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Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Other than probably Gaunt and New Bomb Turks, I guess Columbus Ohio (45 minutes to the east of me)'s best band....not that it's exactly a musical hotbed, you'd think with a University as large as The Ohio State University they'd hav come up with a couple more.....

Anyway, the Apartments (singer Ron House, drummer Ted Hattemer, bassist Craig Dunston, an guitarist Bob Petric) turned out some passable, eccentric, humorous slacker-punk in their "heyday".....I saw them do a set once, they were pretty good, and I know they had a bunch of singles, as well as another couple of  full lengths ("Straight to Video", 1997, and "No Old Fi Lo-Fi Cry", 2000).....really don't think I've ever seen or heard of a copy of either of those discs, used to have a handful of the singles but I thnk my brother "borrowed" them about 10 years ago or so.....(Fun Fact: according to legend/lore, one of the singles (unsure which) was never "officially" released, to get a copy of it you had to write to the band and provide them with a good reason as to why, exactly, you were worthy of receiving a copy....)

Anyway, what  I DO have here is pretty much  their signature statement, "Bait and Switch" (1995), likely you are unfamiliar unless, of course, you are a fellow Buckeye......it's nothing spectacular, really, decent to good songs like "My Mysterious  Death (Turn It Up)" and"You Can't Kill Stupid", but ultimately, they are defined by one track.....that track is "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame".....I have always thought such a concept was kind of stupid, a medium in which I consider, say, Gaunt and Wanda Jackson and Nirvana  and the Stooges and ? and the Myterians and on and on and on) to all be more or less EQUALS, fighting for the same "cause", although some are "better" than others, the big question is "so fucking what?".....while I have visted the RNR HOF many times, and it is one impresssive display, to be sure, I'd rather it were just a RNR "museum", rather than elevating bands over each other and people arguing about who "should" or "should not" be in it......ALL music is subective, after all, and RNR? Please....

Anyway, the track is here.....while it is tongue in cheek, I agree in theory....."Someone blow it up.....before the let Paul Westerberg in!"....that may be the greatest lyric ever written

As always trying to provide MORE variety than other blogs....not that mine is "better" by any means (quite the opposite), but I at least want to give regular readers a sense of NEVER having ANY idea what they may find here tomorrrow.....

Anyone see the last 5 minutes or so of the Vikings/Ravens game? MAN was that exciting....the Vikings (my team of over 40 years) do suck it hard core this season BUT they haven't quit, continue to play hard, and if they can provide me with football that is THAT exciting to watch, the fact that they suck is not TERRIBY relevant.....there were (an NFL record) SIX lead changes in the fourth period......NO ONE could argue that THAT is exciting to watch.....thanks, Vikings and Ravens, for playing an entetaining game in near blizzard conditions and ensuring that my Sunday was not a COMPLETE drunken stupor.......

BAIT AND SWITCH-01 My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)/02 Is She Shy/03 Down to High Street/04 Quarrel With the World/05 Cheater's Heaven/06 Cyclotron/07 Negative Guest List/08 Fire in the Swimming Girl/09 You Can't Kill Stupid/10 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame/11 Contract Dispute/12 Wrongheaded

Anyone have any of the singles (except for my parasitic brother?)....or either of the latter day CD's, please share if so!

Link is there before ya know it....these short, 1 or 2 disc posts are GREAT (for me only, I'm sure!)

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