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Haven't done a COMP in a while.....

GOD I am so witty, sometimes I amaze even myself.....see, other than the last couple days Stooges
posts ALL I HAVE DONE are comps since.....oh, you don't care? Me either for that matter. This is one ass-kicking comp, kind of/sort of rare, I guess, from the good people at "People Like U" records, "Where the Bad Boys Rock".....this is five discs of basically, ROCK N ROLL......I wouldn't want to try to pigeonhole it TOO much, there's some stoner, some post-punk, some good old metal trash......REALLY a good, hard-rocking set, five discs in all, I wonder how much attention this will even recieve as it really doesn't hit a niche too hard like a psych or punk comp,as I've said, this kind of thing (non-commercial/non-radio friendly stuff) doesn't generally transform to compilation format especially well....BUT this is SO good, though, recommended uses: all night driving, rainy weekend alcohol binge, you get the idea.

Volume 1 starts off with a great band which I have profiled on this site before, Awesome Machine, checking in with the ass-kicking "Supernova". Now, this disc is loaded with great bands that many of you probably know, such as the immortal Eternal Elysium, Mushroom River Band, Solace, Nebula, Blind Dog.....PLENTY of folks that hard rock n roll fans are hip to, the clincher is the SCORES (there are 25 tracks here after all, so there are no 20-minute drum solos or anything to slow things down!).....don't know about you, but if it weren't for this set I'd personally never heard of The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Aerobitch, Mantaray KD, and Zebulon, among others....just hard, fast, loud, total ass-kicking rock n roll, and what the FUCK is wrong with that?

Volume 2 (the only 2 disc volume of the series) attempts to drop some of the stoner groove and punk
things up a bit, if you are a longtime follower of this blog of course you know Texas Teri (unquestionably "BAD",JUST AS unquiestionably NOT a "BOY"!) other than that, the names aren't terribly familiar, but the tracks do kick ass. The Revolvers wonderful "No Clash Reunion". The Frankenstein Drag Queens, Daybreak Boys, and the Bones turn up as repeaters from Volume 1, and some lesser-knowns as V8 Wankers, 69-Hard, Trash Can Darlings, and Sixes and Sevens all provide pleasantly surprising rockers.

Best known performer from Volume 3 is Demented Are Go, other than that, we get a bunch more strangers and they are mostly welcome: Kings Of Nuthin, The Ashers, Angel City Outcasts, and Brain Failures. Volume 4 is perhaps the best as it treats us to a bunch of otherwise unavailable tracks, including but limited to Peter Pan Speedrock, Creepshow, Adicts, and Kings of Nuthin, also some pretty good stuff from Mad Marge & the Stonecutters, Far From Finished, The Broilers, and Black Halo.

These were released late in the decade of the
00's.....again, I am unsure how much attention they will garner, I like them quite a bit, but I am just a sucker for loud/hard/fast,ile many folks prefer a tighter genre limit. I DO recommend these, in particular Volumes 1 and 4, but I really enjoy them all......I thank the label for doing a pretty damn good job of compiling these, I for one really like them, judging from the rather complete lack of information available about the releases, I don't think they were probably terribly successful, but take it from one who knows, this is some fucking bomb shit.

VOLUME 1-01 AWESOME MACHINE-Supernova/02 THE KING CLOUD-Sunride/03 THE BONES-Cheap to Keep/04 MACHINEGUN-I Got a Right/05 ZEBULON-Tempo Gigante/06 SOLACE-Whistle Pig/07 ROCK N ROLL OUTLAW-Shoot Em Down/08 CALAMUS-In Between/09 THE FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM  PLANET 13-Bride of Frankenstein/10 THE GENERATORS-All Night/11 ETERNAL ELYSIUM-Stone Wedge/12 THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND-A Sad Story/13 THE RAYMAN-Adam & Evil/14 SMOOTH & GREEDY-Saturday Night Partys/15 THE SPITTS-Wilddog/16 RED AIM-Lumo Law (Low Lighter Law)/17 ABDULLAH-Conundrum/18
AEROBITCH-This Situation/19 MANTARAY K-D-High Times/20 THE DAYBREAK BOYS-Another Day/21 SARTANA-Prisoner/22 LOWRIDER-Caravan/23 SPIRIT CARAVAN-Burnin In/24 NEBULA-Anything From You/25 BLIND DOG-When I'm Finally Gone

