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The "Best" Kittie post, ever

Kittie were a strange band to be certain. HEY, YOU think this shit is EASY? Keeping it REAL and
FRESH on  a daily basis? I invite you to try it yourself....I fucking enjoyed some of Kittie's early work.....they were basically a bunch of untalented, or semi-talented teenage girls, attempting to play some punk/grunge/metal.....and I ask ya, what better use COULD BE MADE of semi-talented teenage girls? Basically they were the playpen of Morgan Lander and Mercedes Lander, with various other revolving door type members over the years. As they were underage whilst at their peak, "Clever" comments by myself will be off limits.....one of the funniest things I personally recall about them was that their parents had to drive them to shows.....

OK, not great, not going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame or anything, and who gives three shits? Their first album "Spit" is the fucking bomb, with way cool songs such as "Do You Think I'm a Whore", "Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)", and in particular "Brackish", likely their best moment. My version of the disc tracks on some bonus tracks, some live versions and the wondersome-great rap (!) single, "Da Shit Ya Can'Fuck Wit' "......worthwhile every day of the week.

Unfortunatley.....well, the rest of these albums do
not measure up to "Spit", nor do the come close......I will include them here, as I like the girls, and perhaps they have a fanatical following up north or something, but, the remainder of their career, is well, ehhhh.

Album #2 ("Oracle") includes reasonable efforts such as the title track and thier goodball cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" (also a couple live bonus tracks here too, am i not THE most generous?), Album #3("Until the End") shows gals really "trying a little too hard", it's a listenable disc (check "Pussy Sugar" and "Career Suicide") but, by now, they were pretty much ignored/forgotten which is about where they SHOULD HAVE been, for my  money.....

And still, onward they tredged....."In the Black" continues the format, thin attemptbe "shocking"  such as "Ready Aim Riot" and "My Plague", their fifth album "Funeral for Yesterday" is really fairly decent, but,  talk about the
thrill being gone daddy gone.And, yet, a SIXTH disc in 2011 which I don't beleive I've ever heard anything from but will include for you, just  case you are a life-long "Kittie-Fanatic" (it's Called "I've Failed You",,,,hell gals you haven't failed ME not even a little bit...I wish MY 16 year old would grab the world by the horns and create some kind of rock n roll that becomes a cult favorite at some point......gals, trust me, ya done just fine, while not "great" you were hardly the fuckin Spice Girls
either......really, all things considered, a respectable run, and had they ever managed to locate a respectable vocalist, this was a band that I honestly think could have been a
motherfucker....JMO).......a deservedly forgotten band that no question had a moment or two though. Let me Know what ya think?!?

SPIT-01 Spit/02 Carlotte/03 Paperdoll/04 Suck/05 Do You Think I'm a Whore/06 Brackish/07 Jonny/08 Trippin/10 Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)/11 Choke/12 Immortal/13 Da Shit You Can't Fuck Wit'/14 Brackish (Live)/15 Charlotte (Live)/16 Spit (live)/17 Suck (Live)

ORACLE-01 Oracle/02 Mouthful of Poison/03 In Winter/04 Severed/05 Run Like Hell/06 Pain/07 Wolves/08 What I Always Wanted/09 Safe/10 No Name/11 Pink Lemonade/12 Mouthful of Poison (Live)/13 Pain (Live)

UNTIL THE END-01 Look So Pretty/02 Career Suicide/03 Until the End/04 Red Flag/05 Pussy Sugar/06 In Dreams/07 Into the Darkness/08 Burning Bridges/09 Loveless/10 Daughters Down/11 Into the Darkness (Vocal REmix)

IN THE BLACK-01 Kingdom Come/02 My
Plague/03 Cut Throat/04 Die My Darling/05 Sorrow I Know/06 Forgive and Forget/07  Now Or Never/08 Falling Down/09 Sleepwalking/10 Whiskey Love Song/11 Ready Aim Riot/12 The Truth

FUNERAL FOR YESTERDAY-01 Funeral For Yesterday/02 Breathe/03 Everything That Could Have Been/04 Slow Motion/05 Will To Live/06 Never Again/07 Sweet Destruction Inside/08 Summer Dies/09 Flower of Flesh and Blood/10 Around Your Heart/11 This Too Shall Pass/12 Last Goodbye/13 Witch Hunt /14 The Change

I'VE FAILED YOU-01 I've Failed You/02 We Are The Lamb/03 Whisper of Death/04 What Have I Done/05 Empires (part 1)/06 Empires (part 2)/07 Come Undone/08 Already Dead/09 Neer Come Home/10 Ugly/11 Time Never Heals

ALWAYS lookiing to shake some shit up, that would be me.....I bet a LOT of ya think this post
sucks, so be it......I thought "Spit" was a pretty good album though, so why not......wonder what these babes are looking like today now that they are all like legal and shit? Personally I found them fairly original and fairly listenable, teenage girl metal/grunge/nu rock, what is not to love? Basically a "period piece" which for whatever reason never caught the imaginations of the public......but by all means, check out "Brackish" (for that matter MOST of the "Spit" album, and the thoroughly goofy non-LP single "Da Shit Ya Can't Fuck Wit'", hilarious and perhaps their fines moment! Opinions please, hard to be forgotten as quickly as these yopung ladies were, at least seemingly to me!

Hope all of them are doing well in this ugly adult world that they now must inhabit!......From the attached photos, my opinion is that I'd do each and every one of them without giving it a thought, and they look freaky enough to me that they might just offer up more than one at a time, if ya get what I'm saying.......OH ya gotta love it when the hottie youngun's turn "legal", it's like a fucking butterfly coming out of a gdamn cocoon!

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