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Some "non-series" psych comps

Gonna have to do a few of these types of posts now and again too, as there are, believe it or not, some
actual single disc psych comps (actually I thought about the ten-disc "Green Crystal Ties" but it seemed like a bit too much work)....

OK first up, let's go with "Psychedelic Voyage-26 Tracks of Rare 1960's Psych", which in and of itself I can find next to no information on, so I guess it is something of a scarcity.....you've gotta LOVE the inclusion of Flower Travelling Band who rarely make the psych comps (I did a full post on them a while back with I think their complete works, check the archives, don't know if it's still available or not, guessing not) while they aren't exactly all that "rare", there are some pretty obscure ones here as well: Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Rugbys, Fickel Pickel, and Almond Lettuce, as well as, for good measure, some Vanilla Fudge and The Smoke, well known names for certain but good tracks nonetheless, and ANY Vanilla Fudge that isn't "Keep Me Hanging
On" (honestly you'd think that was the only song that very solid psych band ever did) is welcome.....

Next up is "Mind Blowers", again, kind of hard to find much information about this release, and really it edges over into some non-psych garage-punk, BUT there is some good and obscure psych here, The Travelling Salesmen and the Spikedrivers contribute good tracks that are rarely comped, the "find" here is a Doors rarity, "Go Insane", which is actually quite awful but exists nowhere else that I am aware of. The Id' "Boil the Kettle Mother" merits an mention too as a truly oddball track.

From DB records comes "Relics-Collector Obscurities From the First Psychedelic Era '66-'69" which,
while a little thin at 14 tracks, is quite interesting for the inclusion of Hot Dog Stand, The Eyes, The Undergroundtake on "Psychotic Reaction" and the Soulbenders interperetation of "7 and 7 Is".....Bubble Puppy makes an appearance as well, but much like the earlier mention of Vanilla Fudge, the fact that it is NOT "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" is at the very least refreshing.

Another set for which I find very little info on is "Hopelessly
Obscure 60's Psych, which, honestly, does live up to its title for the most part......best known here are Crystal Rain, other than that, The Omen and Thier Luv, N. Patrick Williams, Love Chain, and The Fourth Way, among others, appear on very few other comps that I am aware of other than this one.

And since you guys are such a wonderful audience, allow me to present yet one more tidbit today: "Journey To a Higher Key-The Best of Sitar Psychedelia Volume 1" (as far as I can determine there never was a volume 2)......this is either for you or it isn't, myself I enjoy it in small doses, (I wouldn't want to sit through the much better known and multi-disc "Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers" series, not even sure if I have it anymore) in the right frame of mind this can be amusing and entertaining.....enjoy at your own risk and please don't take it as seriously as the creators did.

Tomorrow? Something, I have as little idea as do you as to exactly what.......

PSYCHEDELIC VOYAGE-01 TAC POUM SYSTEME-Asmodia/02 THE ONES-Lady Greengrass/03 KISS INC-Hey There Mr Holy Man/04 GEE BROTHERS-Let Me Find the Sun/05 KEITH MEEHAN-Darkness In My Life/06 FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND-Satori Part 1/07 FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND-Satori Part 2/08 LEWIS AND CLARKE EXPEDITION-Blue Revelation/09 PICADILLY LINE-Yellow Rainbow/10 PETARDS-Rainbows and Butterflys/11 PETARDS-Tartarex/12 ALMOND LETTUCE-Magic Circle/13 FICKLE PICKLE-Sam and Sadie/14 KAPLAN-I Like/15 ADMIRALS-In the Promise Land/16 SHIRELLI-I'll Stay By Your Side/17 JACKUELINE TAEIB-7 AM/18 VANILLA FUDGE-Some Velvet Morning/19 SLEEPY-Loves Immortal Fire/20 BELOVED ONES-Land of Shadow/21 RUGBYS-Stay With Me/22 PIRATES-Shades of Blue/23 SHAMES-Greenburg,
Clickstein, Charles, Davies, Smith, and Jones/24 THE SMOKE-Dreams of Dreams/25 THE SMOKE-My Birth/26 POPPY FAMILY-Shadows On My Wall

Insane/03 UNDECIDED?-Make Her Cry/04 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears To the End/05 TROPICS-As Time's Gone/06 OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/07 ID-Boil the Kettle Mother/08 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Tried to Hide/09 GUILLOTEENS-Wild Child/10 BUMP-Winston Build the Bridge/11 TRAVELLING SALESMEN-Days of My Years/12 SPIKEDRIVERS-Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind/13 49TH PARALLEL-Labourer/14 MUSTARD MEN-I Love My Baby

RELICS-01 THE TRAITS-High on a Cloud/02 HOT DOG STAND-Zilch/03 THE XTREEMS-Fact of Life/04 SOULBENDERS-7 and 7 Is/05 THE BASEMENT WALL-Never Existed/06 THE EYES-I'm Rowed Out/07 THE PACK-The Color Of Our Love/08 3RD POWER-Snow/09 BUBBLE PUPPY-Beginning/10 THE EYES-When the Night Falls/11 PLASTIC CLOUD-Shadows of Your Mind/12 THE UNDERGROUND-Psychotic Reaction/13 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Hey Boy/14 PINKERTON COLORS-Strange Things

HOPELESSLY OBSCURE 60'S PSYCH-01 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Swami/02 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Blow Mind/03 ENDEL ST CLOUD-Tell Me One More Time/04 THE DAYBREAKERS-This Time, These Words/05 THE FOURTH WAY-The Far Side of Your Moon/06 THE OMEN AND THEIR LUV-Maybe Later/07 SILVER HAWKS-All I Can Do/08 THE GREGORIANS-Dilated Eyes/09 SPONTANEOUS CORRUPTION-Looking Glass of Time/10 SPONTANEOUS CORRUPTION-Freaky Girl/11 THE TREE STUMPS-Dark as Night/12 THE TREE STUMPS-Tomorrow's Sun/13 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Bad Seed/14 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Sirens of War/15 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Bearded Peddlar/16 THE GLASS HARP-Where Did the World Come From/17 THE LA FREEWAY-Freedom/18 THE NEXT OF KIN-A Lovely Song/19 THE COUNSELORS-Love Go Round/20 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/21 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me/22 THE OPERATIONS-Reincarnation/23 US TOO-Girl With the Golden Hair/24 US TOO-I'll Leave You Cryin'/25 LOVE CHAIN-Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly

STEVENS-Yorric/03 ANANDA SHANKAR-Snow Flower/04 BOBBY CALLENDER-I'm Just High On Life/05 OKKO BEKKER-Himalaya Highway/06 THE RASCALS-Sattva/07 HAND GJORT-Barshat/08 GABOR SZABO-Walking on Nails

As always comments are welcome, but not necessary.....download numbers tell the REAL story of whether or not the stuff is being appreciated.....and, thank you all, it is!

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