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A John N/Jon S Collaboration That they didn't know anything about

(Scott)-well, here's what happenened Saturday, I recieved emails at almost freakishly the same time/stamp
as each other....on from blog legend Jon S, one from blog legend John N......both sending me the basic same project: Big Star, "The Complete Third".....now, Big Star is no joke by anymeans, great power-pop grandfathers of the early 70's, just wonderful stuff.....unsure if I've done up a post on them before, but if I have it could not possibly been what this one is going to be.....in fact, let's look further in depth to the story of this project, here is a link that will help you follow the story:


And if you need more info from another source, let's look in this direction (perhaps some overlap, but should be penty of information (I think one of those links is John N's and one is Jon S's, not to be certain....anyway, for the actual music I am going to go with Jon S's version, because it is done up in the hard-working, comprehensiveness-is everything-manner that makes his stuff so great (ie he has thrown a bunch of live epics and other good stuff on here, the way he ALWAYS does (you guys REALLY need to appreciate both of these guys a BUNCH until the decide to move on, John N for his zillions of links for SOOOOO many great albums and projects, his stuff has been a signifiicant force in forming and shaping this blog. Rarely does a day pass without a John N link or two or three, and anyone who goes to all that trouble just to get us an album he thinks we, total strangers to him, might wish to hear, deserves to get a significant portion of them shared, because THAT is what we are all about.

And talking of hard work, Jon S must work like a dog to put some of these gigantic pacakages together that he does, they amaze me at times: Matthew Sweet, Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Echo & the Bunnymen, LOADS more too, and when you see JON S name on a post, you can be sure there is SOMETHING in there that you haven't heard before......

These two John/Jons have done a ton for this blog, as I've explained, like I said, they both send the same basic project at almost the exact same time, so I posted Jon's for the sake of comprehensiveness, but I have an add-on from John N after the music post, stand by:

Big Star


The Complete Third

CD 1 - Demos To Sessions To Roughs

01 - Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo) [Demo]/02 - Lovely Day (Demo)/03 - Downs (Demo)/04 - Femme Fatale (Demo)/05 - Thank You Friends (Demo)/06 - Holocaust (Demo)/07 - Jesus Christ (Demo)/08 - Blue Moon (Demo)/09 - Nightime (Demo)/10 - Take Care (Demo)/11 - Big Black Car (Demo #2) [Acoustic Take 1]/12 - Don't Worry Baby/13 - I'm In Love With A Girl/14 - Big Black Car (Demo #3) [Acoustic Take 2]/15 - I'm So Tired/16 - That's All It Took/17 - Pre-Downs/18 - Baby Strange/19 - Big Black Car (Demo #1) [Band]/20 - Kizza Me (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/21 - Till The End Of The Day (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/22 - Thank You Friends (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/23 - O, Dana (Dickinson Rough Mix)/24 - Dream Lover (Dickinson Rough Mix)

CD 2 - Roughs To Mixes

25 - Big Black Car (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/26 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Dickinson Rough Mix)/27 - Take Care (Dickinson Rough Mix)/28 - Holocaust (Dickinson Rough Mix)/29 - Nightime (Dickinson Rough Mix)/30 - Thank You Friends (Dickinson Rough Mix)/31 - Nature Boy (Dickinson Rough Mix)/32 - After Hours/33 - Stroke It Noel (Backward Intro)/34 - Lovely Day (Fry Rough Mix)/35 - Nightime (Fry Rough Mix)/36 - Blue Moon (Fry Rough Mix)/37 - Till The End Of The Day (Alternate Mix #1)/38 - Big Black Car (Rough Mix)/39 - Holocaust (Rough Mix)/40 - Downs (Fry Rough Mix)/41 - Kanga Roo (Fry Rough Mix)/42 - Femme Fatale (Fry Rough Mix)/43 - For You (Alternate Version) [Alex Vocal]/44 - Thank You Friends (Fry Rough Mix)/45 - Take Care (Alternate Version) [Alex Vocal]/46 - Kizza Me (Fry Rough Mix)/47 - Till The End Of The Day (Fry Rough Mix #2) [Lesa Vocals]/48 - Nature Boy (Fry Rough Mix)/49 - Mañana

