About a Girl/03 Polly/04 Spank Thru/05 Son of a Gun/06 Mollys Lips/07 D-7/08 Turnaround/09 Dumb/10 Drain You/11 Endless, Nameless

(Tracks 1-4 recorded 26th October 1989,Tracks 5 to 8 recorded 21st October 1990,Tracks 9 to 11)

COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS Disc 2-01 Been a Son/02 Polly/03 Aneurysm/04 Something In the Way/05 Here She Comes Now/06 In the Pines/07 Drain You/08 Polly/09 Territorial Pissings/10 Lithium

(Tracks 1 to 4 recorded 9th November 1991
Tracks 5 & 6 recorded 25th November 1991
Tracks 7 to 9 recorded 10th January 1992.
Track 10 recorded 9th September 1992)

In Extremis - Nirvana RemixedIN UTERO DEMOS-01 Rape Me/02 Scentless Apprentice/03 Heart Shaped Box/04 Milk It/05 Dumb/06 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/07 Very Ape/08 Pennyroyal Tea/09 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle/10 Tourette's/11 Serve the Servants/12 All Apologies/13 Moist Vagina/14 Marigold/15 Sappy/16 I Hate Myself and I Want To Die

NEVERMIND SESSIONS-01 In Bloom/02 Breed/03 Stay Away (Pay to Play)/04 Polly/05 Dive/06 Lithium/07 Sappy/08 Here She Comes Now/09 Aneurysm/10 Endless Nameless

IN EXTREMIS NIRVANA REMIXED-01 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Big Beef's Absolute Remix)/02 In Bloom (That Stupid Fucking Club Mix)/03 About A Girl (Pootey & The Beats Summer Solstace )/04 Love Buzz (Dimention Dog's Remix)/05 Something in the Way (Call Yourselves Professional Remix)/06 The Priest They Call Him/Come as You Are (Radio Dog's Reservoir Mix)/07 Happy Hour/08 Help Me/09 The Nirvana Mega Mix/10 Token Eastern Song

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