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A sort of odd comp, dedicated to Scott Andridge, the ultimate authority!

Well, haven't heard back from ol' Scott Andridge since his intial burst of verbal brilliance, sure hope
he is alright......as tough/scary as he obviously is, no one man could do him any harm, but I guess it's POSSIBLE that he could contract some STD from all the penis measuring he seems to be so interested in doing......to each their own, I always say.

Anyways, I've been having fun with some different types of comps, which ones "work" and which ones "don't", never really thought theydeven attempt a GRUNGE comp, but here we have it......the seven disc "Grunge Is Back".......I loved the grunge scene, so excellent music came out of that period to bury hair-metal in a much easier ending that THAT horrible scene deserved (Scott Andridge: groupie/penis measurement taker for Poison or Ratt during those wretcehd 1980's!).....anway, we get no Nirvana here, (I could BURY you in Nirvana if I hed), these discs concentrate on some of the lesser knowns of the scene, which, in all honesty, is most of them.....sloppy, loud, amatuerish, and often great......hmmmmmmm, something not unlike the Seeds, I hope the sn of the drummer from The Afghan Whigs or someone doesn't decide to stalk me as well, hell they were from OHIO!

OK, you will enjoy this set I promise, maybe in the same way
you might enjoy, I don't know, a surf comp, a rockabilly comp, maybe a reggae comp......it's not REALLY a "singles" fromat, so you really have to be in the mood, but there are some fine, grungy gems here for the taking! Sound quality varies as these were NOT "official" releases, this is one of those "internet only" labours-of-love that I am so very fond of, and as always, I thank the creator for his time, his imagination, and his LOVE OF THE MUSIC and his desire to share it......I don't have his name or I'd mention it, but this is a worthwhile and unique set of important and lesser known rock n roll from the late 1980's-early 90's,which was quite an important turning point in the story of rock n roll (Personally: I thought rock n roll was ALLLLLL OVER by the early 90's......Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hole, Smahing Pumpkins and many others showed me how wrong I was, but in it's own way, the grunge movement, while not as SIGNIFICANT as the punk movement of decades earlier, was every bit as NECESSARY in order to keep REAL rock n roll out there for us lovers of the same!

So, Volume 1, what do we have here? Well, you'll know Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees and other bands, the Afghan Whigs I'm sure you know from their *****classic "Gentlemen", The Dwarves give us a couple tracks (they have been featured in a full blog post here, check the archives).....Tad were a good and now so well known band of grunge rockers, but the REAL gems are (as usual) the "who is THAT?" moments, from Gree River, The FLuid, Coffin Break, and others. You WILL know by the end of this disc whether you will adore or deplore this labor of love!

Volume 2 heads a little more for the deep end,
certainly you know the Go Team at least from their smoking live performances on KEXP, Killdozer give us "King of Sex", followed immediately by Young Fresh Fellows "My Boyfriend is In Killdozer"....Cat Butt, Thrown Ups, and Coffin Break are bands that recur throughout the set, special notice on this set for the Fastbacks and Les Thugs, with solid contributions.

The legends that are the Melvins turn  on Volume 3 with "Eye Flies", I did an extensive Melvins post at one time, doubt the links are still good but you could check if interested (and how can you NOT be intersted in the MELVINS?).....Mother Love Bone,a highly significant and important band on the scene contribute "Thru Fade Away"......not only these but fine stuff from Love Battery, Screaming Trees (I did a full post on THEM once too, again, check and see if the links are still active), the great Gas Huffer, and plenty of the "regulars" to the set, (Tad, Cat Butt, Fastbacks)......damn fine disc.

Volume 4 contributes some "Grunge de Femme", from The Lunachicks, Babes In Toyland, and a
favorite of mine, Frightwig (there stuff is hard to find but their live shows are of legend).....another good disc, as they all are in this series. Babes In Toyland, Lunachicks, and even L7 make appearances on Volume 5, also stuff you'll wanna hearf rom Flop, The U-Men, Supercharger, and Stymie, among the "regulars".

By volume 6, most of the acts are repeaters, but good material still abounds.The Lunachicks give us "Less Teeth, More Tits" (YEEES!), L7 present the great "Shove", Flop gives us the fine "I'm a Potato".......(Sorry, I just CANNOT resist this one), a cool track called "C-Word" turns up from a band called Dickless, I can find out no information on them except that their drummer might possibly have been named Scott Andridge. And, they are kinda, well, amatuerish........(just joshin ya Scott Andridge, they're CHICKS!)

Volume 7 is reaching, as sets like this have a tendency to once they reach a point......Dickless appear for a coupld of morunes, The Statics cover "Sooprize Package for Mr Mineo" which was already attacked by Supercharger on an earlier set, other than that, more tracks from The Calabros, Flop, Cat Butt, Vexed.......

You are gonna love this or hate it, I assume.....if you are something of a novice and it getse you looking into Frightwig, or Tad, or the Melvins, even, say, Screaming Trees or Afghan Whigs, it will hav served a purpose......but taken as a whole, (despite the varying sound quality) this is a good "internet only" set. Grunge was a short-termed musical phase, but a damned important one, and this is a fine package to familiarize yourself with it!