VOLUME 2 DISC 1-01 VARIOUS-Intro/02 MAD SIN-Rock Against Ass/03 DAMNATION-Spell On Me/04 THE SPITTS-That's My Girl/05 69-HARD-Gone, Gone, Gone/06 THE DISCONTENT-Let's Rock N ROll/07 THE REVOLVERS-No Clash Reunion/08 AMERICAN HEARTBREAK-Nobody Likes Me/09 THE BONES-Dead and Gone/10 SARTANA-24 Hours Hell/11 V8 WANKERS-Detroit Steel/12 ADAM WEST-Deuce/13 THE GENERATORS-Tranquilized/14 ACCIDENTS-Wild Little Kiddie/15 RICKSHAW-Last Man Standing/16 DISCO VOLANTE-Ol' Dirty Pike/17 THE HEARTACHES-Safe and Sound

DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13-Planet of the Apes/03 TEXAS TERI-Never Shut Up/04 THE FORGOTTEN-RRD/05 SQUAD 21-Millionaire/06 VENEREA-Make Me Stay/07 SIXES & SEVENS-Rock N Roll Pride/08 SWINDLE A GO GO-Leavin Kariokee City/09 BLOODJUNKIES-This Cursed Place/10 TRASH CAN DARLINGS-So Whore/11 THE SPOOK-Skulls/12 DUANE PETERS (feat. PASCAL BRIGGS)-Suicide Child/13 THE METEORS-U Ain' Right/14 CELTIC BONES-Wild At Heart/15 THE DAYBREAK BOYS-Days Go By/16 JOE COFFEE-Stink of Love/17 VARIOUS-Outro

VOLUME 3-01 KINGS OF NUTHIN-Over the Counter Culture/02 MAD SIN-Not Invited/03 THE GENERATORS-10 Days Away/04 BRAIN FAILURE-That's What I Know/05 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Another Generation/06 THE BONES-Psycho Dad/07 THREE BAD JACKS-Thrill Me/08 HEARTBREAK ENGINES-Built My Hate Around/09 DEADLINE-Out of Luck/10 DEMENTED ARE GO-Hotrod Vampires/11 DIE HUNNS-The Truth/12 CHARLEY HORSE-Bad Ass Day/13 2nd DISTRICT-19TH SOLDIER/14 THE BLACK HALOS-Last Call At the Toothless/15 THE GRIT-Fear and Consumption/16 US BOMBS-We are the People/17 THE DEEP EYNDE-Devil Child/18 THE METEORS-When Darkness Falls/19 ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS-Keep On/20 SCHLEPROCK-Suburbia/21 BORN TO LOOSE-The Fallen/22 ADAM WEST-Power to the People

VOLUME 4-01 THE ADICTS-Viva Le Revolution (re-recording)/02 ADLINE-We are Not
American/03 BROILERS-Geboren Zu Gewinnen/04 CHIP HANNA & THE BERLIN THREE-Wasting My Time/05 P PAUL FRENCH-That's Mean of You Baby/06 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Onec Were Warriors/07 DEADLY SINS-Grey Skies Turn (Previously Unreleased)/08 FAR FROM FINISHED-Roses and Razorblades/09 MAD MARGE & THE STONECUTTERS-Liberation/10 THE KINGS OF NUTHIN-Shitsville USA (Previously Unreleased)/11 THE METEORS-We Wanna Wreck Here/12 THE HEARTBREAK ENGINES-Gunwitch/13 THE GRIT-Surrender/14 THE GENERATORS-Point of No Return/15 FRONTKICK-Like Father Like Son/16 THE PEACOCKS-I'd Rather Be Alone/17 THEE MERRY WIDOWS-I Want Them Dead/18 WHISKEY REBELS-To Be Poor Is a Crime/19 ASHERS-It's Now so Clear (Previously Unrelased)/20 BORN TO LOSE-Old Number Six (Previously Unreleased)/21 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-(Hangin' With the) Wrong Crowd/22 THE CREEPSHOW-Run For Your Life (Previously Unreleased)/23 DEEP EYNDE-We Don't Care about You/24 THE BLACK HALOS-Love and War/25 MAD SIN-Viva Le Rock

PLEASE give this magnificent set a shot......I realize it's not what I generally consider a good, listenable comp (it is the exception), this is loud, fast, hard rock n roll, expertly prorammed and sequenced, fabulous sound quality......give it a shot and I doubt ANYONE will be disappointed! It's simply a damn good set of ROCK N ROLL, after all, isn't that what we are all here for anyway?

See ya tomorrow with???????????????????????????????????

(Proof positive that Texas Teri is NO "BOY", "Bad" or otherwise"!

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