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Rockin' Bones

I like music that other people consider threatening,
which is why can tolerate "gangsta rap" (as opposed to lame-ass mainstream hip hop) or Public Enemy, why (of course) I was a huge punk fan.....any music which "scares" or "threatens" other folks is A-OK by me (the recent Skrewdriver, etal posts serve a similar purpose).....so back WAAAAY before my time, the preferred music of the scary hoodlum was of course, rockabilly.

I'm no expert on this stuff, not even REALLY all that crazy about it, (a tad too "country" for my blood), BUT this exceptional 4-disc set no question hits pretty much all the highlights, and for such as myself, provides pretty much all the "rockabilly" I could ever want (not exactly true, I have comps somewhere from the Collins Kids and Wanda Jackson, both quite enjoyable actually)

So here we have these.....again, I strive for variety, NOT wishing to paint myself into any corners.....I suspect that a few of you will LOVE these.....an equal amount may hate them, and (a per usual) the large majorty is 100% indifferent......anyway, if you're a fan of this stuff, educate us.....tell us something we don't already know about someone here.....if this stuff is new to you, give it a shot,at least as a historical curiosity, many a good moden band, notably but not exclusively, X and the Cramps, root thier very existence and sound in this stuff.

Keeping the commentary to a minimum as like I said I am no expert: Disc one features 25 tracks, there are lotsa names here everyone will know, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Link Wray, Buddy Holly, Rickey Nelson......but the gems here are tracks from Johnny Dollar, Ronnie Dawson, Barbara Pitman.....this WORKS as a comp, we have discussed the reasons before why some forms "do" and some "don't" work as comps so no need to retrace that ground.....but this DOES work to listen to either in total, or at least one disc at a time.

Some of the bigger names repeat on disc two, but we also get Phantom, Hasil Adams, Tommy Blake....ya know, I could really get to be a fan of this shit if I'd let myself. Disc 3 gives us the Collins Kids, whom I learned of in the "Unknown Legends" book and REALLY like, Johnny Burnette, even legendary badass Johnny Cash. MORE Collins Kids on Disc 4, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Lee Riley, Eddie Cochrane's "Summertime Blues", Wanda Jackson's classic "Fujiyama Mama.....this set is a goddamn treasure chest to be honest. Open your mind a bit, and some of you just may fall in love with this stuff.

Again, trying to keep the VARIETY to a maximum, and give my blog at least an OUNCE of personality....and I hope that the Collins Kids, two days after Radiohead, provides that......at LEAST!

Still anxious to hear comments, requests, insults, whatever you wanna throw my way. And, as always, welcoming "guest" contributors, LOVE me some "guest contributors", so, help me, Rhonda, and make this laem blog even LESS work for me than it is now!

Look out motherfucker here comes another weekend! Big Ten Championship game Saturday, GO BUCKEYES! (even though I think if they play in the BCS championhsip game they will be used to wipe up the field).

DISC 1-01 RONNIE DAWSON-Rockin Bones/02 BILLY ELDRIDGE-Let's Go Baby/03 ELVIS PRESLEY-Baby Let's Play House/04 JOHN & JACKIE-Little Girl/05 GENE VINCENT-Cat Man/06 JACKIE GOTROE-Lobo Jones/07 RONNIE ALLEN-Juvenile Delinquent/08 DANNY DELL-Froggy Went a Courtin/09 JOE D JOHNSON-Rattlesnake Daddy/10 AL DOWNING-Down on the Farm/11 JACKIE MORNINGSTAR-Rockin In the Graveyard/12 ART ADAMS-Dancing Doll/13 JOHNNY POWERS-Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips/14 JOHNNY DOLLAR-Action Packed/15 DON WILLIS-Boppin High School Baby/16 RICKEY NELSON- Believe What You Say/17 DWIGHT PULLEN-Sunglasses After Dark/18 LINK WRAY-Rumble/19 BUDDY HOLLY & BOB MONTGOMERY-Down the Line/20 LARRY DOWD-Pink Cadillac/21 JOYCE GREEN-Black Cadillac/22 COMMONWEALTH JONES-Who's Been Here/23 BARBARA PITMAN-I Need a Man/24 BILLY ALLEN-Please Give Me Something/25 FREDDIE & THE HITCHHIKERS-Sinners