CD 3 - Final Masters

50 - Stroke It Noel/51 - Downs/52 - Femme Fatale/53 - Thank You Friends/54 - Holocaust/55 - Jesus Christ/56 - Blue Moon/57 - Kizza Me/58 - For You/59 - O, Dana/60 - Nightime/61 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/62 - Kanga Roo/63 - Take Care/64 - Big Black Car/65 - Dream Lover/66 - You Can't Have Me/67 - Till The End Of The Day/68 - Lovely Day/69 - Nature Boy

#1 Record

01 Feel/02 The Ballad of El Goodo/03 In the Street/04 Thirteen/05 Don't Lie to Me/06 The India Song/07 When My Baby's Beside Me/08 My Life Is Right/09 Give Me Another Chance/10 Try Again/11 Watch the Sunrise/12 ST 100-6/13 In the Street (single mix)

Radio City

01 O My Soul/02 Life Is White/03 Way Out West/04 What's Going Ahn/05 You Get What You Deserve/06 Mod Lang/07 Back of a Car/08 Daisy Glaze/09 She's a Mover/10 September Gurls/11 Morpha Too/12 I'm in Love with a Girl/13 O My Soul (single mix)

Third (Sister Lovers)

01 Kizza Me/02 Thank You Friends/03 Big Black Car/04 Jesus Christ/05 Femme Fatale/06 O, Dana/07 Holocaust/08 Kanga Roo/09 Stroke It Noel/10 For You/11 You Can't Have Me/12 Nightime/13 Blue Moon/14 Take Care/15 Nature Boy/16 Till The End Of The Day/17 Dream Lover/18 Downs/19 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Performance Center, Cambridge, MA 3/31/74

01 In The Street/02 Baby Strange/03 Mod Lang/04 Candy Says/05 Till The End Of The Day/06 O My Soul/07 Motel Blues/08 Thirteen/09 Way Out West/10 September Gurls/11 We Gotta Go

WLIR Live Rehearsals

01 Don't Lie To Me/02 Back Of A Car/03 Ohh My Soul/04 Mod Lang/05 She's A Mover/06 September Gurls/07 Out In The Street/08 You Get What You Deserve

Live In Memphis

01 In The Street/02 Don't Lie To Me/03 When My Baby's Beside Me/04 I Am The Cosmos/05 Way Out West/06 Till The End Of The Day/07 The Ballad Of El Goodo/08 Back Of A Car/09 Fire/10 Daisy Glaze/11 Jesus Christ/12 For You/13 Baby Strange/14 Feel/15 September Gurls/16 Big Black Car/17 Thank You Friends/18 The Girl From Ipanema/19 Patty Girl/20 Slut

Live At Missouri University 4/25/93

01 In The Street/02 Don't Lie To Me/03 When My Baby's Beside Me/04 I Am The Cosmos/05 The Ballad Of El Goodo/06 Back Of A Car/07 Way Out West/08 Daisy Glaze/09 Baby Strange/10 For You/11 Feel/12 September Gurls/13 Thank You Friends/14 Slut

Ardent Studio Sessions 1972-1973

01 Feel (Rough Mix With Alternate Guitar)/02 Ballad Of El Goodo (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/03 In The Street (Rough Mix With Alternate Guitar)/04 In The Street (Alternate Take)/05 Thirteen (Alternate Mix)/06 Don't Lie To Me (Rough Mix)/07 When My Baby's Beside Me (Alternate Mix)/08 My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix With Intro)/09 Give Me Another Chance (Rough Mix With Alternate Lead Guitar)/10 Another Time, Another Place And You (Instrumental Backing Track)/11 There Was A Light (Demo With Chilton Vocals)/12 I Got Kinda Lost (Demo With Chilton Vocals)/13 Motel Blues (Demo)/14 Gone With The Light (Demo)/15 O My Soul (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/16 Mod Lang (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/17 You Get What You Deserve (Rough Mix)/18 Unknown (Instrumental Backing Track)/19 Way Out West (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/20 Daisy Glaze (Instrumental Backing Track)/21 She's A Mover (Alternate Take)/22 Morpha Too (Rough Mix)

