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Been a while since I've thought about this one, a good one from Iceland 1973.....their sole effort.
Icecross were Axel Einarsson(guitar and vocals), Omar Oskarsson (bass, vocals) and Asgeir Oskarsson (drums, vocals)......they produced but this one item, to my knowledge anyway, and it is a damn good one.....hard, dark, fuzzy, yet another one of those fine early 1970's hard rock albums truly deserves a second listen.

Not all that much to say, really......hard to gain much info on these guys, other than their names and their homeland. From what I can compile, only 1000 copies of the album were originally pressed, I personally did not become aware of its existence until many years later when bootlegged copies began turning up on the internet.......why they never made it is anyone's guess, but this is a fine album, definitely for fans of early 70's hard rock, and of modern day stoner rock/metal.......a real find, impress your friends!

ICECROSS- 01 Wandering Around/02 Solution/03 A Sad Man's Story/04 Jesus Freaks/05 1999/ 06 Scared/07 Nightmare/08 The End

I was going to save this one for another day but got it done a little more quickly than I anticipated....Friday being Strat O Matic baseball night, I have a half hour to kill before I leave so I'll put up a bonus post for the day, begin the upload, post the link when I get home later, and work on something (MAYBE) a little more substantial for tomorrow......but, see, I've given you TWO fine albums today, AND a double dose of my fluent prose/musings......generosity, it should be my middle name (actually that would be better than "Michael" which it actually is)......

Got an email from a reader named Frank C, he generously forwarded me a list of his entire collection and said he is willing to share anything on it.....I will peruse it carefully this weekend, there are some gems on there that I don't have and will be of interest to the minions, so, thanks to Frank C for this, AND it's a fine idea.....if anyone else has their stuff catalouged on your computer, (don't make a special list for his purpose), send it to me, I'll keep them in a special file and you canbe a valued guest contributor! Fame and riches await, so get on it!

Geeeez I thought it was bad to be an Ohio State fan yesterday, seeing them fall to Dayton (I live almost symetrically between the two schools), but Lordy, I can only imagine the obnoxious Duke fans this evening after losing to, uhhhh, Mercer? Gotta love the NCAA's baby, for my money STILL the year's best sporting event, which is saying something as college basketball is fairly far down on my list of favorite sports.......but basketball, on ALL levels, works SO well in a tournament format, and the television coverage is so great, that it just "works"......tomorrow, finals of all four divivsions of boys high school tourneys in Ohio as well, so tomorrow promises wall to wall hoops on multiple TV's.......for the record, my final four prediction: Michigan State, Florida, Arizona, and Louisville, with Michigan State winning it all.....Michigan State big man Adrian Payne played against my son't high school team years ago when my son was still in Jr High, he once had TWENTY (!) blocks in a game vs them.....and he has turned into a fine all around college player, sure to be seen in the NBA next year. My son's team is Arizona who just won, thus, "his" team advances further than "mine" after just one game, c'est la vie!

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