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Nirvana Some Random Live Shows

Do you realize (I didn't actually) how hard it is to select a fairly "representative" group of ten or so concerts when you have around 300? Also, I obviously don't recall the level of sound quality on each of them individually, some of these MAY BE less than the best, honestly I selected these pretty much at random, trying to span the whole career......not going to wax especially poetic about these, likely, it's been a while since I've listened to these, the track lists will give you the dates and locations.....hope these are acceptable, obviously they were an explosive live act....the first set, is the oldest thing I could locate, a 1987 FM simulcast, which was before Dave Grohl had even appears on the scene, pounding the skins here is Aaron Bruckhard......

I think I'll go another day and maybe two more with this stuff, not just the live stuff but I have some more interesting demos and the like, if you have a specific show or something in mind now is the time to ask....ad thanks for your patience with the links for part 1, they'll start appearing within minutes, hope to get THESE ones up tonight, I'll try to.

By the way, depression is a horrible thing, I personally have dealt with it one and off for as long as I an remember.....with proper medication it is treatable, so if you feel as though you are "physically" depressed, please seek medical attention....there are a LOT of specific anti-depressants out there, on of them will work for you.  Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis, Nick Drake, Wendy O Williams, and God knows who else weren't properly treated and they are obviously no longer with us, as it became too much for them....please don't join their ranks, there IS effective treatment available.

KAOS RADIO 4/17/87-01 KAS Commercial/02 Love Buzz/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Downer/05 Mexican Seafood/06 White Lace and Strange/07 Spank Thru/08 Annorexocist/09 Hairspray Queen/10 Pen Cap Chew

ANN ARBOR MICHGIGAN 4/10/90-01 Intro/02 School/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Love Buz/05 Dive/06 Spank Thru/07 Breed/08 About a Girl/09 Big Cheese/10 Scoff/11 Molly's Lips/12 Stain/13 Been a Son/14 Negative Creep/15 Blew

DUFFYS TAERN LINCOLN NEBRASKA 5/13/90-01 Intro/02 School/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Spank Thru/05 Scoff/06 Dive/07 About a Girl/08 Imodium/09 Big Cheese/10 Love Buzz/11 Here She Comes Now/12 Polly/13 Pay To Play/14 Been a Son/15 Stain/16 Negative Creep/17 Blew

DALLAS TEXAS 10/19/91-01 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneurysm/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 Breed/08 Polly/09 Sliver/10 Pennyroyal Tea/11 Love Buzz/12 Come As You Are/13 Been a Son/14 On a Plain/15 Lithium/16 Territorial Pissings/17 Rape Me

MINNEAPOLIS MINESOTA 10/14/91-01 L'Amour Est Un Diseau Rebelle (Jam, ending cut)/02 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/03 Aneurysm/04 Drain You/05 School/06 Floyd the Barber/07 Smells Like Teen Spirit/08 Polly/09 About a Girl/10 Lithium/11 Come As You Are/12 Breed/13 Love Buzz/14 Sliver/15 Territorial Pissings/16 Been a Son/17 Negative Creep/18 Blew/19 On a Plain/20 Endless, Nameless/21 Something In the Way/22 Rape Me

SEATTLE 10/31/91-01 Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneyurism/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 About a Girl/08 Polly/09 Breed/10 Sliver/11 Love Buzz/12 Lithium/13 Been a Son/14 Negative Creep/15 On a Plain/16 Blew/17 RapeMe/18 Territorial Pissings/19 Endless Nameless

SEATTLE 9/11/92-01 Breed/02 Drain You/03 Aneusrisym/04 School/05 Sliver/06 In Bloom/07 Come As You Are/08 Lithium/09 About a Girl/10 Son of a Gun/11 Polly/12 Lounge Act/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit/14 On a Plain/15 Negative Creep/16 All Apologies/17 Been a Son/18 Dive/19 Dumb/20 Rape Me/21 Stay Away/22 Love Buzz/23 Territorial Pissings/24 Guitar Smash

MELBOURNE 1992-01 Aneurysim/02 Drain You/03 School/04 Sliver/05 About a Girl/06 Come As You Are/07 Lithium/08 Breed/09 Polly/10 Lounge Act/11 In Bloom/12 Love Buzz/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit/14 Negative Creep/15 On a Plain/16 Blew/17 Smells Like Teen Spirit

CHICAGO 10/23/93 DISC 1-01 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/02 Drain You/03 Breed/04 About a Girl/05 Heart Shaped Box/06 Dumb/07 In Bloom/08 Come As You Are/09 School/10 Polly/11 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam

CHICAGO 10/23/93 DISC 2-01 Milk It/02 Rape Me/03 Territorial Pissings/04 You Know You're Right/05 All Apologies/06 Something In the Way/07 In Bloom/08 Come AsYou Are/09 School/10 Polly/11 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam

MILAN ITALY 2/25/94-01 Intro/02 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/03 Drain You/04 Breed/05 Serve the Servants/06 Come As You Are/07 Smells Like Teen Spirit/08 Sliver/09 Dumb/10 In Bloom/11 About A Girl/12 Lithium/13 Pennyroyal Tea/14 School/15 Polly/16 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle/17 Sappy/18 Rape Me/19 Territorial Pissings/20 All Apologies/21 On a Plain/22 Scentless Apprentice/23 Heart Shaped Box

Enjoy and please comment, more tomorrow, links slowly but surely coming up......

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