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Literature Deluge, Part 2

Anonymously submitted again, (yes it IS all the same dude, but I'll keep his name private until he tells me different) we receive some books on, of all people, Kiss....well, I've never been a huge fan, but I do understand the significance of the band, jesus, I grew up in the 70's, hating Kiss was TOTALLY cool at the time......however, if one listens to some of their efforts TODAY, in 2016, those dudes rocked out, they just had their sights set on maximum commerciality.......do I blame them? Well, that can be a discussion for another to to be sure, but in the meantime, I am thrilled to recieve these books from the band and it's members........obviously I have never read any books about Kiss (come on, REALLY?) but I will now......and you know what? I wish someone would submit some Kiss recordings to us, and I'll post the fuckers for sure (although they always did seem like the kind of folks that wouldn't care for a posting, I guess we will see, if anyone submits)......anyways, I bet you that these books are intersting as FUCK, (I hate the fucking Grateful Dead, but some of the books written on them were fantastic)....here ya go, and THANKS, "Anonymous" (would you like to be known by a name for future submissions, or would you prefer to remain "Anonymous"? Your choice, makes no difference to me, you are already a member of the GBFAL team, no matter what you call yerself!)

KISS - Nothin' To Lose

Paul Stanley - Face the Music

Gene Simmons - Kiss and Make-Up

Ace Frehley - No Regrets

Peter Criss - Makeup to Breakup

and here's another I should have added to the Iggy ones yesterday....

Detroit Rock City

and yes I'm the guy who shared the otherBOOKS


I do gotta say, though, I never received the Iggy ones.......can you PLEASE re-send them? Iggy is a HUGE favorite on this site, and there are people here who would be THRILLED with some books on the topic!

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