Keep An Eye On The Sky

Disc One

01 Psychedelic Stuff/02 All I See Is You/03 Every Day As We Grow Closer (Original Mix)/04 Try Again (Early Version)/05 Feel/06 The Ballad Of El Goodo/07 In The Street (Alternate Mix)/08 Thirteen (Alternate Mix)/09 Don't Lie To Me/10 The India Song (Alternate Mix)/11 When My Baby's Beside Me (Alternate Mix)/12 My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix)/13 Give Me Another Chance (Alternate Mix)/14 Try Again/15 Gone With The Light/16 Watch The Sunrise (Single Version)/17 ST 100_6 (Alternate Mix)/18 The Preacher (Excerpt)/19 In The Street (Alternative Single Mix)/20 Feel (Alternate Mix)/21 The Ballad Of El Goodo (Alternate Lyrics)/22 The India Song (Alternate Version)/23 Country Morn/24 I Got Kinda Lost (Demo)/25 Back Of A Car (Demo)/26 Motel Blues (Demo)

Disc Two

27 There Was A Light (Demo)/28 Life Is White (Demo)/29 What's Going Ahn (Demo)/30 O My Soul/31 Life Is White/32 Way Out West/33 What's Going Ahn/34 You Get What You Deserve/35 Mod Lang (Alternate Mix)/36 Back Of A Car (Alternate Mix)/37 Daisy Glaze/38 She's A Mover/39 September Gurls/40 Morpha Too (Alternate Mix)/41 I'm In Love With A Girl/42 O My Soul (Alternate Version)/43 She's A Mover (Alternate Version)/44 Daisy Glaze (Rehearsal Version)/45 I Am The Cosmos/46 You And Your Sister/47 Blue Moon (Demo)/48 Femme Fatale (Demo)/49 Thank You Friends (Demo)/50 Nightime (Demo)/51 Take Care (Demo)/52 You Get What You Deserve (Demo)

Disc Three

53 Lovely Day (Demo)/54 Downs (Demo)/55 Jesus Christ (Demo)/56 Holocaust (Demo)/57 Big Black Car (Alternate Demo)/58 Manana/59 Jesus Christ/60 Femme Fatale/61 O, Dana/62 Kizza Me/63 You Can't Have Me/64 Nighttime/65 Dream Lover/66 Big Black Car/67 Blue Moon/68 Holocaust/69 Stroke It Noel/70 For You/71 Downs/72 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/73 Kanga Roo/74 Thank You Friends/75 Take Care/76 Lovely Day/77 Til The End Of The Day (Alternate Mix)/78 Nature Boy (Alternate Mix)

Disc Four

79 When My Baby's Beside Me/80 My Life Is Right/82 Way Out West/83 The Ballad Of El Goodo/84 In The Street/85 Back Of A Car/86 Thirteen/87 The India Song/88 Try Again/89 Watch The Sunrise/90 Don't Lie To Me/91 Hot Burrito #2/92 I Got Kinda Lost/93 Baby Strange/94 Slut/95 There Was A Light/96 ST 100_6/97 Come On Now/98 O My Soul

Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos

01 I Am The Cosmos/02 Better Save Yourself/03 Speed Of Sound/04 Get Away/05 You And Your Sister/06 Make A Scene/07 Look Up/08 I Got Kinda Lost/09 There Was A Light/10 Fight At The Table/11 I Don't Know/12 Though I Know She Lies/13 I Am The Cosmos (Slow Version)/14 You And Your SIster (Country Version)/15 You And Your SIster (Acoustic Version)


Now, what could possibly be a better selection of Big Star than THAT? And,as an extra bonus, John N sends the along a copy of the annotated booklet which came with the set,  here it is:


THANKS you two John/Jon's......I think the world of BOTH of you, and hope you remain blog-team members for a LONG long time.....I utilized both of your submissions, here, and you guys BOTH are HIGHLY essential in making this blog what it is today! And as the "main" proprietor of said blog, I am damn proud of what it has become. You two guys and the rest of the amazing submissions team are to thank for that. This is a great post, and I thank the both of you.

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