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A Good Compliment to the Monterey Post

Just thought of putting these up.....if ya enjoyed the Monterey set (response was pretty favorable),

here is a good companion piece, again compliments of the wonderful folks with the overstuffed vaults at U-Spaces.......

"San Franciscan Nights" gives us eight discs of may of the West Coast bands that appeared at Monetery, in some rare live performances. I can't remember where I got these, but I really don't remember seeing them all that often, this is really good stuff if you are of the mind for it.....

Disc one starts out with an intro from (yep) then-California Governor Ronald Reagan, then gives us a great set from Jefferson Airplane (Fillmore 2//4/67), good versions of the obvious ("Somebody To Love", "White Rabbit") and the not-so-obvious ("3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds", "She Has Funny Cars")

Disc two is not dedicated to one act as is disc one, the programming leaves a bit to be desired, but we get single tracks from Country Joe & the Fish, CCR, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and even the 13th Floor Elevators with a version of "Roller Coaster" from 1967 at the Avalon which I think is available on one of their other boots....otherwise the disc consists of 5 tracks from Big Brother & the Holding Company, other than "Ball and Chain" avoiding the obvious material and showing off the groups almost legendarily sloppy live chops.

Disc Three features a brief set from Mother Earth
(no idea, honestly), studio stuff from Oxford Circle and The Sons of Adam before we get to the good stuff, a set from the Matrix (no date given) by Great Society, don't know about anyone else but I've personally heard VERY little live stuff from them.

The fourth disc is dominated by The Charlatans (!), a long set from 1965, followed up with three tracks from the Grateful Dead, and capped off with one of about 75 available live versions of "NSU", a great track, always fun to hear live, and one that I really DON'T need another version of, this without question the least worthy disc in ther series.

Disc 5 gives us a surprisingly short set from a then-at-their-brief peak Moby Grape, and a longer set from Quicksilver Messenger Service....I'd have preferred more Grape myself as this was around the time (1967) as thier classic self titled debut album, but Quicksilver is at the very least interesting.

Disc 6 is totally taken up with a Matrix set from The Steve Miller Blues Band, be amazed if you are only familiar with their post 1970's pop/rock stuff.....a little heavy on the instrumental jams, but I assume, like Cream, that was their deal in concert.

And so to Disc 7. Starting off with The Daily
Flash, we then get a return engagement from Country Joe the Fish, followed by the rest of the disc being filled in with The Sons of Champlin, maybe file this one alongside disc 4 if you are picking and choosing here.

Most of Disc 8 is taken up with jams from Santana, and capped off with a couple from It's a Beautiful Day......aquired tastes both, I'd say, in different ways, but both very representative of the time/place.

Pretty good and (I think) fairly rare set here, hopefully it isn't up on some other site today like yesterday's "Gravel" posting (a lot of work by me relatively wasted, but, so it goes), I assume the fans of the Monterey set will enjoy this or at least parts of it.

Until we meet again (most likley tomorrow).......

Date and Locale given where the information is available.....

DISC 1-01 GOVERNOR RONALD REAGAN-Intro/02 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (Fillmore 2/4/67)-Somebody To Love/03 Get Together/04 Let Me In/05 This Is My Life/06 White Rabbit/07 Plastic Fantastic Lover/08 She Has Funny Cars/09 Instrumental/10 3/5th's of a Mile in 10 Seconds/11 Fat Angel

DISC 2-01 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Thought Dream/02 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Avalon Ballroom)-Ball & Chain/03 Bye Bye Baby/04 Woman Is the Loser/05 All Is Lonliness/06 Call On Me/07 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS (Avalon Ballroom 6/67)-Roller Coaster/08 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND (Avalon Ballroom Fall 1967)-Woe-Is-Uh-Me-Bop/09 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (Summer 1968)-Suzie Q

DISC 3-01 MOTHER EARTH (Winterland 9/67)-Stranger In My Hometown/02 Without Love/03
Help Me Jesus/04 OXFORD CIRCLE (Studio)-Foolish Woman/05 Mind Destruction/06 SONS OF ADAM (Studio)-Feathered Fish/07 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Commercial/08 THE GREAT SOCIETY (The Matrix)-Downhome Girl/09 Long Lost Lover/10 Like a Raven/11 Somebody To Love/12 Sure Lovin' Man/13 The Man In Black/14 Father Bruce

DISC 04-01 THE CHARLATANS (Red Dog Saloon 6/65)-When I Go Sailing By/02 (Avalon Ballroom)-Alabama Bound/03 (Studio)-Codine Blues/04 32-20/05 I Saw Her/06 The Shadow Knows/07 Long Comma Viper/08 By Hook or By Crook/09 Sidetrack (with Lynn Hughes)/10 Devil (with Lynn Hughes)/11 THE GRATEFUL DEAD (Winterland 10/7/66)-Cream Puff War/12 Schoolgirl/13 Stealin'/14 CREAM (Fillmore 8/67)-NSU

DISC 05-01 MOBY GRAPE (Avalon Ballroom 12/31/67)-Hey Grandma/02 Murder In My Heart/Jam/Aunt Jessie/03 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE (Fillmore 11/68)-Jam/Babe/04 I'm Gonna Leave You/05 Smokestack Lightning/06 Mona/Maiden of the Cancer/Calvary

DISC 06-01 STEVE MILLER BLUES BAND (The Matrix 1/27/67)-Mercury Blues/02 Superbird/03 Instrumental (Short)/04 Your Old Lady/05 Instrumental (Long)

Ballroom)-Instrumental/02 It Takes a Lot To Laugh..../03 COUNTRY JOE THE FISH W/ J CASADY, M HART, & D GETZ (Fillmore)-Flying High/04 Jam/05 THE SONS OF CHAMPLAIN (Avalon Ballroom 3/30/69 (wow, my wife turned THREE that day!) )-Blueberry Hill Intro/06 Fat City/07 Jesus Is Coming/08 Get High

DISC 08-01 SANTANA (Avalon Ballroom 3/69) Waiting/02 Treat/03 Evil Ways/04 Shades of TIme/Savor/Jingo/05 IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (Fillmore)/

Upon looking, there are MIGHT BE more volumes to this series, verifiable information is difficult with all U-Spaces sets......had no idea, don't even recall where I got the ones I DO have.....any friends up for the challenge here? This one might be tricky, let's see if we can get everyone interested the entire set here, again, I think this one may be a little tricky....actually, I'm HOPING it's only these 8 discs, but if there ARE more, bring em on!

Comments please? This is kind of a curiosity more
than something you're going to sit around listening to unless you're a fan of one of the featured bands, but to me it's a DAMN interesting period piece. What do YOU think?

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