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The Kills Complete B Sides

Always LOVED The Kills, a great band of the 00's......great band....anyway, I think this is kind of a
rarity, not sure I even found the correct track listing.....if I did, though, cool, this is (I think) an I Tunes special collection.....I dona't much recall seeing it much, hope it is a rarity......if not, it's got some damn fine icy-cold Kills killers on it! Enjoy this rocks......if the track list is wrong, let me know, it was HARD to locate!


01 Dropout Boogie
02 Gum
03 Kiss The Wrong Side
04 Jewel Thief
05 Sugar Baby
06 Run Home Slow
07 Baby's Eyes
08 Restaurant Blouse
09 Superpowerless
10 Hit Me When U-1-2 (XFM Session)
11 Love Is A Deserter (XFM Session)
12 Passion Is Accurate


01 Magazine
02 Night Train
03 I Call It Art
04 The Void
05 Half Of Us
06 The Search For Cherry Red
07 London Hates You
08 Kissy Kissy (iTunes Sessions)
09 Sour Cherry (iTunes Sessions)
10 Pull a U (iTunes Sessions)
11 Getting Down (iTunes Sessions)
12 Crazy (iTunes Sessions)
13 Weedkiller
14 Forty Four

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