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Simply stated Wolfmother are some bad-ass heavy-stoner rock...to me, they are in a category with some bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Soundgarden, ya never quite knew if they were simply a kick ass hard-rock band OR if they were somewhat satiric and making fun of their audience.....the ultimate point, though, is who gives a fuck? Awesome, fantastic stoner metal from Australia, anyone who overthinks this shit is too pseudo-intellectual anyway....Wolfmother fucking rock hard core, one way or the nother!

Wolfmother were, for the most part, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Stockdale, bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres, and drummer Vin Steele.........they cranked out some magnificent stoner metal in the late 2000's, criminally underappreciated in this guy's opinion. Their first release was a self titled EP (2004), with some of the good stuff that would make it to thier fist full length, also self titled and a great, great album....."Woman" is a fine track, as are "The Joker and the Thief", "Dimension"," Mind's Eye", and more, four star album all the way, you WILL enjoy this fine, hard rocking disc.

They released another EP prior to the 2nd release, ("Dimensions"), worth a listen for certain, but album #2, "Cosmic Egg", now here is a fine piece of hard rock n roll...please, please, please don't miss this.....a  great album......this is a great album, one of the most under-rated of the era, it rocks mercilessly, and fans of this type of hard/stoner rock will have NO EXCUSE but to love it!

 OK, for whatever reason, have several boots, "Live at the Wireless 2005", "Live Berlin 2006", and even an '09  Los Angeles show with guest Slash of Guns N Roses, a perfect fit and a great recording.....We also have a show from Sydney Australia, which is great as well, and (shhhhhh), their new release, "New Crown", which, to be honest, I have not heard yet, but HEY it's Wolfmother, and these guys ROCK THE MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE.........

Lemme tell ya this, these motherfuckers are BAD ASS (except maybe the new album which I haven't heard but have generously posted for you slugs)......Wolfmother are a GREAT hard rocking band of the current era, if you are unfamiliar, you are totally cheating yourself.....please investigate, and see if I ain't right, the live shows, in particular rock like a mofo.......comments, comments, comments, but I will tell you THIS: Wolfmother FUCKING ROCKS......if they want me to take their shit down, so be it, but if you love metal/hard rock/stoner rock, look no further this is THE place!

WOLFMOTHER EP-01 Dimension/02 Woman/03Apple Tree/04 The White Unicorn

WOLFMOTHER-01 Dimension/02 White Unicorn/03 Woman/04 Where Eagles Have Been/05 Apple Tree/06 Joker & the Thief/07 Colossal/08 Mind's Eye/09 Pyramid/10 Witchcraft/11 Tales/12 Love Train/13 Vagabond

DIMENSIONS EP-01 Dimensions/02 Mind's Eye/03 Love Train/04 The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun

COSMIC EGG-01 California Queen/02 New Moon Rising/03 White Feather/04 Sundial/05 In the Morning/06 10000 Feet/07 Cosmic Egg/08 Far Away/09 Cosmonaut/10 Pilgrim/11 Eyes Open/12 Back Round/13 In the Castle/14 Caroline/15 Phoenix/16 Violence of the Sun

LIVE SYDNEY 2010-01 Dimensions/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 Pilgrim/05 Joker& the Thief

NEW CROWN-01 How Many Times/02 Enemy Is In Your Mind/03 Heavy Weight/04 New Crown/05 Tall Ships/06 Feelings/07 I AIn't Got No/08 She Got It/09 My Tangerine Dream/10 Radio/11 I Don't Know Why

LIVE BERLIN 8/22/06-01 Dimension/02 Pyramid/03 Apple Tree/04 White Unicorn/05 Love Train/06 Where Eagles Have Been/07 Woman/08 Witchcraft/09 Mind's Eye Intro/10 Mind's Eye/11 Vagabond/12 Colossal/13 Joker and the Thief

LIVE AT THE WIRELESS-01 Intro/02 Dimension/03 Pyramid/04 Woman/05 White Unicorn/06 Witchcraft/07 Where Eagles Have Been/08 Apple Tree/09 Tales From the Forest of Gnomes/10 Mind's Eye

LIVE LOS ANGELES WITH SLASH 11/24/09-01 Dimension/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 White Unicorn/05 10000 Feet/06 Slash Intro/07 By the Sword/08 Vagabond/09 The Joker and the Thief

Links in a little while.......GOD I hate my fucking job I need a new one like yesterday!

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