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Diggin' For Gold 6-10

OK, I skipped yesterday for some personal reasons, here is the rest of the fine "Diggin For Gold" set,
really good and fairly obscure garage/beat/semi-punk semi-classics from around the globe......hope you enjoy the rest of em.

Well, Volume 6 rounds up a bunch of your fave non-descripts, Bean & Loopy's Lot, THe A-Cads, Rick & Sandy, and the Upsetters take on "Daddy Rolling Stone". Volume 7 brings us a few slightly more familiar names from some of the other comps (Thee Sixpence, Billy & the KIds, Moxies) and a whole bunch of othrs such as Plain Brown Wrapper and TOmmy THompson & CHP. 17

Volume 8 Features Les Mann's fairly interesting "Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut", also checking in are the Misfits ( not THOSE Misfits!), the Toreros, The Falcons more than ANY burned out 50-year old juvenile waistoid could possibly ever need.

Volume 9 features maybe the most obscure batch of bands here (truly sayng something), THe Jaggers, Crystal Revelation, Knights of the Road, and the Piggy Bank ring no immediate bells with Uncle Scott anyways......and Volume 10wraps it up with a few frequently comped acts such as The Barons, Sanz, Incorporated, Thee Sixpence, and the Tidal Waves.......certainly you have the idea by NOW!

WOW, who was that guy so long, long ago that was
pissed about the "nuggets"style posts......can't even recall his name, he was a real dick about it and I just started dragging them out. Never REALLY guessed I had THIS many, and there, yes, are more to come, and now, I may as well finish them up.....

VOLUME 6-THE DOWNBEATS-You Gotta Tell Me/02 BEAN & LOOPYS LOT-A Stitch In Time/03 THE BLUEBIRDS-Sweet Polly/04 THE DAIMLERS-Come On Closer/05 THE UPSETTERS-Daddy ROlling STone/06 MOD EAST-Angelita/07 THE A-CADS-Roadrunner/08 EVIL EYES-Mister Mystified/09 THE INTERPRETERS-Any Time/10 HET-She'll Stay/11 THE ACTS-I Guess So/12 WAYNE GIBSON & DYNMAIC SOUNDS-Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/13 MIDNATT FRYAN-Always and Ever/14 THE SANDY COAST-I Want You For My Own/15 THE DOWNBEATS-It Won't Be Easy/16 RICK & SANDY-Lost My Girl

VOLUME 7-01 THEE SIXPENCE-Long Days Care/02 DELERIUM-Never Comin Home/03 THE WONDERS-Oh Yeah/04 THE HI NOTES-Without You Darling/05 4TH STREET EXIT-Strange One/06 THE RIOTS-You're My Baby/07 THE UNTOUCHABLES-Don't Go I'm Beggin/08 PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER-You'll Pay/09 TOMMY THOMPSON & CHP #17-Beggar Man/10 BILLY & THE KIDS-When I See You/11 MYSTERIONS-Is It a Lie?/12 JAVA MEN-Just Being With You/13 THE MOXIES-Please Don't Go/14 BUSHMEN-I Need Your Lovin/15 ID-Rotten Apple/16 RON GREY-Hold Back the

VOLUME 8-01 THE FALCONS-Back Out On You/02 THE SPIRITS-So Sad/03 LES MANN-Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/04 THE DEAD-HEADS-Stupid Little Baby/05 LES CANDIDATES-I'll Go Now/06 VAT 66-Vat 66 Theme/07 THE TOREROS-Talking the Blues/08 THE NOISE-You Turn Me On/09 THE CHATLES-CHildren of Stone/10 THE MISFITS-You Really Want Me/11 LES FRAISES DES BOIS-You Better Run/12 THE CHAPTERS-Can't Stop THinking About Her/13 THE STOKE SECT-Get the Picture/14 LES FALCONS-Please Understand Me/15 THE BLACK SHARKS-Too Much In Love/16 THE WOODPECKERS-Inside Looking Out

VOLUME 9-01 THE PASTLES-Circiut Breaker/02 THE JAGGERS-Feel So Good/03 RICK LANE & THE PEOPLE-Love Me Baby/04 WILD-ONES-Please/05 THE SECOND HAND BITTERSWEET-Please Don't Go/06 CRYSTAL REVELATION-Life/07 THE INTRUDERS-That's the Way/08 THE SIRES-Don't Look Now/09 THE ABSTRACK SOUND-You're Gonna Break My Heart/10 KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-The Color of Dream/11 BLACK & THE BLUES-I'm Sad/12 THE VICARS-Love Has a Way/13 THE PIGGY BANK-Thoughts of You/14 THE CUTAWAYS-Hold Me/15 THE EMPTY STREETS-You Can Make It/16 THE BACARDIS-Don't Sell YOurself

VOLUME 10-01 THEE SIXPENCE-Heart Full of
Rain/02 THE MENACES-Till I Met You/03 THE BARONS-Time and Time Again/04 SANZ, INCORPORATED-I'm Gonna Leave You/05 THE INSITES-Nothing Is Wrong WIth Love/06 THE CHOSEN FEW-Get In On Life/07 THE JADES-I Cried/08 THE LONG ISLAND SOUND-Skid Row/09 BARRY & LIFE-Top-Less Girl/10 ONE
OF HOURS-Feel the Pain/11 ATILLA & THE HUNS-Mojo Cools/12 THE TIDAL WAVES-Lifetime/13 THE BRIKS-I'm Losing/14 THE GOODIES GALORE-Selfish Confusion/15 SONS OF SOUND-So Be It/.16 BUDDY'S BUDDIES-Tell Me What You See

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