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The Living Things

The Living Things combined bone-crushing punkish-metal with intellectual lyrics to arrive at the recipe for two of the better hard rock albums of the 00's. Straight outta St. Louis Missouri, the band consisted of three brothers, singer/guitarist Lillian  Berlin, bassist Eve Berlin, and drummer Bosh Belin, and also guitarist Cory Becker.

2004 saw the release of the really excellent "Black Skies In Broad Daylight"....some great hard rocking songs, in particular "I Owe", but also winners such as "Bombs Below", "Standard Oil Trust", "No New Jesus".....lots more too, this was a fine criminally overlooked disc. The European version of the disc was entitled "Ahead of the Lions", which I think I have here also, it rearranges the track sequence, deletes a track or two and replaces them with a few others, including the great single "Bom Bom Bom".

Evidently these guys had record label trouble from what I can determine, I can see they released two or 3 EP's that are impossible to locate, and it took until 2009 for a proper follow up, "Habeas Corpus". While not as spectacular as the debut, this is a fine album as well, following the same formula......some fine tracks here, as well, "Brass Knuckles", "Mercedes Marxist""Dirty Bombs" (these guys obsessed with "bombs" or what?)....anyway, I don't think they enjoyed much success with this release, and to the best of my knowledge, have released no new material.

Both of these albums come highly recommend for fans of just plain good old loud rock n roll, I still haven't searched for "Lions" but if I do have it I will put it up also despite the similarites. If by chace you have one of their scarce EP's, please share them, and also if you have any live stuff, that would be great as well (a friend saw them live and said they were ferocious onstage).....but lacking any help, this is all I can provide.......it's OK though, these are excellent hard rock albums that will fit nicely on any rock n rollers shelf. Don't ya agree? Besides I need something of a break after the back-breaking Radiohead posts!

BLACK SKIES IN BROAD DAYLIGHT-01 Bombs Below/02 March In Daylight/03 End Gospel/04 New Year/05 No New Jesus/06 I Owe/07 Born Under the Gun/08 On All Fours/09 Keep It Til You Fold/10 Dead Deer/11 Standard Oil Trust/12 For Tomorrow We Die...I Wish You the Best

HABEAS CORPUS-01 Brass Knuckles/02 Mercedes Marxist/03 Let It Rain/04 Oxygen/05 Cost of Living/06 Island In Your Hear/07 Snake Oil Man/08 Post Millennium Extinction Blues/09 Dirty Bombs/10 Shake Your Shimmy/11 The Kingdom Will Fall

AHEAD OF THE LIONS-1. Bombs Below/02 I Owe/03 Bom Bom Bom/04 New Year/05 God Made Hate/06 End Gospel/07 No New Jesus/08 March In Daylight/09 Keep It Til You Fold/10 Monsters Man/11 On All Fours/12 I Wish the Best For You

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