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Studkid's great Christmas gift to everyone here

(scott)-hey, this looks great, for the stoner fans (like ME).......just read below and see if these freebie
bandcamp links are of use to you.......works for me certainly......I haven't DL'd any of this yet, but I am certain to in the next hour.....Studkid is WAY hip to what makes good, obscure stoner rock, and trust his judgement.....there is likely some great shit here, I'll just attach his email for you to read......Merry Christmas from Stidkid!

Merry Christmas Scott and to all on this Blog.
Here is a Christmas Gift from my favorite stoner blog: 

2 compilations 

1.    This is the first ever Heavy Planet compilation. It features 61 of the finest unsigned and independent Stoner Rock, Doom, Psychedelic and Sludge metal bands on the planet. Download it, share it, promote it, and most importantly, listen to it LOUD! Enjoy!

released January 1, 2013  

2.    Where'd the time go? Opening on blasts of smoke and fuzz, 2013 offered a fat stash of stoner rock stickiness, nowhere better captured than in Heavy Planet's basement. We sift through countless stems and seeds to share what we believe are the finest sonic buds you haven't heard. Sure, we wax and wince on Sabbath, Kyuss, Sleep, and Clutch as much as the next blog. But our bread and bud-butter is offering you, the tirelessly faithful, an avenue through which to find your new favorite band. 

The release of Bong Hits from the Astral Basement: Volume I saw sixty-one vastly underappreciated artists reaching speakers on a scale that transcended language barriers and wet coughs. Since 2008, Heavy Planet has strived to be your go-to, crafting easy introductions between bands and listeners. With Volume I, our middlemen received a staggering, humbling response in terms of both submissions and downloads. As a new year briskly approaches and promising new sounds emerge from breezeways and 
back alleys, we're stoked to offer a beefed-up Volume II. 

Our repeat offenders are what keep this thing alive. Heavy Planet is proud to be part of a music scene boasting the heaviest purple-fiber jams and most absolutely loyal fans. These hand-picked nugs embody just a fraction of our gratitude to those of you who keep coming back and never fail in spreading the good word. Clear a spot on the couch and strap on some headphones. Here's to you,comrade. 

Thank you, 

Heavy Planet
released January 1, 2014   

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