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For the stoners! and praying Scott Andridge doesn't beat me up!

I have not slept a wink since the terrifying threat from Scott Andridge. Each time I hear a knock on
the door, or a telephone ring, or just footsteps behind me, I just KNOW it's him, coming to measure my penis or whatever it is he wants from me. I hope he knows he has totally ruined my life, I will live in constant fear and terror from here on out.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED SCOTT ANDRIGDGE. You are one scary, scary individual, and I am sure you are very, very TOUGH! Obvioulsy not terribly schooled in the arts of the English language, but you can't have everything. Now PLEEEEEASE leave me alone? Please? Just so my family can get some peace from your relentless reign of terror? I feel like that guy in "Cape Fear", I have no chance with such a crazed psychopath after me, wishing to, meet up with me and measure my penis.......anyway, stop, I cannot take the pressure.

Stoner comp today, FULL of unknown hard and loud type stuff. I'm farily certain that none of Scott Andridge's relatives play on any of these, ya never know, but if they do, I am sure they are the BEST performers on the set. We have seven full discs today of "Electric Magic", I cannot locate much information on it, NOR can I recall where I got it from (maybe I knocked Scott Andridge down and took it from him by force?), I suspect an "internet-only" creation, and a pretty good one......most of the obvious references are bypassed, and we have some way, way, out there stuff that stoner fans (you still out there Mark Eveleigh? Been a while!) are sure to love......let's take a sample tour:

Well, the best known names on Volume 1 are Pater Nembrot (who are great and were profiled on this blog a while ago) and Ahkmed, other great tracks come from  the likes of SEID, Fuzz Manta, and Astrid Proll, lots more too.....again, stoner rock doesn't make for the BEST comps, but this is well done, well programmed, and a must-hear set for REAL fans of the genre.

Volume 2 gives us a track from on of my all time favorite stoner bands Eternal Elysium (from Japan), also greats like Jex Toth, Black Pyramid, Hypnos 69, and Burning Saviours, fleshing it out with near-perfect selections from Magnified Eye, Earth Flight, and Danava......another very, very good disc, capped by Terraplane's bizarre and nearly 20 minute "Into the Unknown"....stoner ROCK MAAAAAAAAAAN!

No let up on Volume 3 either, Stinking Lizaveta contributes some fine sludgy-
doom "Scream of the Iron Iconoclast", happy to see Leather Nun turn up, as do Siennaroot.......if you are down with these bands, a lot of your more dabbling friends won't be, amaze them with the brilliance of some GOOD stoner rock, because there is a LOT of it here......Beehoover, Zed, JJaguar, Blowback, and lots more!

MORE great stuff on Volume four, including stoner legends the Truckfighters, also the Buffalo Killers, Stonebride, as well as sleepers such as Devil's BLood, Otis Optic & the Option People, and Enjado......honest to God, you love stoner rock? I do.....You want this. Play them all, over and over, this is a fun genre to be a huge fan of both the obvious and the obscure. Good music here, the style I've been waiting for most of my life and I am
51.......I LOVE this shit, all of it!

S'okay, Volume 5......what do now, IT leads off with a legend of the genre, one whom I have profiled, the great Radio Moscow. Toner Low is another damn good band who turns up on this disc, as well as Cojones, and the Machine......lesser knowns Highway Child and Zaphire Oktalogue do not miss a beat. I really like this set, as you may notice. If I was still smoking weed I'd roll up a days supply, put these 7 discs in back to back and stare at the ceiling all day......those were the days!

More second-line Stoner Rock Hall of Famers turn up on disc 6.....Asteroid contributes a great track, as does the legend that is Wino, we even get Seven That Spells (profiled once on this site too I believe)....even if not for those greats, we'd still have Buddah Sentnza, Giant Aquid, Sky Picnic, and Lamp of the Universe.......I have a slack day at work tomorrow and I already know what I AM GO BE DOING most of the day......involves this set and Kratom. Do the math.

So finally Volume 7 of this wonderful set, the most obscure disc of the set, no "big names" (if that is the correct
terminology), but again, the music is loud, fast, riffing, a wonderful psych/metal/graunge hybrid, Electric Moon, The Re-Stoned, Samsara Blues Experiment, Da Captain Trips and more all certainly certify their right for inclusion on this wondersome set.

OK......WHAT DO YA THINK? Stoner rock comps? I've said before they don't seem to take to the comp format that well as they do not repilacte the "radio experience" as well as other genres.....HOWEVER, I have a metric butt-tonne of them......if obscure stoner bands are your thing (obviously they are one of my "things" PLEASE let me know, and I will drag out some stoner comp that will knock your teeth out......if they aren't for you, please say so, it is UNDERSTANDABLE.....but please no matter what you say, choose your words with care or else live in constant fear, as do I, that Scott Andridge maybe that faint set of footsteps you hear behindyou in that dark alley.......his ruler all drawn and ready........

