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Busted At Oz Comp

A great Chicago punk comp (1981)  sent in from John N.....there is some info attached, but let me explain one thing....there is a band with several tracks on here whose links were removed a while back. I am unsure who did it, but they will be referred to in the tracklist as "A Band Featured Here Once", so I don't have to use their name......this is a damn fine, **** compilation though!
Busted at Oz was a 1981 live compilation, released on Autumn Records. It is thought of as the definitive Chicago punk recording, the one that truly represents the scene's earliest sound. It was recorded at legendary punk club Oz on March 9,10,11 of 1981. The album is still a big hit with punk fans, as it routinely sells for over $50 on eBay. A limited (500 copies) vinyl reissue was pressed by Permanent Records in 2011.

Side One

  • A Band Featured Here Once - Bomb Shelter
  • A Band Featured Here Once- When the Screaming Stops
  • Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
  • Subverts - March Forth
  • Effigies - Quota
  • Da - Fish Shit
  • Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog
  • Silver Abuse - Pink Port Now
  • Silver Abuse - Bomb Shelter

Side Two

  • Effigies - Guns or Ballots
  • Subverts - State of the Union
  • A Band Featured Here Once - Paranoia
  • A Band Featured Here Once - Libido
  • Da - The Killer
  • Strike Under - Anarchy Song
  • Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump

Jigaboo Jump, eh?

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