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I Luckily Got the Boot!

OK, I truly AM going to wrap this up for now, not that I don't have a BUNCH more, but I am starting
to get a bit bored with it, and there are some other things I feel like doing. I'll be back with more of the punk/new wave stuff when I get back in that mood, what I am doing tomorrow, right now, I have no clue.....anyway, the set I'm going to use to wrap up this round is one my younger brother used to play all the time.....personally, at the time, at least wasn't a huge fan of the West Coast hard-core sound, but the kind of all comps of that genre I think would be the "Rodney on the ROQ" series, from the "glory days" of Rodney Bingenheimer's radio show of the same name on KROQ radio......for all I know he might still be on the air, but don't care all that much......evidently he "broke" tons and tons of bands, so he is somewhat heroic to lovers of hearing ANYTHING DIFFERENT on the radio, which, I'd hope, would include all of "US"......

That being said, I have a personal prejudice against this set, because my damned brother used to play it SO FUCKING MUCH. It has some good, wild inclusions that you have most likely not heard if you are not familiar with the series......but GOD did he HAVE to play it SO much? I know this shit by heart, especially Volume 1 (Grrrrrrrrrr) which I could probably recite. Anyway, my early years hould not deprive YOU of hearing what I think are now relatively forgotten and moderately rare discs, so here we go......to the best of my knowledge there are but three volumes, if I am wrong, please correct me.

Something WAY different tomorrow, truly hope
you've enjoyed the last week or so's punk-o-rama, I have, remindng me, after all of some damn good years......but I AM starting to tire of it, and I really wish to do somthing else......if there's anything you want to see/hear, just please let me know and I'll see what I can do........

Volume 1 of "Rodney On the Roq" contains some really great shit, the fact that I hate it because of my brother's overplaying of it shuld mean nothing to ......after an introduction from Brooke Shields (!), we get legit players such as Agent Orange, The Circle Jerks (killer version of "Wild in the Streets"), Black Flag, and the Adolescents, some lesser-known good ones from David Microwave, El Klan, and UXA, and my surprising favorite on the album "The Outback" by Rik L Rik, a fairly unknown "classic" if that is the word for which I search.

Volume 2 gives us some more Agent Orange and Black Flag
("Rise Above", which of course was featured in an episode of one of television's greatest (and most mistreated/abused) shows "Freaks and Geeks"......we also get the Minutemen, Redd Kross, the Red Rockers, and Social Distortion, and, again, some not-so-common stuff from Unit 3 With Venus, Geza X, and Gleaming Spires with the way-cool "Are You Ready For the Sex Girls?"

I really didn't even know there WAS a Volume 3 until a few years ago, found it on the web somewhere......The Bangles I know, and Unit 3 with Venus I know from Volume 2, everyone else here is pretty much unknown to me other than from here......Ill Repute, Rudi, Gayle Welch, Pariah, Kent State......worthwhile as a curiosity.

If there are further volumes I am unaware of
them.......if you know of them, please let me know, I'm sure I'll listen to them once and my brother will probably wet himself (well, he does that all the time anyway)

VOLUME 1-01 BROOKE SHIELDS-Introduction/02 AGENT ORANGE-BLoodstains/03 THE ADOLESCENTS-Amoeba/04 CIRCLE JERKS-Wild In the Streets/05 UXA-Tragedies/06 EL KLAN-Pushin Too Hard/07 BLACK FLAG-No Values/08 RIK L RIK-The Outback/09 CROWD-Right TIme/10 DAVID MICROWAVE-I Don't Want To Hold You/11 THE NUNS-Wild/12 FENDER BENDERS-Furry Friend/13 VIDIOTS-Laurie's Lament/14 THE SIMPLETONS-TV Love/15 NEW YORK-Surprise

VOLUME 2-01 TARGET 13-Rodney on the ROQ/02 SOCIAL DISTORTION-1945/03 SHATTERED FAITH-Right Is Right/04 BLACK FLAG-Rise Above/05 MINUTEMEN-Search/06 REDD KROSS-Burnout/07 CHANNEL THREE-You Lie/08 AGENT ORANGE-Mr. Moto/09 RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes/10 UNIT 3 WITH VENUS-B.O.Y.S./11 STEPMOTHERS-Where Is the Dream/12 GLEAMING SPIRES-Are You Ready For the Sex Girls/13 LITTLE GIRLS-Earthquake Song/14 LLEVI & THE ROCKATS-Room To Rock/15 TWISTED ROOTS-Snaked/16 GEZA X-e Need More Power

VOLUME 3-01 KENT STATE-Radio Moscow/02 ILL REPUTE-Clean Cut American Kid/03 JFA-
Preppy/04 CH 3-Seperate Peace/05 CATCH 22-Stop the Cycle/06 PARIAH-Up To Us/07 RED SCARE-Streetlife/08 NO CRISIS-She's Into the Scene/09 RUDI-Crimson/10 UNIT 3 WITH VENUS-Pajama Party/11 THE BANGLES-Bitchen Summer (Speedway)/12 ACTION NOW-Try/13 THE SIGNALS-Gotta Let Go/14 GAYLE WELCH-Day Of Age/15 DAVID HINES-Land of 1000 Dances

Comments, requests, praises, hatred, all of it is more than welcome.......even complaints, because I enjoy making those who make them appear foolish (not that they generally NEED my help!)

And by the way, I have decided on tomorrow/Monday's subject matter (a two-parter). Not going to tell ya what it is just yet but it is totally BAD ASS and you will NOT wish to miss it, guarenteed!

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