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The best goddamn Lita Ford post , EVER!!!!!

You know I don't care what you think!......I have lusted after Lita Ford since I was a Goddamn teenager, and if I want to (1) write an easy post on Super Bowl Sunday and (2) get my meat stiff by posting some damn pictures of Lita Ford (owner of rock n roll's finest ass (runner-up: Sheryl Crow), I'll by-God sure as hell do it!

Hell you know the story.....the Runaways had total about an hour's worth of listenable material, yet remain one of my favorite bands for most obvious reasons...then, Mistress Lita has enjoyed a solo career with a similar amount of good stuff, and yet, I'd likely buy an album of her vomitting. I mean, if you don't get my point here, I kind of have a "thing" for Mistress Lita.

Her first solo LP, "Out For Blood", is pretty awful, but so fucking what, I enjoy funding Mistress' lifestyle.....her SECOND solo LP, "Dancin' On the Edge", is equally awful, but, so fucking what, I enjoy funding Mitstress' lifestyle.

OK. So in 1988 she released "Lita" and it is a pretty damn good one, actually......from the opener"Back to the Cave", the great "Can't Catch Me" (her greatest, IMO),  a sort of hit single "Kiss Me Deadly", and of course the infamous Ozzy duet,  "Close My Eyes Forever", well, this is a pretty Goddamn piece of hard-glitter rock really, and all joking aside, really the only decent one she had in her.

Because 1990's "Stilleto" sucks as well......while "Lita" is trashy greatness, what SHOULD have been her high mark is MERE trash.....geez a cover of "Only Women Bleed"? I've heard better, let us just say. "Dangerous Curves" doesn't fare a whole lot better, actually, although she earned a point or two for reprising the Runaways "Playing With Fire".

Surprisingly enough, 1996's "Black" is not NEARLY as bad as it ought to be......you'd be surprised. The title track and "Killin' Kind" are listenable shit, so you owe it to Mistress to pay homage. She also released a live album, kind of stupidly entitled "Greatest Hits Live" ("Hits", huh?), which fairly rocks out and at the very least gives another take on "Can't Catch Me" albiet an inferior one.

OK, a lot of this shit sucks, really, but I love Ms Ford anyway, and still as fucking FINE today when we are both in our 50's as when we were both teens. Somebody else might get a kick out of these, too, not to be taken seriously as though it were Gang of Four or something......not everything NEEDS to be though.

OUT FOR BLOOD-01 Out For Blood/02 Stay With Me Baby/03 Just a Feeling/04 Ready Willing and Able/05 Die For Me Only (Black Widow)/06 Rock N Roll Made Me What I Am/07 If You Can't Live With It/08 On the Run/09 Any Way That You Want Me/10 I Can't Stand It

DANCIN ON THE EDGE-01 Gotta Let Go/02 Dancin On the Edge/03 Dressed to Kill/04 Hit And Run/05 Lady Killer/06 Still Waitin' /07 Fire In My Heart/08 Don't Let Me Down Tonight/09 Run with the $

LITA-01 Back to the Cave/02 Can't Catch Me/03 Blueberry/04 Catch Me Deadly/05 Falling In And Out of Love/06 Fatal Passion/07 Under the Gun/08 Broken Dreams/09 Close My Eyes Forever

STILETTO-01 Your Wake Up Call/02 Hungry/03 Dedication/04 Stiletto/05 Lisa/06 The Ripper/07 Big Gun/08 Only Women Bleed/09 Bad Boy/10 Aces and Eights/11 Cherry Red/12 Outro

DANGEROUS CURVES-01 Larger Than life/02 What Do You Know About Love/03 Shot of Poison/04 Bad Love/05 Playin With Fire/06 Hellbound Train/07 Black Widow/08 Little Too Early/09 Holy Man/10 Tambourine Dream/11 Little Black Spider

BLACK-01 Black/02 Fall/03 Loverman/04 Killin' Kind/05 Hammerhead/06 Boilin' Point/07 Where Will I Find My Love Tonight (I have a suggestion.....)/08 War of the Angels/09 Joe/10 White Lightnin' /11 Smokin Toads/12 Spider Monkeys

GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Nobody's Child (Studio)/02 Larger Than Life/03 What Do Ya Know About Love/04 Black Widow/05 Holy Man/06 Can't Catch Me/07 Falling In and Out Of Love/08 Bad Love/09 Ripper/10 Close My Eyes Forever/11 Shot of Poison/12 Hungry/13 Kiss Me Deadly/14 Rock Candy

.....And as so often happens a Pirate Bay check reveals a 2009 release, "Wicked Wonderland", I assume it sucks, but having never heard it (or OF it) I wouldn't know.....since I am such a trouper, I'll throw it up as well

WICKED WONDERLAND-01 Crave/02 Piece (Hell Yeah)/03 Patriotic SOB/04 Scream 4 Me/05 Inside/06 Wicked Wonderland/07 Indulge/08 Love/09 Betrayal/10 Sacred/11 Truth/12 Betrayal/13 Bed/14 Garden/15 Push

I plan on listening to "Wicked Wonderland" today most likely, as I am a fan of Mistress Lita, and you all should too, because, it's Lita, after all......

Thanks to the GREAT new Friend of the Blog, Julian for sending me a metric shit-ton of Gang of Four boots, I'm downloading them now and hope to put them up tomorrow.....you guys are not going to BELEIVE how much stuff he has sent me to share with ya, if you are a GOF fan, you are going to freak, I promise.

Had to get at least ONE picture of that lovely ass on the post.....Lita come see me SOON! Links won't be up until tomorrow evening (Monday 2/4/14) as I was dicking around watching the Super Bowl, and gotta go to that work place for a while tomorrow.

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