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Teenage Fanclub from Jon S

(scott) Jon S sends incredible posts on, say, a weekly or twice weekly basis, today he sends me a handful
and I am not wasting them all in one day.......so for today, lets go with an old fave of mine, Teenage Fanclub......somewhat underappreciated for my money,from Scotland,  in fact, the classic "Bandwagonesque" was chosen "Album of the Year" by Spin Magazine, whatever year that it was that it came out......a really good band with quite a varied sound, sort of 1990's post-power pop, pre-grunge kind of thing.......they never really seemed to get it "all" put together after that album, but they certainly did leave a memorable moment or two along the way......personal fave of mine: "The Concept" from "Bandwagonesque".....good song, good album, and HIGHLY under-rated band, here is pretty much the whole story, Jon S-style, meaning, you most likely need to check this out if you are either a fan of the band (for the rarities) or if you are uninititated (because, frankly, your life needs a bit more enrichment!)

Thanks Jon S, LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your submissions.......thanks 1,000,0000 times over, and that is not enough!

Teenage Fanclub

A Catholic Education (1990)

01 Heavy Metal/02 Everything Flows/03 Catholic Education/04 Too Involved/05 Don't Need a Drum/06 Critical Mass/07 Heavy Metal II/08 Catholic Education 2/09 Eternal Light/10 Every Picture I Paint/11 Everybody's Fool

The King (1991)

01 Heavy Metal 6/02 Mudhoney/03 Interstellar Overdrive/04 Robot Love/05 Like A Virgin/06 The King/07 Oal Inquest/08 The Ballad Of Bow Evil/09 Heavy Metal 9

Bandwagonesque (1991)

01 The Concept/02 Satan/03 December/04 What You Do to Me/05 I Don't Know/06 Star Sign/07 Metal Baby/08 Pet Rock/09 Sidewinder/10 Alcoholiday/11 Guiding Star/12 Is This Music_

Thirteen (1993)

01 Hang On/02 The Cabbage/03 Radio/04 Norman 3/05 Song To The Cynic/06 120 Mins/07 Escher/08 Commercial Alternative/09 Fear Of Flying/10 Tears Are Cool/11 Ret Liv Dead/12 Get Funky/13 Gene Clark

Grand Prix (1995)

01 About You/02 Sparky's Dream/03 Mellow Doubt/04 Don't Look Back/05 Verisimilitude/06 Neil Jung/07 Tears/08 Discolite/09 Say No/10 Going Places/11 I'll Make It Clear/12 I Gotta Know/13 Hardcore_Ballad

Songs From Northern Britain (1997)

01 Start Again/02 Ain't That Enough/03 Can't Feel My Soul/04 I Don't Want Control Of You/05 Planets/06 It's A Bad World/07 Take The Long Way Round/08 Winter/09 I Don't Care/10 Mount Everest/11 Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From/12 Speed Of Light

Howdy! (2000)

01 I Need Direction/02 I Can't Find My WayHOME/03 Accidental Life/04 Happiness/05 Near You/06 Dumb Dumb Dumb/07 The Town And The City/08 The Sun Shines From You/09 Straight & Narrow/10 Cul De Sac/11 My Uptight Life/12 If I Never See You Again

Man-Made (2005)

01 It's All In My Mind/02 Time Stops/03 Nowhere/04 Save/05 Slow Fade/06 Only With You/07 Cells/08 Feel/09 Fallen Leaves/10 Flowing/11 Born Under A Good Sign/12 Don't Hide

Shadows (2010)
01 Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything/02 Baby Lee/03 The Fall/04 Into The City/05 Dark Clouds/06 The Past/07 Shock And Awe/08 When I Still Have Thee/09 Live With The Seasons/10 Sweet Days Waiting/11 The Back Of My Mind/12 Today Never Ends

Here (2016)

01 I'm in Love/02 Thin Air/03 Hold On/04 The Darkest Part of the Night/05 I Have Nothing More to Say/06 I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive/07 The First Sight/08 Live In The Moment/09 Steady State/10 It's a Sign/11 With You/12CONNECTED TO Life

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 5/22/91

01 God Knows It's True/02 Star Sign/03 So Far Gone/04 Metal Baby/05 Pet Rock/06 What You Do To Me/07 Everything Flows/08 Catholic Education/09 Long Hair/10 Free Again

Town And Country Club, London 1/2/92

01 Heavy Metal/02 Catholic Education/03 Pet Rock/04 God Knows it's True/05 I Don't Know/06 Metal Baby/07 So Far Gone/08 Sidewinder/09 What You Do to Me/10 December/11 Star Sign/12 Ballad of John and Yoko/13 Everything Flows

Bowery Ballroom, NYC 10/15/16 (from nyctaper.com)

01 Start Again/02 I Need Direction/03 Verisimilitude/04 I Don't Want Control of You/05 [tuning music]/06 Sometimes I Don't Need to Believe in Anything/07 Hold On/08 It's All in My Mind/09 Thin Air/10 About You/11 The Darkest Part of the Night/12 Don't Look Back/13 Can't Feel My Soul/14 I Have Nothing More to Say/15 I'm In Love/16 Star Sign/17 [banter - thanks]/18 The Concept/19 [encore break]/20 Did I Say/21 Radio/22 Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From/23 Everything Flows

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