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(scott)-I am buried in links I want to share with you....and I'll get them all to you ASAP......I love all of my guest contributors and post about 95% of what they send, because it's usually right on the mark, ie, stuff that I personally like, and I think the general audience here will like as well.......new, old, mainstream, unknown, all the same to me.....it's just rock n roll, for the most part, and if I can bring something new to you, GREAT...

NOW, while I;m thinking about it, we MAY not get anything posted this weekend.......Madame Angela, as discussed earlier is competing in a local talent extravaganza, singing Peggy Lee's "Fever" (oh, GOD yesssss), a ghost-hunting mission tomorrow night, and Sunday, well, I usually watch the Vikings play BUT they do have a bye-week this week, so, ya never know maybe I'll get you something.

This is a John N submission, I know he sends me everything with a "psych" label on it that he recieves, as he knows how much I love that stuff, this one is unknown to me as a good portion of his submissions are (ant THAT is the GREATEST thing in the world, each one is like an Xmas present).....this band is from Brazil, for some reason South America has REALLY turned out some fab psych/stoner rock over the years......perhaps they are smoking more potent weed down there or something.......but I carpet bombed this one, and yeah......sounds great. John N's submissions can be ANYTHING, he sends me a LOT of stuff (and I HOPE he never stops), but he knows the stuff I will like, and this fits the bill......a good one, thanks John N.....

NEGATIVE SUN-01 Strange Feelings/02 Bitter Juice/03 Electrosphere/04 Orange and Blue/05 Negative Sun/06 Of My Jaguar Dreams/07 Abstract Painting/08 Loveage Moondream/09 Trip Is Love/10 If You kill the Man

AND by the way, this is a new release, a 2016 release, you know what that means......if you want it, try it, I recently had a new release yanked.....and it's cool, we've discussed the situation to death, but the fact remains, ya never know, so act if you wish to!

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