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I Worked There for a week, once.....

I had this thing all written and ready (it was a ten-disc set, more new wave than punk) called "The
Spirit of 1977", had some of the most bizarre choices on it for a set with that title that you could imagine-THE BREEDERS? L7? ROBERT FUCKING FRIPP? Anyway, there was some really good shit on it too, but two of the discs were cracked and I wound up aborting. Going to replace with a couple smaller sets before wrapping this up tomorrow.....these are much more enjoyable from a "listening" standpoint anyway, play loud.

First we have the 2-"Faster and Louder-Hard Core Punk".....lives up to it's name for the most part, the Dead Kennedy's "Holiday In Cambodia" is the only ringer here, we get the Bad Brains superlative "Pay to Cum", "One Down Three to Go" (about the Beatles, actually needs an update since GH's passing I guess) from the Meatmen. There's any early Husker Du track ("Statues") which shows off their punk roots (before they became great actually). Lots of stuff you'll love here this is NOT "new wave" shit......The Dicks, Suicidal Tendencies, Angry Samoans, The Urinals.....face it most of these DON'T turn up on most of the comps of this type.

Volume 2 brings us more of the same....couple
layups ("12xu" by Wire, The Germs "Lexicon Devil", Agent Orange, X), but how many comps include GG Alin & the Scumfucks? Also here are the criminally overlooked/under appreciated Naked Raygun, Subhumans, Zero Boys, and another early Husker Du track.......personally I'd program this as a single disc and eliminate the oft-repeated stuff, but I think it's my duty to present it as it was "intended" to be heard originally.

Anyways, here's a weird disc "Trash! The Roots of Punk".......opening with "Personality Crisis" by the New York Dolls and closing with "Search and Destroy" by the Stooges, you'd think they were going for the easy and the obvious......nope. you get unknowns such as Hollywood Brats, Jook, Hammersmith Gorillas, and Count Bishops, as well as some great tunes of questionable punk lineage.....Mott the Hoople's "Thunderbuck Ram" for example, I thik, tends to forsee 1970's heavy metal MUCH more so than punk, the same could be said for "Motorhead" by Hawkwind......The Groundhogs (a favorite of mine) were pretty far removed from the punk scene as well, and CAN?!?! Anyway there is some decent stuff on this, it IS worthwhile.

And just for fun, let's toss up "Punks On Drugs!", just what it sounds like, a bunch of punk bands
doing drug songs.....Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers are featured prominently (imagine the odds), and of course the Dolls "Pills" is here, but there are some unusual selections....."I Like Drugs" by the Simpletons, Family Fodder's "My Baby Takes Valium", "Smoke (Skin Up For Jesus)" from Creaming Jesus, live tracks from the Only Ones and the Slits, this is a MOST interesting and fairly rare set, enjoy.

Again, sorry about "Spirit of 1977" not meant to be I guess, I was listening to some of it today, it has some cool new wave stuff, I really wanted to post it because I wanted so badly to make fun of the programming, but putting up only 8 out of 10 discs after not putting up all of the "Killed by Death" discs.....nah.

One more set tomorrow, and then on to something else I guess.

KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/02 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/03 CIRCLE JERKS-World Up My Ass/04 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-I Saw Your Mommy/
05 THE DICKS-Dicks Hate the Police/06 ANGRY SAMOANS-Lights Out/07 THE MEATMEN-One Down Three To Go/08 SSD-Get It Away/09 REDD KROSS-Linda Blair/10 WORLD WAR 3-DOA/11 REALLY RED-Modern Needs/12 THE STAINS-John Wayne Was a Nazi/13 GOVERNEMENT ISSUE-Fun and Games/ 14 MISSION OF BURMA-That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate/15 HUSKER DU-Statues/16 THE URINALS-I'm a Bug/17 BOB B SOX & THE BLUE JEANS-Scavenger of Death

FASTER & LOUDER DISC 2-01 THE ZERO BOYS-Civilizations Dying/02 HUSKER DU-In a Free Land/03 WIRE-12xu/04 SUBHUMANS-Firing Squad/05 THE GERMS-Lexicon Devil/06 FEAR-I Love Livin' In the City/07 X-We're Desperate/08 AGENT ORANGE-Bloodstains/09 NEGATIVE APPROACH-Nothing/10 NAKED RAYGUN-Rat Patrol/11 THE DILS-You're Not Blank/12 STRANGLEHOLD-She's Not Leavin'/13 THE WIPERS-Romeo/14 DYS-Wolfpack/15 BLACK MARKET BABY-Potential Suicide/16 GG ALLIN-You Hate Me and I Hate You (Public Animal No. 1)/17 CHANNEL 3-Fear of Life

Calling All Destroyers/03 HOLLYWOOD BRATS-Sick On You/04 JOOK-Watch Your Step/05 COUNT BISHOPS-Teenage Letter/06 THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS-Gatecrasher/07 KILBURN & THE HIGH ROADS-Rough Kids/08 DR FEELGOOD-Riot In Cell Block No. 9/09 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-96 Tears/10 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Thunderbuck Ram/11 HAWKWIND-Motorhead/12 CAN-Mushroom/13 BE BOP DELUXE-Sound Track/14 THE GROUNDHOGS-Cherry Red/15 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Search and Destroy

PUNKS ON DRUGS!-01 THE NEW YORK DOLLS-Pills/02 URBAN DOGS-Cocaine/03 JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS-Chinese Rocks/04 FALLEN ANGELS-Amphetamine Blue/05 THE SIMPLETONS-I Like Drugs/06 CHRON GEN-LSD/07 FAMILY FODDER-My Baby Takes Valium/08 JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS-One Track Mind/09 URBAN DOGS-Speed Kills/10 UK SUBS-Killing Time/11 CREAMING JESUS-Smoke (Skin Up For Jesus)/12 EATER-Waiting For My Man/13 THE HEROES-Too Much Junkie Business/14 THE ADICTS-Get Adicted/15 UK SUBS-DF 118/16 BROKEN BONES-Secret Agent/17 ACTION PACT-Suicide Bag/18 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-The Mess/19 THE SLITS-New Town (live)/20 THE ONLY ONES-The Beast (live)

Been a rough week for the psych comp fans I guess, hope they didn't abandon me forever.....I have
tons of more stuff in all genres for sharing, as you will see! Stick around, at least I hope so!

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