FLUID-Black Glove/03 THROWN UPS-Hot Lunch/04 DWARVES-Drug Store/05 COLD WATER FLAT-Magnetic North Pole/06 MARK LANEGAN-Ugly Sunday/07 THE WALKABOUTS-Drag This RIver/08 THEE HEADCOATEES-Girl of Matches/09 AFGAHN WHIGS-Sister Brother/10 GREEN RIVER-Swallow My Pride/11 POND-Agatha/12 TAD-Stumblin Man/13 SEAWEED-One Out of Four/14 DWARVES-Underworld/15 THE WALKABOUTS-Murdering Stone/16 COFFIN BREAK-World

VOLUME 2-01 THROWN UPS-Fleshy Web Pit/02 STYMIE-Frogs/03 MR EPP-No Rights/04 BUNDLE OF HISS-White/05 LES THUGS-Sunday Time/06 FUZZY-Flashlight/07 THE GO TEAM-Bikini Twilight/08 UNSANE-Bath/09 FIRECLOWN-Big Disease/10 MARK ARM-Masters of War/11 KILLDOZER-King of Sex/12 YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS-My Boyfriend Is In Killdozer/13 UNEARTH-Caught Up/14 COFFIN BREAK-Unearth/15 FASTBACKS-All About Nothing/16 VEXED-Ad Nauseum/17 THE U-MEN-Papa Don't Love His Children Anymore/18 CATT BUTT-Free Base

VOLUME 3-01 CAT BUTT-3 Eyes/02 MELVINS-Eye Flies/03 SKIN YARD-Start at the Top/04
THE FASTBACKS-Wrong Wrong Wrong/05 GAS HUFFER-Firebug/06 BLOOD CIRCUS-White Dress/07 MR EPP-Spooky/08 STYMIE-Willy's Gone/09  BUNDLE OF HISS-Rables/10LES THUGS-Chess & Crime/11 THROWN UPS-Person In My Bowels/12 LOVE BATTERY-Between the Eyes/13  MOTHER LOVE BONE-Thru Fade Away/14 SCREAMING TREES-Where The Twain Shall Meet/15 TAD-Nipple Belt/16 H-HOUR-Overlook/17 VEXED-Resistivity of a Highly Viscous Fluid

VOLUME 4-01 FIRECLOWN-Junkie/02 LUNACHICKS-The Passenger/03 THE U-MEN-Flea Circus/04 UNSANE-Committed/05 BABES IN TOD-Fleshcrawl/06 CAT BUTT-Born Loser/07 MORE FIENDS-Big Tea Party/08 VEXED-Sixes and Sevens/09 STP-25 Miles/10 INSIDE OUT-Blood Red/11 THROWN UPS-Sloppy Pud Love/12 MR EPP-Wild Youth On Money/13 BUNDLE OF HISS-Drown/14 STYMIE-Pretty Now/15 FRIGHTWIG-Hellway To High

VOLUME 5-01 FLOP-Act 1 Scene 1/02 STP-Hey Bastard/ 03THE CALABROS-In My Room/04
LOVE AND RESPECT-Fishy Respect/05 BABES IN TOYLAND-Arriva/06 H-HOUR-Medley Part 1/07 MORE FIENDS-Vinyl Grind/08 THE FALL OUTS-Talk/09 THE U-MEN-Too Good To Be Food/10 INSIDE OUT-Cold Sterile/11 CAT BUTT-Zombie/12 DEEP WOUND-Don't Need/13 STYMIE-Systematic Break/14 L7-Scrap/15 MR EPP-Red Brigade/16 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Dishes/17 LUNACHICKS-Cookie Monster/18 SUPERCHARGER-Sooprize Paackage For Mr Mineo/19 THE STATISTICS-Hey Hey

VOLUME 6-01 THE FALL OUTS-Sleep/02 FLOP-I'm a Potato/03 BABES IN TOYLAND-Watching Girl/04 MR EPP-Acceptance/05 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Under Ten Handicap/06 LUNACHICKS-Less Teeth More Tits/07 THE STATICS-Don't Mess With Us/08 VEXED-The Good Fight/09 DICKLESS-C-Word/10 H-HOUR-Medley Part 2/11 L7-Shove/12 THE U-MEN-Whistlin Pete/13 CAT BUTT-Maximo/14 INSIDE OUT-Seen and Not Heard/15 THE CALABROS-Problems

VOLUME 7-01 THE CALABROS-Gonna Eat Me/02 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Titleist Too/03
DICKLESS-I'm a Man (edit)/04 FLOP-The Place I Love/05 THE STATICS-Rhino Chaser/06 VEXED-I Forgot/07 THE U-MEN-A Three Year Old Could Do That/08 BABES IN TOYLAND-House/09 CAT BUTT-Sedwick/10 L7-Bloodstains/11 THE CALABROS-Stupid/12 DICKLESS-Sweet Tooth/13 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Pin High/14 THE FALL OUTS-It's a Shame/15 THE STATICS-Sooprize Package For Mr Mineo

OK, this is something I don't think we see everyday on the web.....let me know your opinions, this is a period piece to be certain, and unlike other genres I DO NOT have tons and tons of other comps of this type......as I said someone did this as a labour of  and I'm happy to keep it alive, I think it is worthwhile. Let me know if you agree. And, if you see Scott Andridge TURN AND RUN. SAVE YOURSELF. He is the toughest of the tough guys and is not to be fucked with.

Usually when i get an idiotic comment I make fun of it for a few days and let it go........dunno about this one, just TOO EASY........but I grow weary. If little penis-measurer doesn't check back in, I guess I'll have to drop it......I was looking d to inviting him to be a "guest blogger", wouldn't that have been cool?

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