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About time for more Clash boots

We continue to trace the stage history of The Clash, we move into some latter- day, "Combat Rock" era
shows, ca. 1982....I think they were still a top notch band (and live band) through this era, one of the VERY few bands of all that cranked out masterpieces regularly (The Beatles, Sleater Kinney, maybe a couple more) in short order, without releasing any totally worthless material......

Anyway these come from the Lewdd's stash, and as always, we cannot guarantee the sound quality as he keeps them all for archival purposes. Nonetheless, I get it, this is the Clash and, like the Beatles and some others, a near-total history of their live recordings is completely worthwhile.

1982 AKRON-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 The Leader/04 This is Radio Clash/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Know Your Rights/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Train in vain/09 The Call Up/10 Rock the Casbah/11 Police and Thieves/12 Police on My Back/13 The Magnificent Seven/14 Wrong em Boyo/15 Career Opportunities/16 Somebody Got Murdered/17 Brand New Cadillac/18 I Fought the Law/19 Armagideon Time/20 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/21 Clampdown/22 Straight to Hell/23 Janie Jones/Garageland

2/25/82 HONG KONG DOLLARS DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Washington Bullets/03 Tommy Gun /
04 Guns of Brixton/05 Train in Vain /06 Know Your Rights/07 The Magnificent Seven /08 Ivan Meets GI Joe/ 09 White Man in a Hammersmith Palais /10 Wrong em Boyo /11 Koka Kola/12 Broadway /13 I Fought The Law /14 Career Opportunities

2/25/82 HONG KONG DOLLARS DISC 2-01 Janie Jones/02 The Call Up /03 Brand New Cadillac /
04 Somebody Got Murdered /05 Clampdown /06 Charlie Don't Surf /07 Police And Thieves /08 Stay Free/ 09 Armagideon Time /10 Safe European Home

8/19/82 PITTSBURGH-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Know Your Rights/05 Spanish Bombs/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Somebody Got Murdered/08 Rock the Casbah/09 Ghetto Defendant/10 Mag 7/11 Police on My Back/13 The Leader/14 Car Jamming/15 Train in Vain/16 The Call Up/17 English Civil War/18 Garageland/19 Police and Thieves/20 Armagideon Time/21 Should I Stay or Should I Go/22 I Fought the Law/23 Straight to Hell/24 Pressure Drop

1982 SHIBUYA JAPAN-01 Intro/02 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/03 One More Time/04 Safe European Home/05 Know Your Rights/06 Train In Vain/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Guns of Brixton/10 Charlie Don't Surf/11 The Leader/12 Ivan Meets GI Joe/13 Junco Partner/14 Broadway/15 Stay Free/16 London Calling/17 Janie Jones/18 Somebody Got Murdered/19 Clampdown/20 This is Radio Clash/21 Brand New Cadillac/22 Armagideon Time/23 London's Burning

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