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Why this blog exists

Due to recent unrest with a band an a poster who may or may not have had some association with said band
(honestly, I have no way of knowing), perhaps it's about time to once again lay out the vision statement (I guess) for this here particular  blog thing.......here is why I have done this blog, DAMN NEAR DAILY for the last 5 or 6 years.....

I have an enormous collection of music, have ALWAYS loved rock n roll and so many of its great sub-genres, this is stuff, that often includes EXTREMELY rare stuff, even if it's from a big named band.....thats why I try to dance around some artists, big timers mostly, to buy some time for everyone to jump at material while available, should they wish....in general, when I am dealing with someone like Zimmerman, this one band, and a lot of others, I avoid commercially available stuff, because fans of, say, Radiohead, are ceartaily going to have their "regular" albums anyway.....one reason I am here is that often, a band's live concert will shared here, which, sorry,I consider a valuable service....if you disagree, I guess we can debate it forever  but I see that solving little.

I excercise VERY loose standards here, and that is monumental understatement....I rely on a LARGE (10 or
so?) network of tremendous contributors......they do an incredible job, in general, sharing hard to find material, or something that might have been overlooked otherwise (meaning NEWER material)......I aatry to post rock n roll on here, some is 45 years old, and some came out in the last 90 days.....my reason is that I truly DO LOVE music, and want EVERYONE to be able to construct the "perfect""record collection" to their individual preferences. If you look back, ANY band or artist (sometimes it's a big-timer, sometimes a new band i'm not familiar with, you never know) who has complained about music being shared here has been satisfied with EXTREME quickness, link removals taking place within minutes of my receiving notice of a problem. Always WILL be my policy too, often, as you know, start-up bands send me their stuff, and I am THRILLED, generally, to post it (as long as it loosely fits the rock format, and I'm pretty liberal about THAT), I only want newer bands on here who WANT to be here.....should they complain, there will be no problem, links will be removed.....but do NOT expect me, or my readers, to not have an OPINION on the subject, as we certainly will......seems fair to me, people like this amazing, incredible, most-interesting new poster "Dan" are encouraged to take this site to task at anytime, that's great......the more the merrier.....even when they are being referred to as "talentless fucks" ( not by ME) and actually act as though they think they are "kicking some serious blog-site-ass" (don't know what else these folks might call it), I always lovea getting ANY (well, anay NON SPAM) comments.

ANYONE reading this......if you are an artist, associated with labeling or management of an artist, or whatever, and any posting on this site is problematic for you, contact me in any of these three methods: The comment section here, my paersonal email which is csgmiller@sbcglobal.net, or, if you wish to speak to me, phone me at 937 206 9022, I'm on lay-off and pending shoulder surgery, love to have someone to talk to, even if they just gonna be yellin at me!

Anyway, as simply as I can state this, MY reasons for operating this admittedly short-of-top-rank blogs, are as follows;

1. To share classic rock n roll and rock n roll-related items from, say , 1962 -present  give/take, as 1962 was my birth year which means little, but my interest, MY OWN PERSONAL interest in music, usually starts after the Beatles.

2. To share new bands that are submitted to me.....I get a LOT of them, both from guest submittors as well as bands themselves....I listen to these, ususally, or at least carpet-bomb them before I post them, I do so because I think they will be of interest to the audience we have (or haven't) developed here.

3. To share rarities, such as a concert performed the previous night, or any other gems that are like birthday gifts......guest contributors send in most of this type of thing, but I'll say that when I started blog in 2010 or whenever, I think I had about 2000 vinyl albums, 1000 singles, couple hundred cassettes, and around 10-12000 CD's. The CD numbers now are about 25000 (god help me), so I know that the shares have given me more wonderful music than I could listen to damn near in a lifetime, although EVERY day I listen to at least one album I'ave not previously heard.

4. To share non-musical material, which I THINK adds a touch of personality here.....I'ave shared a lot of
literature, comics, artwork, lot of different stuff.......I still have not even begun to scratch the surface of that stuff, so if you like it there is a TON more in the vault.

5. To build, or try to build, a community of people around the globe, who maybe think a LITTLE bit alike.....people whom derive joy from the forgotten art of SHARING things. We were all brought up that way, but so many of us don't seem to recall that. To me, and, (I know) for the members of the team that assists me, is the greatest joy in this type of thing is the thrill we get when someone is genuinely thrilled by something one of us has posted. And the team of helpers I have assembled are the best there are, bar none.

OK, here is is...."Dan" is PERFECTLY welcome here, as is anyone else, as long as they act fairly civilly (Yes, Dan has been "good enough")......please don't get in TOO deep, we're only talking about music sharing, a long and future subject of controversy.....nobody here is curing cancer or anything else even of relevance......a little bit of calling people "petty" or "talentless fuck", is not so bad, let's just avoid stuff like talking about others' families and the like we'll all be fine.

Today's model is Megan Fox, by the way. Thanks for last night sweetie.

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