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Future of the Left, Singles and EP's

With one single link, John N releases the key to a slew of Future of the Left singles/EP's.......I've really
enjoyed the albums so far, hope the other stuff here is as good.......thanks to John N for ALWAYS having something worth hearing....remember, all of the below in ONE link......

SINGLE 1-01 Fingers Become Thumbs/02 The Lord hates a Coward/03 The Fibre provider

SINGLE 2-01 Adeadaenemyalwayssmellsgood/02 March of the Coupon Saints

SINGLE 3-01 Manchasm/02 Suddenly It's a Folk Song/03 Sum of all Parts

SINGLE 4-01 The Hope That House Built/02 I Have Four Names

SINGLE 5-01 Stand By Your Manatee/02 Preoccupation Therapy

SINGLE 6 (EP)-01 Polymers are Forever/02 With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst/03 New Adventures/04 My Wife is Unhappy/05 Dry Hate/06 destroywhitchurch.com

SINGLE 7- (EP)-01 Chastity Drive/02 Com.man.do/03 Tell the Truth About the Brace Position

SINGLE 8- (EP)-01 The Real Meaning of Christmas/02 Future Child Embarassment Matarix/03 Johnny Borrell Afterlife/04 He is Not a Hymn/05 Hometapingiskillingsusan

SINGLE 9- (EP)-01 Prescriptions/02 Not Entirely Present/03 New Commuters/04 The Knife That Is
Not a Knife/05 Fucked Up Runners/06 Hey Precious

SINGLE 10- (EP)-01 The Male Gaze/02 Perpetual Motives/03 The Bisexuality of Distance/04 An Idiot's Idea of Ireland

SINGLE 11- (EP)-01 The Cock That Walked/02 Fireproof (Boy Vs Bison)/03 Animals Beginning With a B/04 Problem Thinker/05 There's Always Paul/06 Church and State

EP TITLES: Single 6-"Polymers Are Forever", Single 7-"At Magnetic West"/ Single 8-"Man vs. Melody"/Single 9-"Human Death"/ Single 10-"Love Songs For Our Husbands"/ Single 11-" To Failed States and Forest Clearings"

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