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The Collins Kids/Wanda Jackson

Queen of RockabillyAfter the "Rockin Bones" of the other day, a friend was impressed enough to ask for The Collins Kids and Wanda Jackson, happy to oblige as I need a quickie post for today anyway (got a LOT to do, AND watch the Vikings-Ravens game)....as I said before I am NO EXPERT on this stuff, the extent of my "knowledge" is pretty much the four discs of "Rockin Bones" and these two discs.....BUT these are great, wonderful samplers for those of us like myself who are NOT afficianadoes of the genre.

The Collins Kids are my fave actually...seems like they were marketed as a novelty/childrens act in the 1950's BUT they are the shit.....Lorrie Collins vocals are the real deal, and Larry Collins plays some of the most shit-hot rockabilly guitar ever recorded. Their story is VERY well outlined and documented in the "Uknown Legends of Rock N Roll" book that I talked about here a couple weeks ago, check it out if you have that much interest....but in the meantime, here is a 28-track sampler of all thier great stuff ("Hoy Hoy", "Whistle Bait", "Shortnin' Bread Rock".....amazing how our perceptions of things change across decades......FUN (?) FACT: Larry wrote "Delta Dawn". Go to the head of the class.

As for Wanda Jackson, oooooooh BABY. "Queen of Rockabilly" indeed.......one hot mama, the UNDISPUTED queen of the genre (who would be even a challenge for her?)......awesome songs such as "Fujiyama Mama", "Let's Have a Party", "Honey Bop"......this one is for my friend that requested these, also for blog friend Sir Otter who expressed a bit of admiration for Ms. Jackson!

Ohio State's defense lets them down vs Michigan State just as I thought it might, congratulations to the Spartans the DESERVING Big Ten champions......Florida State would have ground OSU into chinchilla food  in a  Championship anyway......wondering how many points the Ravens can beat the Vikings by this afternoon too.....my guess:  Ravens 38 Vikings 10.

THE COLLINS KIDS-ROCKIN'EST-01 Hop Skip and Jump/02 Hoy Hoy/03 Beetle-Bug-Bop/04 Just Because/05 Whistle Bait/06 I'm in My Teens/07 Move In a Little Closer/08 Hot Rod/09 Rock Boppin' Baby/10 Go Away Don't Bother Me/11 The Rockaway Rock/12 Rock N Roll Polka/13 The Cuckoo Rock/14 Sweet Talk/15 Hush Money/16 Dance to the Bop/17 Make Him Believe/18 Shortnin' Bread Rock/19 Heartbeat/20 The Lonesome Road/21 Mercy/22 Party/23 Wicked Wicked Love/24 Hey Mama Boom-a-Laka/25 Peter Gunn (Live)/26 Koko Mo/Catfish Boogie (Live)/27 I Was Looking Back To See/28 Shake Rattle and Roll

WANDA JACKSON-QUEEN OF ROCKABILLY-01 Baby Loves Him/02 Mean Mean Man/03 Fujiyama Mama/04 Cool Love/05 Honey Bop/06 I Gotta Know/07 Let's Have a Party/08 Money Honey/09 Long Tall Sally/10 Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad/11 Searchin/12 Savin My Love/13 Kansas City/14 Hard Headed Woman/15 Tunnel of Love/16 My Baby Left Me/17 Sticks and Stones/18 Who Shot Sam?/19 There's a Party Goin' On/20 Brown Eyed Handsome Man/21 You Don't Know Baby/22 Tongue Tied/23 Riot in Cell Block #9/24 Slippin and Slidin/25 Fallin/26 Rip It Up/27 Rock Your Baby/28 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' On/29 Honey Don't/30 Man, We Had a Party

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