DISC 2-01 BUDDY HOLLY-Rock Around With Ollie Vee/02 DARRELL RHODES-Lou Lou/03 ART ADAMS-Rock Crazy Baby/04 JIMMY EDWARDS-Love Bug Crawl/05 PAT FERGUSON-Fool I Am/06 BOB LUMAN-Red Hot/07 PHANTOM-Love Me/08 KIP TYLER-She's My Witch/09 TOMMY BLAKE-Lordy Hoody/10 THE STRING KINGS-Bloodshot/11 JACKIE DESHANNON-Trouble/12 RONNIE PEERSON-Hot Shot/13 PAT CUPP-Long Gone Daddy/14 STEVE CARL-Curfew/15 CARL PERKINS-Put Your Cat Clothes On/16 SONNY FISHER-Pink and Black/17 ROY ORBISON-Domino/18 HANK MIZELl-Jungle Rock/19 WARREN SMITH-Ubangi Stomp/20 HASIL ADAMS-Chicken Walk/21 FAT DADDY HOLMES-Chicken Rock/22 BOB & LUCILLE-Eeny Meeny MIny Moe/23 BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL-Shirley Lee/24 GENE VINCENT-Woman Love/25 ELVIS PRESLEY-One Night of Sin

DISC 3-01 CARL PERKINS-Blue Suede Shoes/02 JOE CLAY-Duck Tail/03 TOM TALL-Stack-A-Records/04 JEFF DANIELS-Daddy O Rock/05 BOYD BENNETT-Move/06 VINCE TAYLOR-Brand New Cadillac/07 KIP TYLER-Rumble Rock/08 LARRY TERRY-Hep Cat/09 PEANUTS WILSON-Cast Iron Arm/10 JEFF DANIELS-Switch Blade Sam/11 BOBBY & TERRY CARAWAY-Ballin' Keen/12 SONNY WEST-Sweet Rockin Baby/13 JOHNNY CASH-Get Rythem/14 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Rock Billy Boogie/15 THE ROCKIN R'S-Crazy Baby/16 DALE HAWKINS-Susie-Q/17 MAYLON HUMPHRIES-Worried About You Baby/18 THE PHAENTONS-I Love My Baby/19 ROY HAWES-Come On Little Mama/20 THE COLLINS KIDS-Whistle Bait/21 BENNY JOY-Spin the Bottle/22 DORSEY BURNETTE-Bertha Lou/23 JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN-Real Gone Daddy/24 HAL CURTIS-My Pink Cadillac/25 CURTIS GORDON-Draggin

DISC 4-01 RONNIE DEE-Action Packed/02 JOHNNY KIDD AND THE PIRATES-Shakin All Over/03 RONNIE HAWKINS-Who Do You Love/04 EDDIE COCHRANE-Summertime Blues/05 JACK SCOTT-The Way I Walk/06 JOHNNY CAROLL-Wild Wild Women/07 RIC CARTEY-Ooooh Eeeeh/08 JOHN KIRBY-Get Hot Or Go Home/09 TOMMY BELL-Swamp Girl/10 JIMMY WAGES-Miss Pearl/11 THE COLLINS KIDS-Mercy/12 EDWIN BRUCE-Rock Boppin Baby/13 EDDIE BOYD-Rockin Daddy/14 THUMPER JONES-Rock It/15 CORKY JONES-Rythem and Booze/16 BILLY LEE RILEY-Flying Saucers Rock N Roll/17 BENNY CLIFF TRIO-Shake Em Up Rock/18 JESSE JAMES-Red Hot Rockin Blues/19 JANIS MARTIN-Bang Bang/20 CHARLIE FEATHERS-One Hand Loose/21 JERRY LEE LEWIS-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/22 WANDA JACKSON-Fujiyama Mama/23 JIMMY LLOYD-I Got a Rocket In My Pocket/24 DON WADE-Oh Love/25 GENE SUMMERS-School of Rock N Roll/26 ELROY DIETZEL-Rock-N-Bones

So whattya think? I had a lot of fun with this one myself, really, it kicks serious ass.....hope you think so as well!

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