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The (SELFISH) "Pebbles" onslaught begins.....

Selfish? Well, OK....."Pebbles" is up around 30 or so volumes, the earlier ones on Bomp and the
latter ones on some Bomp subsidiary.....I have MOST of them, but I'd like to have the complete set, AND I'd like YOU to have the complete set too, if you'd like, of course......so I'm missing, I don't know, 5-6 of them maybe? I'll note the missing ones here, and each day during the ONSLAUGHT:

I AM MISSING VOLUMES 12, 16, and 17.......best as I can tell there are 28 official volumes, there are also "Pebbles Trash Box" and some others, NOT concerned about them right now.....let's just see if we can find a copy of 12, 16, and 17, that will fill out MY set, and in the meantime of course, help yaself to any of the 25 volumes that I DO have, and, hopefully in the end we will all have a COMPLETE set
of "Pebbles" (I have the "Trash Box" sets too, we'll see if they need to be posted or not"......

OK, fairly skimpy volumes, lets try five a day for a few days....the early volumes are almost not
worth a mention if you've been following along, most EVERY track on them is going to be overlap with some of the other comps we've done, but this is a somewhat legendary set and it'd be great if we collectors/completists could have the WHOLE set if we desire so!

So, let's glimpse at the first five discs. Volume 1 contains "Action Woman" by the Litter, "Dance Franny Dance" by the Floyd Dakil Combo, Kim Fowley's "The Trip", and "Spazz" by Elastic Band, all of which have been comped beyond all relevance (not that they aren't great tunes)......The Soup Greens cover of "Like a Rolling Stone" is interesting enough, as is Positive 13 O'Clock's take on "Psychotic Reaction".....Shadows of Knight turn up in a radio spot, as well as with "Potato Chip", certainly NOT one of there more well known efforts, and of course best of all, the closer, a fine cover of "Action Woman" by, of all people, Echo & the Bunnymen, which I have never seen/heard anywhere else...

Volume 2 gives us more stuff we probably really
don't "need", The Electric Prunes radio spot is even a fairly common one, "It's Cold Outside" by the Choir, Bobby Fuller's "Wine Wine Wine", Zakary Thaks "Bad Girl" and "99th Floor" by Moving Sidewalks turn up often enough, a bit more obscure are tracks from Quid, The Avengers, Road, and Undesyded.....you know how it is, if ya want, program your own "Pebbles" with thet tracks I haven't already blessed upon you!

Volume 3 ("The Acid Gallery") features familiar stuff from the Bees, Teddy & the Patches, and Third Bardo, but does treat us to some more obscure stuff by Driving Stupid, Jefferson Handkerchief, Adjeef the Poet, and Catfish Night.....argueably the most essential disc of the set as MUCH of this stuff generally gets left off the "Acid" comps.

By Volume 4, the Bomp folks are ready to go all obscure on us, as it should be......lots of surfin' type
stuff from The Bleach Boys, Del-Vettes, Riveras, City Surfers, Ragamuffins.....very, very worthwhile. And Volume 5 features the well-comped "I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)" By Fe Fi Four Plus 2, but for the most part, this is a selection of moderate rartities, Merry Dragons, The 12 AM, The Time Stoppers, and Danny & the Counts.

OK, grab the ones ya need, or all of em, tomorrow volumes 6-10, but remember BigScott62 DOES NOT have VOLUMES 12, 16, and 17.......so be on the lookout!

VOLUME 1-01 THE LITTER-Action Woman/02 PREACHERS-Who Do You Love/03 FLOYD DAKIL COMBO-Dance Franny Dance/04 OUTCASTS-I'm In PIttsburgh (And It's Raining)/05 GRAINS OF SAND-Going Away Baby/06 JU JUS-You Treat Me Bad/07 HAUNTED-1-2-5/08 SOUP GREENS-Like a Rolling Stone/09 POSITIVE 13 O'CLOCK-Psychotic Reaction/10 KIM FOWLEY-The Trip/11 THE ELASTIC BAND-Spazz/12 SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/13 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Radio Spot/14 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Potato Chip/15 WILD KNIGHTS-Beaver Patrol/16 SPARKLES-Ain't No Friend of Mine/17 GONN-Blackout of Gretely/18 THE WEEDS-It's Your Time/19 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-Action Woman

SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/03 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/04 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Radio Spot/05 ROAD-You Rub Me the Wrong Way/06 THE LYRICS-So What/07 BUDDAHS-Lost Innocence/08 ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl/09 RANDY ALVEY & GREEN FUZ-Green Fuz/10 LITTLE BOY BLUES-I Can Only Give You Everything/11 DOVERS-She's Gone/12 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-I Must Run/13 DOVERS-What Am I Going To Do/14 THE CHOIR-It's Cold Outside/15 BOBBY FULLER-Wine Wine Wine/16 THE CHOIR-I'm Going Home/17 THE AVENGERS-Be a Caveman/18 MARK IV-Don't Want Your Lovin/19 SATAN & THE D-MEN-She'll Lie/20 UNDESYDED-Freedom of Love/21 QUID-Crazy Things

VOLUME 3-01 HIGHER ELEVATION-The Diamond Mine/02 TEDDY & THE PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/03 CHRYSTAL CHANDALIER-Suicidal Flowers/04 WILLIAM PENN V-Swami/05 JEFFERSON HANDKERCHIEF-I'm ALlergic to Flowers/06 CALICO WALL-Flight Reaction/07 HOGS-Loose Lips Sync Ships/08 DRIVING STUPID-Reality of Air/Fried Borsk/09 DRIVING STUPID-Horror Asparagus Story/10 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/11 THE BEES-Vocies Green and Purple/12 GODFREY-Let's Take a Trip/13 THE MONOCLES-Spider And The Fly/14 TC ATLANTIC-Faces/15 LEA RIDERS GROUP-Dam Kellar Oss Mods/16 RACE MARBLES-Like a Dribbling Form/17 PAINTED FACES-Anxious Colors/18 ADJEEF THE POET-Eek I'm a Freak/19 ADJEEF THE POET-Squafrech Lemon Come Back To Me/20 BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City jungle Part 1/21 CATFISH NIGHT-Deathwise/22 OSHUN-Rattle of Life

VOLUME 4-01 CALIFORNIA SUNS-Masked Grandma/02 DANTES-Top Down Time/03
PYRAMIDS-Custom Caravan/04 RIVERAS-California Sun '66/05 KNIGHTS-Hot Rod High/06 WHEEL MEN-School Is a Gas/07 SUPERSTOCKS-School Is a Drag/08 LLOYD THAXTON-Image of a Surfer/09 CITY SURFERS-Beach Ball/10 DAVE EDMUNDS-London's a Lonely Town/11 RAGAMUFFINS-The Fun We Had/12 RALLY PACKS-Move Out Little Mustang/13 REVERES-Big T/14 READYMEN-Shortnin Bread/15 BLEACH BOYS-Wine Wine WIne/16 ESQUIRES-Flashin Red/17 DEL VETTES-Ram Charger/18 GAMBLERS-LSD 25/19 BRIAN LORD-The Big Surfer

VOLUME 5-01 THE TREE-No Good Woman/02 THE PLAGUE-Go Away/03 THE MAGI-You Don't Know Me/04 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/05 THE FIVE CANADIANS-Writing On the Wall/06 THE DURTY WORDS-Why/07 MERRY DRAGONS-Universal Vagrant/08 FE FI FOUR PLUS 2-I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)/09 THE ESCAPADES-I Tell No Lies/10 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/11 THE SATYRS-Yesterdays Hero/12 LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHT SHADOWS-The Way It Used to Be/13 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Wanna Be With You/14 STATE OF MIND-Move/15 THE TIME STOPPERS-I Need Love/16 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You'll Never Be My Girl/17 THE 12 AM-The Way I Feel/18 THE SHAG-Stop and Listen/19 THE SOUND BARRIER-(My) Baby's Gone/20 THE TRAITS-High on a Cloud

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