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Here's some late 60's hard-blues/semi-psych from Steamhammer, 
imo a somewhat underappreciated
band.....from Worithing England, basically the domain of guitarist Martin Pugh......this is pretty damn good, bluesy and somewhat hard rocking......I love it and never understood why they are not held in higher esteem.....wonderful stuff......I think I have 3 of their four albums here, no certain, but I think that is the case....the debut, 1969's "Reflection" features the single "Junior's Wailing", and a metric ton of wailing blues guitar all over the place......really, you will love this one. They followed up with MK II, a bit more "sophisticated" with a more mature sound.....still a pretty good record, the epic "Another Travelling Tune" is a standout (16+ minutes)
Also in this stack is "Mountains" from 1970, another good enough effort, solid blues rock cuts abound.......
Always liked these albums, and wondered why they were never a bit more popular......well, never mind, here they are, I enjoy them, likely you will as well.........keep rocking, I intend to.

REFLECTION-01 Water (Part 1)/02 Junior's Wailing/03 Lost You Too/04 She Is the Fire/05 You'll Never Know/06 Even the Chick/07 Down the Highway/08 On Your Road/09 Twenty Four Hours/10 When All Your Friends are Gone/19 Water (Part 2)

MK II-01 Supposed to Be Free/02 Johnny Carl Morton/03 Sunset Chase/04 contemporary Check Con Song/05 Turn Around/06 6-8 For Amiran/07 Passing Through/08 Down Along the Grove/09 Another Travelling Tune/10 Fran and Dee Take a Ride/11 Junior's Wailing/12 Wind Mill/13 Autumn Song/14 Blues For Passing People (note: Track 14 is a bad file......ANYONE have a replacement? Love ya!)

MOUNTAINS-01 I Wouldn't Have Thought/02 Riding on the L&N/03 Hold That Train/04 Leviana/05 Henry Lane/06 Leader of the Ring/07 Walking Down the Road/08 Mountians

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