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Ramoneskidz- A Russian Tribute to the Ramones

And while we're dealing with silly tributes, here's another of the several Ramones/comedy albums ("Ramounz", "Gabba", etc) that have dotted the landscape......no way in hell I can replicate the Russian alphabet on my computer, HOPING I can copy/paste the track list, let me see......yep, seems to have worked, see below, if you can read Russian you are officially in fat city!

1В БегаDo You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio?
2Dante.KomaHavana Affair
3Все СтволыThe Job That Ate My Brain
5P.P.SkaThe KKK Took My Baby Away
6Banana GangSomebody Put Something In My Drink
7I Am BadThe Crusher
9Коллекция ДнейСмертельный Яд (Poison Heart)
10RamonakidsI Won't Let It Happen
11Коко БрайсMain Man
12Ляпис ТрубецкойI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
13Александр Тон и КомпанияShe Talks To Rainbows
14Нулевая ПозицияGot Alot To Say
15RossomahaarCretin Family
16ПупсыStrength To Endure
17The Wanted (6)Chasing The Night
18Susan & The SurftonesChinese Rock
19Витамин РостаRock ’n’ Roll High School
20КускиMy Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
21Туалета НетPinhead
22КабзонRockaway Beach
23Литр в ЧасPsycho Therapy
24Тени СвободыI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
2517 ОборотовI Don't Care
26ФигиWe Want The Airwaves
28ШлюзSheena Is A Punk Rocker
29Тараканы!I Believe In Miracles

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