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The Other Disc of Lewdd's Politics Collection

See yesterday's post, I didn't post this (technically, the FIRST disc, although I doubt it matters) as Lewdd
forgot to send a tracklist with it, I have it now (see below) but I want to say a thing or two about this disc....first of all, Naked Raygun.....an old fave of mine, gotta soon dig out their stuff and do the full post on them I've always meant to get too.....this also contains one of my VERY fave punk anthems, Fear's "Let's Have a War (So You Can All Die)".....certainly to the point, no? LOTS of great tracks here, and conceptually works great, as does the previous disc.....thanks for all you do, Lewdd, Merry Christmas to you and yours.....

00 Naked Raygun - Peacemaker (intro)
01 RazorCut - Fighting Spirit
02 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald
03 D.O.A. - Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More
04 The Murderburgers - Moron
05 Lion's Law - I Don't Give a Damn
06 Stiff Little Fingers - Liar's Club
07 Last Resort - Fuck 'Em All
08 Menace - So Fuck You
09 Last Rough Cause - Politics & Religion
10 Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine - Barackstar O'Bummer
11 Report Suspicious Activity - Subtle
12 Rise Against - State of the Union
13 Supervillains - Political Porn
14 Surrounded By Thieves - Red White
15 Surrounded By Thieves - Riot
16 Old Firm Casuals - Red White & Blue
17 Squared Off - I Didn't Vote for Them
18 Old Firm Casuals - This Means War
19 Angry Samoans - You Stupid Asshole
20 Avengers - The American in Me
21 Bad Religion - Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell
22 Dead Kennedys - When Ya Get Drafted
23 Descendents - Sad State of Affairs
24 Dicks - I Hope You Get Drafted
25 Fear - Let's Have a War
26 Fear - Bomb the Russians
27 Kraut - Doomed Youth
28 Naked Raygun - Only in America
29 Naked Raygun - New Dreams
30 Red Rockers - Guns of Revolution
31 Red Rockers - Condition Red
32 Red Rockers - Voice of America
33 Social Distortion - 1945
34 TSOL - Fuck You Tough Guy
35 TSOL - Abolish Government / Silent Majority
36 Youth Brigade - Fight to Unite

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