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Literature Deluge!

After the pair of Julian Cope book submisions from earlier this week, I've received a handful of other great
books that I just have to share with you.......this is a good selection, at least on first inspection....

First, Ruben Chandler (who began this with the first Julian Cope submission) sends in a book on one of the most fascinating people in the history of music, Syd Barrett.....sorry, don't know the book's title, but it's gotta be totally great and interestting


Next an Anonymous contributor sends in another Julian Cope effort, "Head On".....I think this on is often sold in tandem with "Repossessed" (I havent' read it)


Another Anonymous submission comes our way, I assume from the same friend, "Journey to the Centre of the Cramps".....sounds off the charts excellent, should be a fascinating one to read


Again, Anonymous submission(s) (GOTTA be the same dude, right? Excellent contribution of TWO patti Smith books, "Just Kids" and "M Train"......once again, I haven't read these, but sure as hell will be loading them on the kindle yet tonight, always thought Patti Smith is one of the most fascinating people in the world.



And finally, and also anonymously (HAS TO BE the same dude!) sends another Syd Barrett effort, the appropriately titled "A Very Irregular Head".....again, looking forward to reading this one as well....


I have read NONE of these books before, and I am quite an avid reader......thank you SO MUCH for these submissions, just speaking for myself. Great stuff here, and it is PERFECTLY OK to submit books here, and they do not have to be music-related (although that is cool as well)......I LOVE reading, and I'd like to make certain that "reading" does not become a thing of the past.....I know some people say they don't like reading on a Kindle, but to me that makes no sense.....Kindle is a WONDERFUL way to read your books, imo MUCH better than holding paper copies of the book or whatever......anyway you don't HAVE TO have a Kindle to read these, you can read em right on your computer screen or whatever.......reading is FUNDAMNENTAL, kids, as they used to say......still is, and I have a GIGANTIC electronic library with works from hundreds of the great authors of all time, as well as some of the not-so-great-but-still-interesting ones......requests for books are ALWAYS welcome, so bring them on.......my faves include Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradberry, Bill James,  Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, George Orwell,  Chuck Paliholnik (sp?) and hundreds more.......if there is anything you want to request (book-wise) PLEASE do, I am excited by the book submissions today, I hope there are more to come and requests I can fill also. 

Much love to all, the readers here always do great things that make me forget the personal issues that dog life so often, and I thank every last one of you!

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