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Oh my, we have yet ANOTHER BIG TIME band!

Seems to go in cycles......now and then, we get a message from a band that is SO incredibly "Big Time" that they insist that for them, FEWER listeners to thier work is better than MORE.......some (most) artists understand the difference between 2016 and 1996, but it is all up to the individual........while a lot of bands contact me and thank me for spreading their music, now and again, we have a band that is just TOO "big time" for that......in this case, we have Eton Crop. Never heard of em until the post was sent to me, I've heard it and yes, it's pretty good.....however, and this is important, DO NOT LISTEN TO IT. If you downloaded it and haven't yet heard it PLEASE delete it.......if you HAVE heard it, try to "erase it from your memory", really the best advice I can offer.......these BIG TIME bands know their stuff, trust me, and if they say they don't want you, or anyone else, listening to their stuff, DON'T be listening to it........they want FEWER listeners, NOT more, and they are as clear as can be about that. I thought it was a pretty good share, but it will be gone in seconds........hey you never know. It's my pleasure to take em ALL, those that want MORE listeners and thank me, AND those who wish fewer, and their music will never appear here again. It's a promise. You don't want be carried on this blog, it's fine, as YOU need this blog FAR FAR FAR much more than this blog needs you. Hope your album garners even FEWER listeners than you are hoping for!

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