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A Couple of good links from Zigzagwanderer

Here are some links sent to me from Zigzagwanderer this evening.....I'm excited about both, especially
Wucan, as they are a new fave of mine from this past year, and they seem like a hell of a live act from the stuff I've heard......for those unfamiliar, they sort of combine 70s kraut-rock with modern-era stoner rock, sort of, and (see previous posts) with wonderful results....."Wucan Live" (previously posted) makes my 2016 top-20 list, might not even be an official release, but still fab........this submission is "Wucan at Freak Valley X-Mas Fest 2016" (Vortex Surfer MusikClub, Siegen, Germany 2016-12-17).....don't miss.


01 king korea (6.36)
02 franis vikarma (5.22)
03 - (monitor recalibration) (0.29)
04 dopetrotter (6.30)
05 ?... (new one ?) (6.53)
06 father storm (4.30)
07 wandersmann (17.01)
08x - (soundcheck)* (6.56)


Also in this submission we have 2 albums from KiRKBiNSiNEK, psychedelic rock from Turkey......Turkish vocals, which you know I don't mind, but I haven't heard these yet.......sounds like good stuff though, I'll know in a couple of hours......Here is a review of "Sis Pus Sus"


World In Sound´s first release from Turkey delivers pure and timeless oriental heavy psychedelic Prog Rock from Istanbul. Besides the usual instruments, they also use a Cello to create a truly unique and deep atmosphere, where the mystical vibe of “One Thousand and One Nights” meets Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Nine long epics reflect a wide and unpredictable, well-balanced spectrum of arrangements, rhythms, melodies, and climax. With no doubt these lads continue the great 1970s Turkish psychedelic rock tradition of Erkin Koray, Mogollar or Baris Manco. Watch out for this mindblowing space prog trip! This is music for the mind and body at highest level of creativity and proficiency.

Formed in May 2008, Kirkbinsinek is Alper Antmen(guitars,lead vocals), Baris Güvenenler(Violoncello), Tolga Öztürk(basses,back vocals), and Özgür Devrim Akçay(drums,back vocals) and . The band is musically and spiritually impressed by the psychedelic movement of late 60’s and 70’s. In band’s music, besides this psychedelic impressions and improvisational parts, you can hear the modes of Turkish Folk Music and World Music.

ok, here is the track list and link for the album above:


01 . Hoyrat .
02 . Nefes .
03 . Derdim Dert .
04 . Oyun .
05 . Kara iplik .
06 . it Dalasi .
07 . Karanlik Cokunce .
08 . Shijn .
09 . Sis Pus Sus .


AND here is the link/track list for "Live and Improvinisations" from the same band.....looking forward to
hearing these, I'll probably be back in a couple of hours with some more stuff for ya.......

01 . Dogaclama I .
02 . Dogaclama II .
03 . Dogclama III .
04 . 29.11.13 Dogclama .
05 . 05. 10. 13 Dogclama .
06 . it Dalasi .
07 . Karanlik Cokunce .
08 . Karga Dogaclamasi .


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