VOLUME 1-01 CORTEZ-The High Life/02 KAROSS-Shovel/03 THE SETTING SON-In a Certain Way/04 SEID-Swamp Doom/05 FUZZ MANTA-On the Edge/06 AHKMED-T=0/07 GRAVEYARD-Evil Ways/08 MOJO JAZZ MOB-Plasma Jungle/09 SKYWISE-Magic Lantern/10 THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD-Cracker/11 PATER EMBROT-E'Permesso?/12 1000 MODS-Boor/13 ASTRID PROLL-Proll 2/14 DEVILLE-Come Heavy Sleep

VOLUME 2-01 BLACK PYRAMID-Visions of Gehenna/02 DUSTER 69-Upcoming/03 DANAVA-Where Beauty and Terror Dance/04 JOSIAH-Looking at the Mountain/05 BURNING SAVIOURS-Out of SIght/06 IMOGENE-Wormwood Raindrops/07 MAGNIFIED EYE-Marooned/08 HORE-Stoners Halleluja/09 ETERNAL ELSIUM-Shadowed Flower/10 JEX TOTH-The Banishment/11 HOUSE OF AQUARIUS-Nuclear Child/12 HYPNOS 69-The Eclectic Measure/13 EARTH FLIGHT-Romance of Souls/14 APLANE-Into the Unknown

VOLUME 3-01 SIENNA ROOT-Waiting For the Sun/02 LEATHER NUN-The Process/03
BLOWBACK-Insanity/04 BEEHOOVER-Spirit & Crown/05 ZED-13th Floor/06 HOLLYWOOD CONSPIRACY...Central Point/07 OSTINATO-Antiaircraft/08 HYPNOPLOT-Into the Sun/09 END OF LEVEL BOSS-Instinktivitus/10 JET JAGUAR-Eyes of the Sphinx/11 VOODOOSHOCK-Marie's Sister's Garden/12 STINKING LIZAVETA/13 PW LONG-Worst Baby/14 THE SUBCANDIES-Dirty Names

VOLUME 4-01 DREAMING-The Other/02 THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT-Move.../03 RE ERMITANO-El Despertar/04 OTIS OPTIC & THE OPTION PEOPLE-Saints of Sound/05 BUFFALO KILLERS-If I Get Myself Anywhere/06 ENOJADO-Mammoth City/07 STARCHILD-Earthless/08 THE DEVILS BLOOD-The Heavens Cry Out.../09 HEAVY WINTER EXPERIMENTS-Solitude/10 LOST YOUTH-Hypnotized Elephant/11 TRUCKFIGHTERS-Traffic/12 WORLD BELOW- Monsers In the Closet/13 STONEBRIDE-To Flollow/14 DOORAISER-Doomraiser

VOLUME 5-01 RADIO MOSCOW-Broke Down/02 GRIFTER-Slow Boy/03 IGUANA-Broken Halleluja/04 GOOD DAY TO DIE-Crush the Skies/05 TONER LOW-Two/06 UNOR-Uncouthy ught/07 HIGHWAY CHILD-Love For Sale/08 THE MACHINE-Jam No. Phi/09 COJONES-Clearing Potion/10 THE FLYING EYES-Lay With Me/11 ZAPHIRE OKTALOGUE-Carrion Fly

VOLUME 6-01 ASTEROID-Disappear/02 THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY-Death Race Driver/03 IRATA-Infinite Eight/04 CAPTAIN DUFF-Witchdoctor/05 DRIVE BY WIRE-Clearness of Today/06 BUDDAH SENTENZA-Kehakeelteekool/07 GIANT SQUID-La Brea Tar Pits/08 SKY PICNIC-HIde and Seek/09 PYRIOR-Venom/10 MANGROVE-Electric Eye/11 WINO-Hold On Love/12 SEVEN THAT SPELLS-Quetzalcoaotal/13 LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-Freedom/14 EL HIJO DE LA AURORA-Portal A Venus

VOLUME 7-01 ORCHID-Eastern Woman/02 DA CAPTAIN TRIPS-Down These Gray Clouds/03
DEXTER JONES' CIRCUS ORCHESTRA-Little Man/4 POOBAH-Live Tork/05 SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT-Center of the Sun/06 URAN-Voice of Uran/07 SIDEBURN-Shining/08 ELECTRIC MOON-Gefahrliche Planetengirls/09 MIDRYASI-Lize/10 THE RE-STONED-Electric Stone/11 SEAMOUNT-The Ancient/12 SARDONIS-Nerdo D'Avolo

This is a magnificent set......one of the best of all stoner comps, as I said, I THINK it is an "internet creation", it has the smell of one, which is in general a GOOD thing (that old "Labor of love" thing)......if you are a stoner fan, there is enough stuff here that should be new to you......if not, this is a phenominal introduction to the sounds that make up this wonderful and underappreciated genre of the 00's and  10's........"Stoner Rock", in some form, has been around forever, we just decided in the past few years to begin calling it that! But it is worthy, a fine sound and some damn good practicionaires......this is a fine set and it is important that you give me feedback, because if there is a demand for it I have many other fine sets that you will enjoy.....on the other hand, as I've said many times , some genres (notably THIS ONE) just don't translate well to comp, it really needs to be a "singles-based" medium to work REALLY well......but I love this, and I have a few other sets that are just as good better.......If I am still among the living tomorrow (ie the too-tough for words Scott Andridge doesn't track me down and measure my penis or something), I'll guage the reactionbe some more of this, and maybe something else! Peace All!

Where have you gone Mark Eveliegh, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you! (woo-woo-woo!)

I ad to work late Wedensday evenin tus trowin my timing of for posting......trying to fullfill my post/day pledge, just taking  abit longer to get the links up......bear with me. And by all means, BEWARE of Scoo Andridge, the guy is NO JOKE. I have never been so frightened n my life as I have been in these last few days, I have no idea what I am going to do......but don't YOU fall in the same trap. DO NOT say that the Seeds were anything short of Beethoven-esque, in particular that magnificent drummer who begat the world's roughest, toughest, scariest hombre, SCOTT ANDRIDGE.......after he "meets up" with ME (and measures my penis, or whatever his intent, it never really was made all that clear) he COULD BE COMING FOR YOU if you don't heap praises on the drumming on the Seeds albums. Brrrrrrrrr, that is one terrifying indivdual......Ted Bundy......Charles Manson.....John Wayne Gacy.....Saddam Hussein......and scariest of them all, Scott Andridge. If you see him coming TURN AND RUN, it is your only hope!

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