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A Tim Buckley Rarity

(Scott) John N sends in this rare Tim Buckley album, 
"Lady Give M Your Key"....these are demos and thelike from his classic "Goodbye and Hello"......I've not heard the collection as of yet, but I think it is interesting enough to post to the blog......AND, John N was generous enough to send me a BUNCH of Tim Buckley albums......what is the interest level? Let me know, there is some great stuff in there, "Goodbye and Hello", of course, but lots more.......he was a favorite of BigMike42 (my Pops) and he has kind of a so-so following......likely I will post the whole collection at some point, but REALLY wish to gauge the interest level.......check this one out first, if you desire, and let me know.......Buckley was unique, a different animal to be sure, but some damn fab stuff comes from his works........please help me evaluate the interest level, I've never though of a Buckley post (even though I happen to own a copy of BigMike42's vinyl version) before, but sounds interesting, no? I strive for variety, you know that, so PLEASE let me know if you are feeling this.
01 Sixface
02 Contact
03 Lady, Give Me Your Key
04ONCE Upon a Time
05 Once I Was
06 I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain
07 Pleasant Street
08 Knight-Errant
09 Marigold
11 No Man Can Find the War
12 I Can’t Leave You Lovin’ Me
13 She’s Back Again

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