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The Complete Los Natas Part 2

So, if you ARE new to these amigos, what did you think of yesterday's onslaught? As you can maybe tell, I really think VERY highly of these guys, a lot of their stuff is GREAT and the stuff that isn't is at the very least interesting. Today I am going to keep the commentary down pretty much, what we have today is fairly self explanatory by their titles, there are a bunch of live shows, EP's, "split" efforts......as an added bonus I noticed that Pirate Bay had a "Complete Discography", I think it has some stuff that even I don't have, I am downloading it as we speak and ANYTHING that is in there that I don't already have will be added as well, there are evidently some comp tracks and stuff, maybe we will "make" a disc out of any spare parts we may encounter.

Again, not going to go into a lot of detail about each of these efforts, I'll give you the title which will serve as a description, and the track lists, if any other info is needed I will add it.....I really like this band's body of work, if, honestly, I compliled a list of my ten favorite bands of all time, taking into account all of their output, I think Los Natas would be on there (hmmmmm......in no paricular order, Roxy Music, Nirvana, The Clash, Talking Heads, Television, Mott the Hoople, Sleater-Kinney, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes........yep, Los Natas......and the list is MY FAVORITES, not the "greatest" or "best", strictly my opinion and yours is just as valid as mine is, it is NOT to invite arguement.

Enjoy this stuff, some of it is fairly rare, and I am REALLY interested in your comments/opinions on this one, since so many of us Yanks anyway are unfamiliar with this really wonderful band.

APAGA LA TELE 9/14/05- 01 Aname Petiribi/02 Como el Viento Voy a ver/03 Post-Crucifixion/04 Contemplando la Niebela

LA COSTA NOSTRA 10/12/02 -01 Presentacion/02 Polvaerdo/03 Meteoro 2028/04 Entrivista I/05 2002-Planeta Solitario/06 Entravista II/07 Contemplando la niebla-Bumburi/08 El Cono del Encono/09 patas de Elefante/10 Entravista III

LIVIN LA WEEDA LOCA (EP)-01 Xanadu/02 El Pappo/0 Tiempos Violentos/04 Bodokentorten/05 El Convoy

SPLIT 10" WITH SOLODOLOR-01 El Ass de epadas/02 No Time/03 I Don't Mind the pain/04 Rutation; Naciste asi..../05 Soma/06 Thumb/07 Green Machine/08 Sunday Horse (Solodolor)/09 The battle of Mocha poo (Solodolor)/10 La balada de Solodolor (Solodolor)

BERLIN 10/23/03-01 Carl Sagan/02 Tufi Meme/03 La Ciudad de Brahman/04 El Cono del Encono/05 Que Rico/06 Tormenta Mental/07 El Gobernador I/08 El Gobernador II/09 Meteoro 2028/10 Polverado/11 Soma/12 Corsario Negro/13 Patas de Elefnate

GINEBRA 10/26/05-01Tufi Meme/02 Ciudad de Brahman/03 El Cono Encono/04 Meteoro 2028/ 05 Agatha (El Bolsero)/06 No es lo mismo/07 Soma/08 Bumburi/09 Tormenta Mental/10 Planeta Solitario/11 Patas de Elefante

STRASBOURG 10/25/05 DISC 2-01 Bumberi/02 Rutation/03 Soma/04 Meteoro 2028 (La Tierra Delfin)/ 05 Patas de Elefante/06 Planeta Solitario/07 De las Cenzias, el Hombre.......

STRASBOURG 10/25/05 DISC 1-01 Traicon en el Arrocero (Tomatito)/02 El Cono del Encono/03 Tufi Meme/04 La Ciudad de Brahman/05 El Bolsero/06 No es lo mismo/07 Contemplando la Niebla

FM BROADCAST 10/17/04-01 Presentacfion/02La Tierra Delfin/03 Contemplando La Neibla/04 Bamburi/05 Entravista/06 Nuevo/07 Humo de marihuana/08 Meteoro 2028/08 Metereo 2028/09 Ending

HE PERDIDO MI MALLA 7/29/06-01 He Perdido Mi  Malla

SPLIT 10" W VIAJE A 800-01 LOS NATAS-El Gobernador Parts 1&2/02 VIAJE A 800-Higomon/03 Solo/04 Inmensa

SPLIT 10" W DRAGONAUTA-01 LOS NATAS-Xanadu/02 El Pappo/03 El Convoy/04 Tiempos Violentos/05 Bokokentorten/06 Ride With Me DRAGONAUTA-07 Astroinfierno/08 Kombre Monstruo/09 Guardian del Kongo/10 Profeta del Mar/11 Living Backwards

EL GOBERNADOR EP REISSUE-01 El Gobernador Part 1/02 El Gobernador Part 2/02 Polverado No Es Nadha/04 Soma

DEL CONO EL ENCONO 7"-01 Del Cono El Encono

TORMENTO MENTAL Y PARANOICO 7"-01 Tormento Mental/02 Paranoico

SPLIT EP W/CABRON-LOS NATAS-01 Allen's Wrench/02 Highway Sun/ CABRON-03 Burden/04 Parasending/05 Backlash


MUNCHEN SESSIONS 2005-01 Humo de Marihuana/02 Tormenta Mental/03 Polvaredo/04 Soma/05 13 (Thirteen)/06 El Negro/07 Tomatiten (Jamm Aleman)

OK guys, the links are coming.....a LOT of work went into this, but I would love to bring Los Natas to a larger audience, and I think that some readers of this blog might really like them. So please check out a couple of these, and if it's your thing you'll be hooked as I ahve long been.....if not, what don't you like about it? Unless you have a dislike of non-English language rock vocals, I think you may be in for a true positive experience.......please, please comment.

Geeeez how about the University of Dayton Flyers? The school is about a half hour from my home, and many of my friends went there, I spent a lot of time there as well, not as a student, but as a hard core partier, and they just LOVE to burn stuff when the hoops squad does anything (which is rare).....with Kansas being upset, they get yet another decent matchup for them in Stanford.....they win that one, the city of Dayton Ohio will go up in flames.......not my favorite city, so GO UD!

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