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Box of Frogs

Excited about this one, for real, you guys should like
 these as well.......used to have them, dunno what happened to em (as so often is the case).......I know I liked these albums, quite a bit in fact.....some fine rocking blues, from a group featuring assistance from (get all these), Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page, Graham Parker, Earl Slick, Jeff Beck.........well, obviously, we have some Yardbirds influence here, and whatever the hell could be wrong with that?

Thanks a ton to Zigzagwanderer for these......see, THIS is what you never know....you have some music in your stash that you haven't heard in years......BUT, someone else may have fond memories of that album, and no way to locate it......THAT is why I do what I do......I implore you to dig through that music collection and PLEASE share with the rest of us anything you think would be of interest, and THAT doesn't take much, EVERYTHING that is posted is almost always appreciated by SOMEONE. Sharing is good......and, again, that is ALL we are doing here.

Thanks Zig, you send some great shares......I hope you continue to, because YOU GET WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE, as opposed to so many who climax after deleting my links. Anyway, this is great and please try it if you are unfamiliar, it's worth your time!

Box Of Frogs .

01 - Back Where I Started.mp3
02 - Harder.mp3
03 - Another Wasted Day.mp3
04 - Love Inside You.mp3
05 - The Edge.mp3
06 - Two Steps Ahead.mp3
07 - Into The Dark.mp3
08 - Just A Boy Again.mp3
09 - Poor Boy.mp3
10 - Nine Lives.mp3
11 - X-Tracks.mp3


Strange Land .

01 - Get It While You Can.mp3
02 - You Mix Me Up.mp3
03 - Average.mp3
04 - House On Fire.mp3
05 - Hanging From The Wreckage.mp3
06 - Heart Full Of Soul.mp3
07 - Asylum.mp3
08 - Strange Land.mp3
09 - Trouble.mp3
10 - I Keep Calling.mp3


A couple of great and underappreciated hard rocking albums, trust me,you'll like these!

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