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Havoc From Holland!

Spanning the globe to bring you the most obscure variety of semi-unknown garage/psych rock from
those glorious years of the 1960's........this set from Holland, as the title would imply I have but one disc , but, not bad, not bad at all......The Outsiders lead off the set with "Do Yu Feel Alright", we get the Fallouts, The Rob Hoeke Rythm & Blues Group, The Scorpions, Weetjewel......hey it's a decent set, and like most of the countries of our magnificent planet, truly seems to have it's "own" sound, distinguishable from the others. For this kind of thing, for my money, the US is the best, but this stuff can be just as entertaining, as other countries try furiously to cop the US' groove......sometimes it works, sometimes it don't, but the results in general be entertaining! For the record, I have LOTS more of the Holland stuff, the "Nederbeat" series which must be 20 discs or so, but unless there is a large demand for them I'm thinking perhaps "overkill", so we'll say where we tomorrow!

HAVOC FROM HOLLAND-01 THE OUTSIDERS- Do You Feel Alright/02 THE MOKUM BEAT FIVE-Apologize/03 THE HUMBUGS-Go On Home, Little Girl/04 THE NICOLS-Lord. I've Been Thinking/05 PENNY WISE-Silver Girl/06 THE FALLOUTS-I've Been Waiting/7 THE ROB HOEKE RYTHM & BLUES GROUP-Margio/08 THE SCORPIONS-Hey Honey/09 THE SANDY COAST-Subject of My Thoughts/10 THE MOTIONS-I've Waited So Long/11 WEETJEWEL-Lila Lovin Lola/12 LES BAROQUES-Girls Enough/13 THE DUKES-Try To Understand/14 DE MASKERS-Three's a Crowd/15 THE CLUNGELS-Dat Had Ik
Nog Nooit Gedaan

Link should be up before Megyn Price can tell me how badly she wants my body again.........(probably WAAAAAAY before that!)

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